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Loving For Spring 2014

Beauty Event almost wrapping up – I made out like a bandit! The last day is March 2nd, 2014.  I went the first day and will go the last – really great way to test new season products and colors and to get great sample sizes that go in my “travel and gym” bags!

iPhone case cover on Etsy – too cute – right?

Another from Etsy – Love this shop!LampshadeBash out of Canada

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Cant wait for the Oscar Red Carpet Fashions!!!!!

Great Style From BCBG

Great new foundation pieces – really diggin’ them

Hey there my peeps….. wanted to share this with you because I think the $$ price point on this and most @BCBG collections is fairly reasonable  – not cheap but you don’t have to sell your first born either to get some great up to the minute fashion that mixes well with last seasons pieces…….

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Things I Do To Stay On Track……Ummm For The Most Part

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Hope your day is going great!  I want to share a few healthy changes I have been incorporating that seem to really be making a difference in my weight, energy, moods, confidence etc….

I try and start the day with a cup of hot water & lemon – I sip it while my coffee is brewing….  Doing this helps to stabilize the PH levels in my body..  Acidic BAD – Alkaline GOOD… Also I have been eating breakfast almost every morning and boy that helps that late a.m. fade.  No more headaches – since I don’t drink coffee after I eat it has cut down on my caffeine too.  It’s a win win!

SOUP SOUP SOUP….. I Love Soup – Yeah Soup!…. did I say I love soup – LOL
So if you are torn between escarole soup and the tuna tartare starter… order the SOUP!  According to research out of Penn State, eating low-calorie, low sodium, broth based soup before a meal triggers people to consume an average of 20% fewer calories overall – that adds up people!

A study from Tel Aviv Univ found that people who had a carb & protein-packed breakfast followed by dessert lost more weight than those who started the day with a low-carb, sugar-free meal.  Participants who indulged in a small treat like chocolate, a doughnut, a cookie, or apiece of cake-reported feeling less hungry and having fewer cravings throughout the day.  At the end of the 8 month trial, they’s lost an average of 45lbs (WHAT???) compared to just 11lbs for the low-carb dieters…..

Women who went out for lunch at least once a week shed less lbs than those who brought their own food to work.  Researchers from The Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, which conducted a study, pointed out that you don’t have as much control over the ingredients and portion size dining out. Even if you ask for special subsitutions so of course, that’s true no matter when you go out to eat – but the strongest correlation was found with lunchtime meals. (plus you can save up for that “FAB” new outfit/shoes/bag a lot quicker – avg savings of $60.00 a week)  I’m almost there Jimmy Choo

Women on a whole don’t get enough.  At the Nat. Sleep Foundation a poll focused on women – found that roughly 3 in 10 say they get a good nights sleep.  Healthy people know that getting enough Z’s and ensuring it’s high-quality (no texting or glowing lights from your “gizmo’s” for example) are critical factors in keeping their minds and bodies strong.  So I do everything I can to get plenty of rest.   
The fact is, alcohol affects women differently than men. Women are more vulnerable to its effects, even if they drink less, and those potential effects are serious: Women who regularly consume more than about seven drinks a week are at greater risk for serious injuries, hypertension, stroke and even cancer. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines “low-risk” drinking for women as no more than three drinks on any day, and no more than seven drinks per week.
When it comes to health, the mind and body are inextricably connected. And meditation, which takes many forms and can fit into women’s lives in many different ways, has been linked to a slew of potential health benefits including, but not limited to, some protection against heart disease, lower blood pressure and changes in areas of the brain linked to pain management and cognition.  So I have been trying to mediate at least once a day – my favorite spot in after my workout in the Sauna at the gym….. (love you #sportandhealthnorthfrederick )
Well enough from me for the moment – let me know if these tips help you or what you do to stay on track, healthy & happy….
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Great Links, People, Things I Found / Follow & Want To Share!

1.    Great Photo’s & Descriptions of Decor Styles

2.     Pantone – what more can I say….. LOVE

3.     Kelly Wearstler – Fab – a bit over the top decor items – Tres Chic!,default,sc.html

4.     The W Washington DC – POV Rooftop lounge – Fun times & Amazing Views

5.     Wonderful new cookbook and love the author’s style – a must for you cookbook collection – healthy without depriving yourself!  When we get into the #newhouse next month going to cook my way through this!

6.     These jazz up your IKEA furniture in a snap – Adore their Products, Site & Blog….
My Overlays

TOM FORD #neimanmarcus

Hope you enjoy these – more to come next week – New Sunday Series….
Also watch for upcoming interview with JENNIFER GULARSON, PA-C of sylvana institute

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Pantone: Spring Color Trends

These are some examples of the Pantone Color blocks for Spring 2014 – what do you think?

I really adore the 2014 color of the year RADIANT ORCHID – I bought nail polish from Essie & OPI in the color – gave some to friends for V-day & doing my office accent wall in that shade – I think I may paint my accent wall each year when they update the Pantone choice – could be fun……BTW check out this link PANTONE + DECOR + FASHON GREAT ARTICLE  – t
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Mascara Review

HI there – this took longer than I thought – I know I mentioned posting this the other day but when I went to save my draft – I hit delete instead…… Ugggggg – Anyway – Here are my winners listed from best #1 to least favorite #8.

Right now I am loving MAC False Lashes Extreme Black
For years I used Loreal Volumnous in Blackest Black and loved it – still keep a tube in my makeup drawer just in case.
Third on my list is CLINIQUE High Lengths mascara the comb on this is fantastic.  It’s made of rubber so your not taking your eye site in your own hands each morning.  Great product but not building or thickening.  Separates like a champ though.
4th on the list is Loreal lash Out Butterfly in black of course – was hard to work the wand.  I did poke myself in the eye on more than one occasion and that’s not like me.  It has like 3 sides and it was too flimsy – need a good stiff wand to get in close to the lash line – but the coverage and lengthening were good and the color was great – so if you are careful it’s pretty good.
Chanel Inimitable Mascara  black – used to be soooo great – I was working for Lord & Taylor at the time @ the NARS counter and It Rocked….. Now not so much – formulation seems off – the coverage is just so so – not worth $30.00 Bucks! & I adore Chanel but not this product.
Another High End Mascara was a huge disappointment YSL – VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS – It just was – plain and simple.
#7 MAC Prep + Prime Lash – just makes lashes too stiff when it dries to coat well.
#8 and last on my list – Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Technology w/primer is just odd.  I have never liked the “tubes” mascaras.  The primer is good but really separates so my lashes looked like spiders – I am blessed with long lashes but they seemed like little fans on my eyes & not in a good way….. hard to explain and the mascara itself wand was to rubbery and didn’t give a thick coating…. You have to try for your self to see.
I may try the Loreal Double Extension Primer with the Mac False Lashes Extreme Black and see what that does for me.  I did not mention the iconic Maybelline Mascara because it has never done a thing for me so I don’t even try it anymore…..
Hope this helped in your quest for that “perfect” mascara – so when you are calling that certain someone over with just a look – it won’t take you more than a flutter or two.Mascara Review

How I am Gonna Beat Winter Blues

Sometimes this time of year I find myself a little down…….not sure why maybe it’s because the holidays are over, maybe the cold dark winter and a little “seasonal blues” – maybe the winter 5lb’s I tend to put on or God forbid my changing hormones (ahhhhhh ck out link) ….. whatever the reason this year since I am aware of it I am going to try and do things differently.  I am taking these last few cold months of winter as an opportunity to appreciate, love & treat myself well.  I encourage you to do the same. I find I am so much harder on myself than need be – I would never be as hard on my friends & loved ones as I am to myself….. strange but true.  Am I the only one or does it sound familiar to you as well?

So to begin – I am forcing myself to go to the gym – I have only been 3 times this week but already feel better!  You really do get those endorphins… I am not going “nuts” by any means.  A little cardio (25min – work up to 35) and some weights at my gym. ( #sportandhealth )

Second – I am going to buy myself a bouquet of my favorite flowers every week.  Why always wait to receive them…… they bring me so much joy and I can’t think of a better way to spend an extra $20.00 a week! BTW It was great getting rose’s for #Valentines Day – it kinda sparked this idea.

Next – once a month save up & buy myself something new for my wardrobe – maybe a new trench coat or pants/jeans a classic piece or maybe even a pair of shoes…. like these beauties I got #nordstroms – by Jessica Simpson
What a great pop of color #bluesuede – picture these with a great pair of jeans ( the new frayed trend ) and white blouse – “Tres Chic” or an all black outfit.  Too cute for words!
Then since I am a BATH NUT – I am going to take luxurious bath’s each night!  Sometimes I just add Epsom’s salt and lavender oil but when I want to pamper myself I pull out some of my lovely bubble bath’s.  I have on bottle I haven’t opened because it was so pretty and I was waiting for……….. who knows?  Well the wait is over!
I also got a new journal and am writing what I am grateful for each day – big or small and one thing that I love about myself……  
These are just some of things I am doing this winter to beat the blues and learn how to love myself more – which in turn allows me to love others in my life more!  Let me know what you do to beat the blues or if these suggestions helped you!  
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Happy Valentines Day

Hope It’s A Great One For All Of You
Spend It With One’s You Love & That Love You Back!
Be Sure To Tell Other’s You Love Them – Perfect Day To Do It!

This afternoon my mascara/primer review……Ciao!

Pictures from the trip – too fun!

Park City, Utah was a blast!  One of the best trips we have taken!  We stayed at SILVER STAR RESORT – It was right on the mountain.  One of the lifts were right outside of our condo.  When I say condo – it was a 3 story townhouse.  So comfy, had everything you could want.  The kitchen was appointed to the tee – #Viking appliances, hot tub out in the snow, soaking tub in master, fireplace…. just lovely.  The boys snowboarded like pro’s and my private ski lesson with Howard was great.  Really helped.  If you saw my Facebook post you will know why.  Fella’s talked me into a night ski… got off lift and beginner slope was closed.  Forced to go down #blueslope & was petrified! Fell 3 x’s but made it down.  The hubby was pretty proud.  Wish we could’ve stayed longer and really “gotten my ski on” LOL.  It is going to be an annual family trip for us.  Hopefully next year my other two children can take off school and join us!  Missed them not being there.  Here are some photo’s of the trip.


streaming #NYCfashionweek live will give you my thoughts – so far adore #MESKITA & #Herveleger

Park City Ski Trip Feb 2014

Getting ready for our family ski trip to Park City Utah – so excited and nervous.  I have only skied 3 times in my life.  While the boys snow board all the time and Mike has skied several times over the years.  So Lori may be on the Bunny Slopes the whole time.  However I did get a little shopping therapy out of it so far.  I went to our local board and ski shop Pit Crew and got a great deal on a ladies Burton Ski Jacket and then had to get cute beanie hat to match!

Also needed cold weather gear, gloves and socks…..did I say I have only skied 3 times.  My husband was like “listen you need to be warm because if you are not – you will be miserable which means …… ” you get the idea.  Hmmmmm MEN!  He is right I hate to be cold so I aM ready to go.  Who knows maybe I’ll get the hang of it and make it a new hobby.

Below are a few of the things I got.  Be on the look out for our trip pics!

Ski Trip Feb 2014

declutter you kitchen

De-Cluttering Your Kitchen

Ahhhh Hello February!  It is time for a fresh start. I know usually people do this in January but I am not like most people……It’s a time for new resolutions, healthy habits, and clearing out your clutter. Don’t save spring cleaning until the spring: start your year off right by clearing your kitchen of all the unnecessary tools and appliances that you never use.  So do your drawers look like the right side or left side……The Container Store is a great resource for organization.

Seven different melon ballers? Probably too many. And when will you use that bread machine that’s been collecting dust for years? Probably never. One cook’s trash is another cook’s treasure, and many tools that are useless to one person are essential to another — However, in an effort to help you organize and simplify, I have rounded up a few recommendations to streamline your kitchen and de-clutter your life.
And remember — if something is in good condition, don’t throw it away! Find a local organization that accepts kitchen-related donations, and start your year off on a do-gooder note. Because we all like to pay it forward, even in the kitchen.
Single-Use Appliances and Tools
 – Appliances and tools with just one (often obscure) use may not be worthy of counter space. How often do you really use your panini press? Your quesadilla maker? Unless you’re a serious grilled sandwich afficionado, get rid of them. Never use your bread machine? Let it go. Giving up large or expensive appliances can be difficult — but if you’re not going to use it, you should pull the plug.
Examples: avocado slicer, apple corer, panini press, 

declutter you kitchen

Breville gluten free bread machine / Le Creuset dishwasher safe cookware / Krups coffee brewer / Serveware / Normann Copenhagen serveware, $100 / Sur La Table stainless steel bakeware / Nostalgia Electrics nonstick griddle / Bodum kitchenware dining / Kitchen gadgets tool / Kitchen gadgets tool

The One Year Rule
 – Some people use their garlic press every day; some people think that owning one is useless. Kitchen tools and their necessity are quite the divisive topic! But in general, there’s just one cardinal rule: if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. Exceptions should be made, of course, for what I call “big feast” cookware that you use every few years — like a Paella pan or a turkey frying pot. Family heirlooms fall into this category as well.  Above are some really odd gadget that i found and some basics I wouldn’t be with out.  Also check out West Elm Organization for some great little finds!

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