Things I Do To Stay On Track……Ummm For The Most Part

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Hope your day is going great!  I want to share a few healthy changes I have been incorporating that seem to really be making a difference in my weight, energy, moods, confidence etc….

I try and start the day with a cup of hot water & lemon – I sip it while my coffee is brewing….  Doing this helps to stabilize the PH levels in my body..  Acidic BAD – Alkaline GOOD… Also I have been eating breakfast almost every morning and boy that helps that late a.m. fade.  No more headaches – since I don’t drink coffee after I eat it has cut down on my caffeine too.  It’s a win win!

SOUP SOUP SOUP….. I Love Soup – Yeah Soup!…. did I say I love soup – LOL
So if you are torn between escarole soup and the tuna tartare starter… order the SOUP!  According to research out of Penn State, eating low-calorie, low sodium, broth based soup before a meal triggers people to consume an average of 20% fewer calories overall – that adds up people!

A study from Tel Aviv Univ found that people who had a carb & protein-packed breakfast followed by dessert lost more weight than those who started the day with a low-carb, sugar-free meal.  Participants who indulged in a small treat like chocolate, a doughnut, a cookie, or apiece of cake-reported feeling less hungry and having fewer cravings throughout the day.  At the end of the 8 month trial, they’s lost an average of 45lbs (WHAT???) compared to just 11lbs for the low-carb dieters…..

Women who went out for lunch at least once a week shed less lbs than those who brought their own food to work.  Researchers from The Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, which conducted a study, pointed out that you don’t have as much control over the ingredients and portion size dining out. Even if you ask for special subsitutions so of course, that’s true no matter when you go out to eat – but the strongest correlation was found with lunchtime meals. (plus you can save up for that “FAB” new outfit/shoes/bag a lot quicker – avg savings of $60.00 a week)  I’m almost there Jimmy Choo

Women on a whole don’t get enough.  At the Nat. Sleep Foundation a poll focused on women – found that roughly 3 in 10 say they get a good nights sleep.  Healthy people know that getting enough Z’s and ensuring it’s high-quality (no texting or glowing lights from your “gizmo’s” for example) are critical factors in keeping their minds and bodies strong.  So I do everything I can to get plenty of rest.   
The fact is, alcohol affects women differently than men. Women are more vulnerable to its effects, even if they drink less, and those potential effects are serious: Women who regularly consume more than about seven drinks a week are at greater risk for serious injuries, hypertension, stroke and even cancer. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines “low-risk” drinking for women as no more than three drinks on any day, and no more than seven drinks per week.
When it comes to health, the mind and body are inextricably connected. And meditation, which takes many forms and can fit into women’s lives in many different ways, has been linked to a slew of potential health benefits including, but not limited to, some protection against heart disease, lower blood pressure and changes in areas of the brain linked to pain management and cognition.  So I have been trying to mediate at least once a day – my favorite spot in after my workout in the Sauna at the gym….. (love you #sportandhealthnorthfrederick )
Well enough from me for the moment – let me know if these tips help you or what you do to stay on track, healthy & happy….
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