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Ok so I have a little problem…….
I am obsessed with Mango’s & not just your regular Mango’s – the Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe) Mango.  It only recently gained popularity in the United States. It has a smooth, creamy flesh, a small thin pit and holds the title of many people’s favorite variety of mango – mine included.
So when this seasonal fruit hits the stores, it’s mango madness. 4 for $5bucks +Wegmans.  So either try some soon or get out of my way and let me at em’!
Here are a few of my favorite tips, tricks and recipes to savor this magnificent mango.  My husband Mike Tauraso ( chef/restaurateur The Tasting Room & Black Hog BBQ) got me hooked on these a few years back and he cuts them like no body’s business.  There is an art to slicing fruit and salad….. sounds funny but it’s true!!!!! Honest (I don’t just say that so he will cut all my fruit and make the salad’s….or do I?) 
How To Pick A Mango Peak season for Ataulfo mango’s is from March to June. When fully ripe, their skins turn from green to deep golden yellow and feel soft to the touch. (Tip: Pick up a case and get a discount. Once you taste one, buying a case seems like a very good idea!)
How To Cut A Mango
1. Slice off the two “cheeks” on either side of the flat oblong mango pit. 2. With a knife, gently cut a crisscross pattern into the cut sides of each “cheek,” taking care not to cut through the skin. Repeat with other side. 3. Turn both sides inside out and remove the inverted cubes of mango from the skin . . . or eat as-is!
Mango-licious Recipe Ideas Now that you can successfully pick the perfect mango and safely cut it, let’s cook! Here are some fuss-free ways to savor this wonderful little pieces of heaven.
Sweet and spicy fruit cups: Sprinkle mango, pineapple and jicama with chile-spiked salt and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve street-food style in a cup with a skewer for easy eating.
Beverages: The Ataulfo’s lack of stringy fibers make it easy to purée making mango drinks a breeze.
  • Smoothie: mango, yogurt and fruit juice plus more fruits and veggies
  • Agua Fresca: mango, water, lime juice and agave nectar (add your favorite spirit for a tropical cocktail)
  • Lassi: mango, milk, yogurt and dashes of sugar and cardamom
Salsa: Dice mangos, red peppers ( I skip due to allergies), jalapeños and onion. Add chopped cilantro and lime juice to serve with chips, tacos or grilled foods. Hint: add chopped cooked shrimp and chill for a delicious version of ceviche.
Desserts: Bake mangos into tarts, cobblers, tea breads and muffins or add diced or puréed mangos to sorbets, rice pudding and frozen pops.

So you see I am definitely Sweet on Mangos!!!!
Ck out this blog post by offbeat and inspired that I found.  Even more great recipes 



Summer Jeans

Had to share with you all,
These are some of the jeans I got within the last month or so – It was time to start over with my wardrobe (for the most part) & I adore them all!  Great with wedge shoes, pumps or cute little flip flops ( Havaianas are my favorite)

Summer Jeans

Stop by Silk & Burlap Frederick, MD  when you have a chance – a great little boutique with housewares to clothing to jewelry – a must see.  Ask for Jen – she’s a doll with a great sense of style and extremely helpful!

Thursday Already

Well it is already Thursday and it just started to rain…..uggg.  I suppose that’s spring for ya.  That put’s a damper on my bike ride / walk today that’s for sure… Oh well this gives me the the chance to Edit more of my things here at home.  I thought I did a fairly good job before we moved but now it’s – “Out With It!” – this includes makeup, papers and clothes! I am like a machine!

I am finding it very cathartic doing this.  A real new beginning for me.  Seems such wonderful timing – spring – new home – new stage in my life – The World Is My Oyster!
I will work out here at the house though and just ordered my new home treadmill.  So I will be good to go.  I hooked up my DVD player ( yes I still have one of those ) and beginning my “Ab workouts” NO MORE MUFFIN TOP.   
I have had this video since I was 20! (24 years…. yikes)  I took the original VHS tape of mine and had it transferred to DVD its that good!  It is called SUPER STOMACHS : by Joanie Greggains it’s so funny to watch…. back than she had bleach blonde hair – leg warmers, the white high top Reebok’s on – (Note:  this doesn’t start quite from the beginning where you do the body twists ) but I tell you what it is my “GO TO” workout for my stomach.  Short, sweet & to the point.  If you do it 5x’s a weeks you will see results fast really does take 10min. or less….  I hope you try it out.

etc…. ck out the youtube link


Another Great Detox Bath……..

This one Really Works…….. 

Ingredients & Instructions

  • 2 cups Epsom Salt (or Sea Salt) – draws out toxins from your body while relieving aches and pains
  • 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar – soothes and soften dry, itchy skin while balancing the bodies and neutralizing the bodies pH.
  • 1/2 cup Bentonite Clay  – stimulates the lymphatic system to deeply cleanse the body’s largest breathing organ, the skin.(I got  mine from here
  • 5-10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil –  Olive, lavender, geranium, sandalwood, ylang ylang and blue tansy are all known for their detoxifying properties. (I used olive oil)

Run your bath water as hot as you like. Add your “ingredients” and agitate to dissolve. Soak for 20-40 minutes – download some nice spa music – light some candles and give yourself some TLC.  Be sure to drink a full glass of water when you’re finished. ( I keep glass of water next to me in the bath – as well as a wash cloth that is soaking in an ice bath for my face and head to cool down during my soak if I become over heated )

Warning! You will be exhausted after your bath, so do this right after dinner….
Enjoy -let me know how it works for you!


Trend Alert

So happy to be right ahead of some great trends again…..  I have been “gaga” over the new YSL Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain‘s – especially #17(bright lilac)  & #18 (cool neutral lilac) and here it is mentioned in the new Instyle Magazine June 2014 issue pg 28.  I like to line my lip with a light brown/neutral liner first than apply the stains and go over with more liner on edges to add more impact.  I have not tried the #LOrealParis Colour Caresse WetShine Lip Stain yet but will let you know my compassions and reviews.  The YSL Stain is a bit pricey @ $35 bucks a pop but loving the color choices and staying power!  Have a great day all!

BTW – I am truding along with my IKEA cabinets – getting there – should be done today………. may need some help from the hubby putting doors on but we will see – photos later on.
Oh – ck this out – new brozer sample I received from +Too Faced Cosmetics – it is a great shade in matte medium – not too dark but the coolest thing is it smells like Chocolate…..YUM.  They carry it at Ulta

Chat with ya later!

White is my favorite color


Ok – so you have heard me sing the praises of IKEA for quite sometime now – but this time go round I am struggling.  I was able to get items and be in/out in 35min.  A record somewhere…. but I can not seem to get motivated to put it all together.  I have 4 pieces to make my vanity area etc.. and have only been able to sit and put two things together.  This is how the rest has sat now for over a week – close to two!  Uggggggg  I am not sure what the block is – but I just look at it and run away.  Someone send me my “Ikea mojo” back.  I really need to do it to finish organizing my dressing / office area but – just not happening.  I mean I will do just about anything else.   I sit here now writing and its right next to me – mocking me.  

On another happier note – more of my new furniture was delivered.  (already put together – LOL)  It has been taking forever but I adore what I chose and it looks so great in here.  
Check out my loft area.  No pillows / or cabinet yet – they will bring more color to the room.  But I do have my #todiefor Pink Suede Chair and my lovely chaise – plus my “POUF” – “why the pouf?”   I have been asked…….just because.  It makes me happy!
Below you can see the family room – I need a rug and some colorful accessories but loving it so far!  I am really happy with the laying of the gray’s and browns and neutrals!
Next week I am supposed to get my bed and dining room table – we can only hope…….  I can’t wait to get everything together and have some girlfriends over and maybe convince Mike (my husband/chef/restauranteur) to whip us up a few apps etc….. hint, hint Mike.  Well that’s all from me this morning – gonna take a walk and whip up some “huevos” for Mike & I.  

My Soup Turned Out DLish!

Hi All,

Well I ended up making soup on the rainy off & on again day and If I do say so myself It tuned out sooooo good!  I made a white bean & cauliflower soup. 
So easy – thought I’d share

1/2onion chopped and sauteed
3gloves garlic chopped sauteed (after onion is started & clear)
Add 1/2 head of cauliflower and sauté till lightly browned
crushed red pepper to taste ( I like it spicy ) 
chicken stock 3cups (homemade or store bought just low sodium no msg etc…)
top with water ( i use bottled water for my soups – just cuz ) till pot is 2/3’d full ( a smidgen more) 
Garlic powder 1/4 tsp
two cans of cannellini beans ( drained ) 
2 bay leaves
2 springs of rosemary & thyme 
bring to boil 
S&P again to taste ( I try and keep it very low sodium )
last 5 minute add some greens – aruguala or spinach (a hand full or two )  
Serve topped with fresh parmesan cheese and for me more crushed red pepper flakes
Bon appétit

I think I going to order a home treadmill this weekend from Nordictrack they have a great sale going on and free shipping – looking at the 2450 Tredmill (commercial series) & the Jillian Anderson “RampUp” series and just seems I have not been using my gym membership.  Its only 10 min. from my home but when I get the energy to workout – something ends up sidetracking me so if its right in my basement I can pop off & on much easier plus the whole family can use it…… that’s my story and sticking with it – LOL

BLINDS ARE BEING INSTALLED TODAY!!!!! Thank goodness – I have been living in a fishbowl – no real neighbors yet but I still have to do army crawl at night from bath to bed… thank you Hunter Douglas

Playing with some “falsies” this weekend – MAC vs Ardell (the classic)


Thinking in Pink Today!

Morning All,

I awoke today at 5am to a huge thunderstorm.  I just layed there for awhile enjoying the storm and it got me thinking how weather and color affects my moods – I have some friends that are the same way.
I hear it’s called  – S.A.D. seasonal effective disorder.  I don’t have severe reactions but it does contribute to my day.  My energy levels especially, you?  Like I am going to make soup today and do cozy things at home.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, Instagram Tublr etc….  It has been crazy busy here for me.  Personal things, selling home in Florida (& driving staring back with car – Blah…) Opening our 3rd BBQ Black Hog BBQ & Bar – handling social media for several business & trying to learn all I can about linking things etc. The evolving design of our new home – family life & trying to make time for my health and nurturing some old and new friendships.

BTW – I am planning a ladies get together here @home soon.  Not to raise money – not to do anything but enjoy some terrific women I know and want to know more…….

So I am taking a little time from my day to escape and do some surfing for bright pictures that made me happy & keep the creative juices flowing.  Hope you like them too!

Oh and still…… trying to put my #IKEA stuff together – you have to really get in your zone for it…..
Will today be the day?  I hope so – uggggggggg


Thanks for stopping by,
Promise something more interesting soon – Hugs

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