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Hello Out There,

Fall is just around the corner and so is NYFW ( New York Fashion Week )!  So I always get excited – beyond excited really .  It is like “back to school shopping”  from back in the day – I get such a rush!  And don’t even get me started on my obsession of all the 5lb magazines that are out – for Septmeber!

I buy at least 8 ( don’t judge me – I recycle for research, give to friends & my mother in-law who works at the local Hospital – she takes some there!) Back to school it was always Gina – (my bestie from HS) and I talking endlessly – going over all the details “ok what are you gonna wear”? – modeling our outfits – w/shoes – hair the whole nine yards…. LOVED IT SO.  Ya know, some of us happily stumble upon our passion’s early in life.  I know I sure did! ( fashion – decor – food – makeup – travel ) Anyway, this leads me to go back to the series of What’s My Style?

Here are a few pieces I am adding to my wardrobe this fall……. classic but of course some fun little numbers as well!

Some kind of Fur

I would love a fur coat so I am working up to it.  This little addition will have to do right now
Rabbit & Fox Fur Boa….

Maybe add a “faux fur jacket” for play ASOS-Vintage-Faux-Fur-Coat

A Classic Camel Coat
I’ve no idea if the camel coat is a current trend or not….but I don’t care – I guess that’s what makes it a classic in my book….it’s timeless, can be worn by anyone of any age, it can be dressed up or down, it simply looks very elegant. And pretty cool too.  I think it’s one of those items that every wardrobe should have.  I used to have a beautifully tailored jacket in camel which came from Bloomingdale’s – however my coat was put in the wrong bag during one of my moves and given to Purple Heart….. wahhhhhhh.  Oh well here are some of my favorites – My recent order should be here today!  Will share when it arrives!

Style Tip: Even an everyday style can have instant wow factor if the fit is perfect. Keep your eye on the tailoring, and look for pieces that are detail-driven.  I posted last year re: alterations and the importance of fit – ck it out.

In Love with +HUDSON JEANS  fit, style – adore!  I need a new denim pencil skirt and they have one to DIE for….

also ck out this link for tons of other options ( prices run the gamet ) =denim+pencil+skirt+stretch
Over the Knee Boot

Im only 5″3 but I love this look – with skinny jeans or leggings maybe even mini and tights! Over The Knee

Finally – driving gloves – I want White Leather & or Camel color
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Great Things On Line This Week

Found these while “surfing” did a lot of traveling so had some MAJOR time on my hands….. check them out people…..

Need a piece for my family room empty wall – pictured below.  About 5ft behind those two chairs to the wall.

Maybe a bar-cart or console table?  I like the mix of materials on this table to break up the wood & concrete I already have…. I could put flowers – modern large scale canvas print over head – glassware etc…

As always looking at new makeup and these two seem to be great for the Perfect Nude Lip Armani-smooth-silk-lip-pencil

Found this little throw back – thinking would make a great Xmas gift for a certain someone I know and love – fujifilm-instax-mini-8-instant-camera-white

ex-boyfriend-flask or could be Ex- husband  – been a long – busy – hard summer – LOL

Travel Games could’ve used these on my two 6 hour card rides in UTAH…. plus the 5 hr. each way flight and delay at the gate….. ugggg – next time for sure – or check out these suggestions from 
Old School Turntable  miss that old sound of real records – place on Market St. Frederick, MD sells them too as well as albums – maybe JOJO would like one for his new apt. in Richmond. – thinking of navy blue as go to shoe casual jeans day shoe…

Badgley Mischka “Colette-leather-colorblock-clutch – still need everyday black cross body bad – my little coach bag not doing the job anymore….. this is a nice little number –  Oui?
Need to get my fix at my local favorite shop –
BTW I am calling it now…. I think Navy or Indigo or some dark blue will be the “color of the year 2015”  you heard it here first folks!

I am so in love with Navy Bue right now – it goes with so much – My base color through out the main parts of the house are Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray SW 7017 with hints of navy accessories.  Now I can bring in all sort of pops of color…… to change with the seasons and my moods…
Stay tuned for video tour of first floor of my home! 

Hello All,
OK – It’s August and it’s HOT.  So I have a list for you what foods can cool you off, while helping your skin, too!  What a “BONUS”!  Here are nine, many of which might already be in your fridge.  What you eat is more important than what you put on your skin a lot of times…. If you eat these, I promise, you’re going to glow.

1. Peppermint
While mint is very uplifting, it’s also relaxing to the body.  Whenever you’re relaxed, that’s going to help reduce your stress hormones, which in turn is kinder to your skin.  Stress is a trigger for acne and for premature aging. Mint also may help reduce androgen’s, which can cause oil production and acne. 
2. Red grapes
Grapes are only cooling if they are sweet. Green grapes, for example, won’t do the trick. Sour, salty, and pungent foods are more heating, you want grapes that aren’t sour.
3. Cucumber
These refreshing slices are way more than a facial accessory.  Cucumbers are similar to watermelon in that they’re hydrating foods. I really like cucumbers because the silica in them also has anti-aging qualities. I mean, who can argue with a two-for-one?
4. Turmeric
This root is super anti-inflammatory, which means it helps with flareups of all kinds over time, whether it’s an acne breakout or sore knees and joints following your long runs.  I have been adding it to almost all of my “Indian” cooking.  It also is know the help reduce Type 2 diabetes.  (Mike suffers from this – so always looking for natural remedies for him).
watermelon_we heart it

5. Watermelon
The summertime favorite, I call “medicine” will definitely bring your temperature down It’s not just cooling. It’s cold.  I try not to eat it until summer,” abiding the Ayurvedic seasonal eating philosophy.  I recommend that you don’t eat it with other foods, but instead wait to snack on it about an hour after your meal.
6. Coconut water
The buzzed-about beverage got its rep for a reason – it’s very cooling, balancing, and has a lot of electrolytes, which we lose when we sweat in the summer. Coconut water is God’s gift!
7. Cilantro
I love this garnish – Mike (my husband) really introduced me to it.  Love it because it’s flavorful and has culinary uses, yet it’s detoxifying and cooling, which makes it your skin’s friend in summer.
8. Fennel
Many spices naturally bring ‘warmth’ to your body, but fennel brings ‘cool’ to your body.  Thinly slice raw fennel over a salad and enjoy the cabbage-like crunch and better digestion, which helps promote clear and glowing skin.  My husbands family passes it around the table after dinner to clean your pallet as well as aid in digestion ( apparently very Italian) – I am learning to “like” it – honestly not my favorite but this women will do ALOT for the sake of BEAUTY!  
9. Chrysanthemum tea
Tea in the summer? It might not sound refreshing, but it’ll cool you off.   The tea reduces heat—and even counteracts the heat from eating a little too much spicy foods.

Dont forget ……

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Hello Out There In Blogger Land…..

Ok – quick post – just wanted to share with you all….  A few weeks ago I purchased CELLFOOD & CELLFOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS  from the The Common Market – Frederick, MD.  There is a gym next door and I always noticed very fit women buying the stuff – so I asked one young women and she said “it is fantastic”….. so being the women that I am – I said great and grabbed a bottle!  I started with the weightloss formula – you take it at night and in the few weeks of taking it – I am sleeping like a baby.  I add it to glass of water I keep next to me as I take my nightly hot bath w/Epsom Salts & Baking Powder.  ( great detox BTW – post on detox bath’s next week )

I started to notice my tummy was getting flatter and not craving sugar as much……. that’s HUGE for me people!!!  I have always been a sugar junkie.  I mean straight up Pixie sticks – chased w/ a coke!  LOL Anyway, I went 10 days ago and picked up the original formula as well.  You take that during the day up to 3x’s I am doing just 2 right now – LOVE IT!  Not quite sure how its all works but lets just say – I feel lighter – clothes are fitting better – my digestion is improved ( I am taking a probiotic from vitamin shoppe too) – so you be the judge – but I am liking it that’s for sure!  It’s also starting that PMS time for me and not nearly the bloating etc a little but not much….. JUST SAYING…..

So if you have any thoughts or comments I’d love to hear them. 
Hope your weekend is going great – get out there people and get your grove on!  #cheers #ilovefrederickmaryland #feelingblessed #feelinghappy
Thanks for stopping by,

side note – trying to get rid of “CAPTCHA” from my blog and having a difficult time – Uggg but working on it – don’t give up on me….. really want to hear your comments!  XOXO

Express – Express – Express…….

Hello Sunshine,
I hope this wonderful first part of Aug. finds you enjoying your summer.  I know mine has been extremely busy.  New home – construction of new restaurant – photography classes – learning ivideo (not so easy as they say) make-up jobs etc… Oh yeah family stuff and trying to keep & “get my healthy on”.  Along with some quick little trips here and there.  Don’t get me wrong not complaining.  Yes, it has been a bit hectic but I am extremely grateful!  I am still trying to learn how to not let life take me over and how to take control of my life….. or at very least stop and smell the roses.

So this parlays into my need to have some quick express “things” in my life to carry me from day to day – yes I still try new stuff but these are some basic things I can always count on.

  • Skincare routine
  • Makeup
  • Food
  • Hair
Lori’s everyday skincare
My basic skincare routine has not changed for years – It is my Clinique 3 step – (Clinique special going on right now – click here  )  Of course I will try supplemental serums and eye creams, etc. – but this is my staple and you can not beat the price.  Yet never fear – if it’s new I’m trying it out Baby!   Anyway, this is my MUST HAVE!  I have travel versions – in my gym bag – travel bag – guest room ……all over the place.

I have also mentioned before about my love of the these fabulous cleansing cloths – they take eye makeup off like no body’s business and don’t break me out nor dry my skin out – “perfection”
As far as makeup goes – when I am in a hurry I use my Garnier Skin Renew Perfector BB Cream in light & a dash of my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – together this is a fast light coverage for days when your in a hurry or just want a hint of makeup.  Than top with some bronzer – mascara and gloss or a “RED” lip ( always works! Always)
Now onto Food 
I love to cook and cook healthy.  Right now I am having a love affair with Indian Food, Mediterranean Food & Homemade Soups…..  The spices & marinades for the Indian food are so yummy – the Mediterranean foods are all so fresh & tasty and don’t upset my tummy.  BTW – most are on the elimination diet recommended by Dr. Junger of  the  click this next link for a shopping list from the Dr. (very handy right?…)  clean program shopping list.  

We also just got this great cook book and it’s like the Indian Food Bible – You can make some of the spice mixtures ahead of time – the dry ones keep for quite sometime if stored properly – I like it “hot” – so many of the recipe’s fall right in line.  It doesn’t hurt that I am married to a chef/restaurateur so if I get stuck on something I have my fall back man.  Actually he has been feeding my craving for these foods at least once a week – when I get frustrated & confused by the recipe’s and maybe need some TLC.

So for the express part – you will see my chickpea salad above – super simple – healthy & cheap!  I keep some on hand almost always – I love to have it with tuna salad and some of my favorite almond crackers – it has protein, good on my digestion, it is quite fast – travels well etc.  Love love love it!  I also make a soup at least once a week.  Red Lentils (new FAV. cook so fast and gentle for my stomach – do you see the “easy on my stomach” see that trend here?……..I used to be able to eat anything – Oh well  “C’est la vie”…..)  White bean soup or Escarole soup.  I eat soup all year round – even for breakfast sometimes.  I will post another segment later this week with details – recipes –  some photos – maybe a video – along with a printable shopping list.  
My Hair – Ugggg – Love Hate Relationship 
I have naturally curly hair (my mom loved it ) I never did so much – and I remember days @the beach I’d fall asleep and awake to see my shadow…. my gosh man I  looked like a “BUSHMAN”  LOL.  I have since fallen in love with Keratin Treatments – not the harsh kind but the gentle “Brazilian” type.  I have a stylist Denise whom does my color, cut and treatment all in the same day!  My hair is always more healthy when she is done!

(Love You Denise – will be calling this week – way overdue)!  However you will find me most days with my hair back – a headband or a Ponytail of some sort – maybe a messy Updo.  They are the fastest & just the easiest to do, and the most chic for the summer season ….. right?  Add some red or orange lipstick and voila!  There are a lot of ways to style your hair in this way, you can do simple messy bun or very smooth and glamorous Updo or a High Pony.   Which way you will prefer depends on your style & event.  Do you like elegant and classy looks, or more wild and free? Check out the photo’s below and see which of my selections you would choose.  Maybe try one today…… if you do please share – with a comment or on my FB page!  

However today I use simple messy low ponytail like picture one – while twisting and pinning some front pieces, because I am working out this a.m. – I took hot bath last night and today I am feeling a wee bit lazy……. LOL

Time for me to run – cheers all – enjoy your day – make the most of it!!!!!


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