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I just want to say thank you to my friends, family and readers for all your love and support.  I am very blessed to have such great people in my life.  I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!  I am counting my blessings……. Cheers!


Preparing For Company

It can be a such a hectic time of year but it does not have to be with a little preparing and a good dose of humor.  Remember this season is really about being Thankful, Grateful, Helping Others and taking the time to stop and say…. “I Love You!” Below are some great things to get your home and yourself holiday/party/guest ready!  The little things do mean a lot!  Stop by Juice Plate on Market St. Frederick, MD to keep you energy up and get your “Healthy On”

Also if you haven’t heard I am IN LOVE WITH Rent The Runway .  Use it for parties, work events, weddings, you name it!  I am getting a cute little number for next weeks WGC Luncheon. I have used them several times now and not been disappointed once.  What a cleaver idea…. wish I thought of it.  Cheers!

Preparing for company

Monogrammed hand towel / Navy blue bedding / Black and white duvet set / Monogrammed bath towel / Linea cotton bath towel, $3.65 / Vagabond House pewter serveware / Kitchenaid standing mixer / Artland set of 4 wine glasses / LSA International cake pedestal, $70 / Hot Chocolate Pot / Blueberry Stripe 6-Cup Teapot, $32 / Rosendahl coffee cups and saucer / NDI blooming plant / Berry wreath, $285 / Alexandra Ferguson embroidered throw pillow / Christmas holiday decoration / FREDS at Barneys New York Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, 24-Piece… / Jonathan Adler contemporary round dining table / 9 drawer dresser, $1,295 / Silver Plated Gift Box Candle Holder | StoreName, $16 / Lafco Guest House/Marseilles Fig Glass Diffuser

This week starting my LOCAL GIFT GUIDE…..STAY TUNED! Gifts from Silk & Burlap – Relish Decor & just to name a few……

To all my freinds and family out there – Thank you for your support advice and unconditional love.  I hope we can catch up and I’d love to hear from you but please make sure during this time of year to stop and take care of yourself too.  Your worth it! ( espiceally to me) I Love you bunches! 

Thanks for stopping by,

Here’s To You Fella’s


Normally I focus more on my wish lists or female driven gifts for the Holiday’s – however this year I find myself here at home with 3 out of the 4 men in my life.  ( I miss you Vinny)  And my only daughter away at first year college.  Needless to say I am out numbered but enjoying it most of the time…… (please don’t just drop your things everywhere as you come home and can anyone else ever put the seat down in the bathroom?)  That being said – I have had the opportunity to “style” my men and they all look damn good if I do say so myself…. Here are a few things I love and have gotten them – or something similar – BTW – the 212 Sexy Men cologne is so great – a must if you can find it.  So before I start on my local + online finds I wanted to take care of the “boys” first.  Love you guys!   xoxoxoxo

Here's To You Fella!


Hey There,
Boy things here sure are busy!  We just arrived home from a quick trip to Puerto Rico for some much needed R&R.  We stayed at the lovely Dorado Beach Resort by Ritz Carlton.  You can view my photos on FB and Instagram.  Was just what the Doctor ordered and a great way to celebrate my 44th B-Day!

However came home to chilly DC weather – and lots of projects.  We are in process of building a new home with Wormald Homes – Yeah !!!!!!

just met with at the home site to go over wireless stuff ( thanks Jennifer) + remodeling one of our restaurants The Tasting Room – Frederick, MD & opening our 3rd location for our Black Hog BBQ restaurant.

See Busy Busy….. I am design consultant for the projects.  This will be my 6th & 7th project with my husband –  I learn more and more each day.  So much timing comes into play – tons of fabulous choices. We have a wonderful architect and love our contractors.   Right now we are just ordering fixtures, tables, chairs, flooring, bar equipment etc… for TR renovation.

Considering my ADD things are going smoothly so far…….LOL.  I do walk in circles several times a day and forget why I walked in a room but Oh well…..I will be posting pictures along the way – so stay tuned!

Yesterday I went to my first Pure Barre class in Fairfax, VA to check it out.  I  heard great things about these work outs & they did not disappoint.  Sore in all the right places….. progress photo’s to follow….. Running out the door to BOD Event Mtg   I am tired already and its not quite 9:30!  LOL


Just think'in

D-Lish DIY Shave Cream

I wanna share something with you…… I think I am really addicted to coconut oil.  I
seriously love this stuff!
I use coconut oil in my cooking, in
my hair, to mix with some vitamins, in my bath scrubs, and this past summer I’ve started
using it as shaving cream! I don’t know if that’s weird or just borderline
brilliant (
I am going with brilliant – I say if you can’t pump yourself up why
would anyone else?
) but either way, I thought it was finally time that I share
it with you. BTW – not just for summer this is perfect all year long – even more so in the dry cold winter ahead.  Besides it makes you smell
Here’s what I love about coconut oil
as a shaving cream:
Coconut oil is safe for your
body (and the environment).
Our skin is our body’s largest
organ and when we put chemicals (i.e. most commercial beauty products) on our
skin, we’re putting these chemicals into our bodies. That scares me. It’s also
nice to know that I’m not adding more chemicals into our water supply. 
Coconut oil is affordable. I know some brands can get a little pricey, but when you
compare the cost of a little coconut oil to commercial beauty products, you’re
saving big bucks, trust me.
Coconut oil doubles as a
Thus, it saves time because you
simply slather it on once and you’re ready to go!
Coconut oil has antifungal and
antibacterial properties. 
This is especially
helpful if you are prone to razor burn or are shaving delicate skin.
It smells amazing! Enough said….. So this how I
use it to shave:
1. Shave at the end of your bath or shower. The warm water opens up the hair follicles, which means that
you get the closest shave.
2. Rub a small amount of coconut oil on your legs. If your coconut oil is solid, simply warm it up between your
palms before applying to the skin. It’s usually easiest to apply the coconut
oil to dry legs, but since I’m usually in the bath and mine are already wet, I
usually apply it with my legs slightly damp.
3. Shave using a sharp razor. A sharp
razor will allow you to get the closest shave and you’re less like to have
razor burn because you won’t have to repeat areas. Rinse the blade in-between
strokes, or wipe the blade on a damp washcloth to remove the used oil.
4. For extra-soft skin, exfoliate with a body scrub before
  My DIY body scrubs are usually a mix of oil, salt
or sugar, and other ingredients to add fragrance.
One thing I will warn you about though is that coconut oil can
make the tub slippery! So be careful getting in or out of the tub/shower.  I usually keep a Scrubbing Bubbles handy and spray
it down as soon as I exit. This means I won’t have extra cleanup to do later
& I won’t have to worry about slipping the next time I get in.

Great Little Finds That Don’t Break The Bank $$$$$

So sometimes I complain about all the wasted product that’s hard to scoop out from the bottom of beauty jars which is a total and complete waste of money. Yes times are that tough my friends ( plus I like my $$..don’t you?) that I need to fuss over the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel so to speak. And it doesn’t help that brands are raising prices on everything so getting every last drop of expensive beauty cream is worth it. I’ve seen a couple of different scoops that are supposed to help pick up product before and never got around to buying any until I recently came across the MAKEUP MISER SPATULA a few weeks ago. They contain three different sizes in a pack and I scooped (bad pun) them up right away.

Now this review is for the  Sephora + Pantone Tavel Dobbie I received an email that asked what a dobbie bag is (and please don’t quote me on this) it’s a bag style fashioned from school backpacks as it unzips all the way from front to back like a school bag. This dobbie is simply gorgeous! My photo does it no justice. Actually I was late in finding out that #Sephora even carried this when the color of the year products were debuted, I guess this was added to the line-up after. I believe it sold out online so your going to have to forgive me because I purchased on amazon.  I was able to buy two of them after getting the first one home and seeing it in person with it’s stunning colors to its big size I just had to grab another one. Even with all my new cosmetic tables / closets from IKEA I still need storage space! Thank goodness I’m clearing out old stuff (to make room for new of course).  At only $19 each on sale from the original $38 it was really a bargain and easy to purchase multiples.

It is a versatile cosmetic bag and storage tote with a glimmering reflective finish. 

Keep all your beauty essentials by your side with this chic, holographic bag perfect for travel and at-home storage or the gym.  The two-toned faux leather will protect your favorite brushes, makeup, and hair accessories, and the special hook on the inside flap allows you to hang the bag for added convenience. This summer, Sephora + Pantone Universe makes a play for beauty—connecting urban colors to the palette of distant northern lights and embracing their freshness for the everyday. 
Finally (just for today) this is a product that is so great – I am in LOVE with it …. ROCKIN 1 Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo & Conditioner ( don’t be surprised if it’s in some stocking’s this XMAS)!

It is great to keep in your gym bag – travel bag (look above) – purse – for late nights & early mornings – $5.99 – $6.49 (I won’t tell…..)

Pretty self explanatory – I have tried several – my 2nd choice is PSSST DRY SHAMPOO – great alternative.  I just like the dry shampoo/conditioner combo of got2b. 




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