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I Love Retro Neon

Ok yes I love Pink.  I also love Retro Signs…. So give me PINK – RETRO SIGNS  and I was like…..Yeah BABY!  Just wanted to share with ya.  My favorite here is the first one “PINK CLOUD”  Next is “FAT BOY BURGER CAFETERIA”  LOL  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Have you ever…

Well HELLLLLLO, With swimsuit season in full swing, lounging by the pool or beach is a must. So where’s your Cover Up? From new trends to classic tunics, I’ve rounded up a few swimsuit Cover Ups worth the splurge. This Tommy Bahama Asymmetric-Hem Tunics in coral is comfortable and looks flattering on all body types….

3 Ways to Detox Fast

HAPPY MONDAY ALL!  Hope your weekend was all you wanted – most of you know – I am a huge fan of Cleanses & Detox’s…..Whether you’re starting out on a new healthy routine or always recovering after an indulgent weekend, detoxing by eating clean and nutritious foods will help you feel less bloated and more…

One of my favorites! Escarole Soup

Escarole soup Rinse and dry chicken thighs set asideChop end off escarole chop rinse and soak in cold water. Can have a lot of dirt and sand don’t forget this partChop half medium onion sauté garlic butter salt and pepper until translucentAdd chopped garlic about four clovesQuarter teaspoon crushed red pepper flakesAdd your chicken salt-and-pepper…