Mascara Review

HI there – this took longer than I thought – I know I mentioned posting this the other day but when I went to save my draft – I hit delete instead…… Ugggggg – Anyway – Here are my winners listed from best #1 to least favorite #8.

Right now I am loving MAC False Lashes Extreme Black
For years I used Loreal Volumnous in Blackest Black and loved it – still keep a tube in my makeup drawer just in case.
Third on my list is CLINIQUE High Lengths mascara the comb on this is fantastic.  It’s made of rubber so your not taking your eye site in your own hands each morning.  Great product but not building or thickening.  Separates like a champ though.
4th on the list is Loreal lash Out Butterfly in black of course – was hard to work the wand.  I did poke myself in the eye on more than one occasion and that’s not like me.  It has like 3 sides and it was too flimsy – need a good stiff wand to get in close to the lash line – but the coverage and lengthening were good and the color was great – so if you are careful it’s pretty good.
Chanel Inimitable Mascara  black – used to be soooo great – I was working for Lord & Taylor at the time @ the NARS counter and It Rocked….. Now not so much – formulation seems off – the coverage is just so so – not worth $30.00 Bucks! & I adore Chanel but not this product.
Another High End Mascara was a huge disappointment YSL – VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS – It just was – plain and simple.
#7 MAC Prep + Prime Lash – just makes lashes too stiff when it dries to coat well.
#8 and last on my list – Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Technology w/primer is just odd.  I have never liked the “tubes” mascaras.  The primer is good but really separates so my lashes looked like spiders – I am blessed with long lashes but they seemed like little fans on my eyes & not in a good way….. hard to explain and the mascara itself wand was to rubbery and didn’t give a thick coating…. You have to try for your self to see.
I may try the Loreal Double Extension Primer with the Mac False Lashes Extreme Black and see what that does for me.  I did not mention the iconic Maybelline Mascara because it has never done a thing for me so I don’t even try it anymore…..
Hope this helped in your quest for that “perfect” mascara – so when you are calling that certain someone over with just a look – it won’t take you more than a flutter or two.Mascara Review

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