How I am Gonna Beat Winter Blues

Sometimes this time of year I find myself a little down…….not sure why maybe it’s because the holidays are over, maybe the cold dark winter and a little “seasonal blues” – maybe the winter 5lb’s I tend to put on or God forbid my changing hormones (ahhhhhh ck out link) ….. whatever the reason this year since I am aware of it I am going to try and do things differently.  I am taking these last few cold months of winter as an opportunity to appreciate, love & treat myself well.  I encourage you to do the same. I find I am so much harder on myself than need be – I would never be as hard on my friends & loved ones as I am to myself….. strange but true.  Am I the only one or does it sound familiar to you as well?

So to begin – I am forcing myself to go to the gym – I have only been 3 times this week but already feel better!  You really do get those endorphins… I am not going “nuts” by any means.  A little cardio (25min – work up to 35) and some weights at my gym. ( #sportandhealth )

Second – I am going to buy myself a bouquet of my favorite flowers every week.  Why always wait to receive them…… they bring me so much joy and I can’t think of a better way to spend an extra $20.00 a week! BTW It was great getting rose’s for #Valentines Day – it kinda sparked this idea.

Next – once a month save up & buy myself something new for my wardrobe – maybe a new trench coat or pants/jeans a classic piece or maybe even a pair of shoes…. like these beauties I got #nordstroms – by Jessica Simpson
What a great pop of color #bluesuede – picture these with a great pair of jeans ( the new frayed trend ) and white blouse – “Tres Chic” or an all black outfit.  Too cute for words!
Then since I am a BATH NUT – I am going to take luxurious bath’s each night!  Sometimes I just add Epsom’s salt and lavender oil but when I want to pamper myself I pull out some of my lovely bubble bath’s.  I have on bottle I haven’t opened because it was so pretty and I was waiting for……….. who knows?  Well the wait is over!
I also got a new journal and am writing what I am grateful for each day – big or small and one thing that I love about myself……  
These are just some of things I am doing this winter to beat the blues and learn how to love myself more – which in turn allows me to love others in my life more!  Let me know what you do to beat the blues or if these suggestions helped you!  
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