Ok so I have a little problem…….
I am obsessed with Mango’s & not just your regular Mango’s – the Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe) Mango.  It only recently gained popularity in the United States. It has a smooth, creamy flesh, a small thin pit and holds the title of many people’s favorite variety of mango – mine included.
So when this seasonal fruit hits the stores, it’s mango madness. 4 for $5bucks +Wegmans.  So either try some soon or get out of my way and let me at em’!
Here are a few of my favorite tips, tricks and recipes to savor this magnificent mango.  My husband Mike Tauraso ( chef/restaurateur The Tasting Room & Black Hog BBQ) got me hooked on these a few years back and he cuts them like no body’s business.  There is an art to slicing fruit and salad….. sounds funny but it’s true!!!!! Honest (I don’t just say that so he will cut all my fruit and make the salad’s….or do I?) 
How To Pick A Mango Peak season for Ataulfo mango’s is from March to June. When fully ripe, their skins turn from green to deep golden yellow and feel soft to the touch. (Tip: Pick up a case and get a discount. Once you taste one, buying a case seems like a very good idea!)
How To Cut A Mango
1. Slice off the two “cheeks” on either side of the flat oblong mango pit. 2. With a knife, gently cut a crisscross pattern into the cut sides of each “cheek,” taking care not to cut through the skin. Repeat with other side. 3. Turn both sides inside out and remove the inverted cubes of mango from the skin . . . or eat as-is!
Mango-licious Recipe Ideas Now that you can successfully pick the perfect mango and safely cut it, let’s cook! Here are some fuss-free ways to savor this wonderful little pieces of heaven.
Sweet and spicy fruit cups: Sprinkle mango, pineapple and jicama with chile-spiked salt and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve street-food style in a cup with a skewer for easy eating.
Beverages: The Ataulfo’s lack of stringy fibers make it easy to purée making mango drinks a breeze.
  • Smoothie: mango, yogurt and fruit juice plus more fruits and veggies
  • Agua Fresca: mango, water, lime juice and agave nectar (add your favorite spirit for a tropical cocktail)
  • Lassi: mango, milk, yogurt and dashes of sugar and cardamom
Salsa: Dice mangos, red peppers ( I skip due to allergies), jalapeños and onion. Add chopped cilantro and lime juice to serve with chips, tacos or grilled foods. Hint: add chopped cooked shrimp and chill for a delicious version of ceviche.
Desserts: Bake mangos into tarts, cobblers, tea breads and muffins or add diced or puréed mangos to sorbets, rice pudding and frozen pops.

So you see I am definitely Sweet on Mangos!!!!
Ck out this blog post by offbeat and inspired that I found.  Even more great recipes 



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