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Have You Ever Been “Glamping”

Helloooooooo Everyone,

I was asked the other day if I like the outdoors?  Well of course I do!  I love the beach, my bike rides, walks in the park & a little bit of hiking, deep sea fishing & skiing.  I think that should answer the question with a resounding “YES”!  Than we went on to talk about camping…… Ahhhhhhh that kind of “outdoors”….. Ummmm NO!  That is not quite my idea of fun.  I have been a couple times – years ago and it was not good.  We didn’t have the right gear (camping can be pricey people).  It got cold – I slept in the back of a friends pickup truck with sleeping bag all the while thinking a bear was going to get me.  I got bitten by bugs – food was bad – no real bathrooms and most everyone sat around and drank because not much elso to do.  Needless to say this is not a good impression of camping.  So I wondered If I could ever come around – than it hit me.  “GLAMPING” glamours camping people.    Did you know there is such a thing?

Here is what I found – feel free to share if you’ve done this, plan to or want to.  The first place is in Montana & called – PAWS UP reminds me of the movie Out of Africa . I would go here for sure. I wonder if they have a Robert Redford type to wash my hair…….. ?

That’s a tent!

Pillows and warm blankets…..
I mean look at that bath tub – that’s a little piece of Heaven

Than there is Fireside In Jackson hole – Tents as well as adorable Mini Ski Cabins.

The Ski Cabin reminds me of The Crib an “enviresponsible shelter located close to my home on the grounds of the Stathmore Rockville, Maryland – I went by there today ironically below are my photos but check out their site.

BTW – I started a design 20 some years ago of a one big open space home – 2 sided fireplace in the middle as a divider – I’ll post my drawings later….  Now I’m thinking not only a 2 sided fireplace but make it 2 stories high so the loft bedroom would have a fire place too….. Hmmmm if you think it – it can be done!
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Here are some of the things I’d pack for my little adventure “Glamping”


Red wall art / Happy Jackson A6 Great Ideas Notebook, $11 / Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with EF-S 18-55mm… / Rails green top / Boots / The Travel Book A Journey through Every Country in the World / : Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bike, Silver, Small… / : Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag… / Coleman Oversize Quad Chair with Cooler Red / Cutter Skinsations 6 Oz Insect Repellent Pump Spray 7% Deet 54010 / Rubbermaid 10-Quart Personal Ice Chest Cooler, Red:… / : Cricket 5-minute no match Firestarter 20 count : Patio,… / : Duraflame 00987 Stax 3 Count Crackling Fire Logs : Fire… / Life Gear LG447 3 in 1 Glow LED Lantern 8:Amazon:Home Improvement

P.S.  Day 9 of my #30dayworkoutchallenge rode my bike 5miles 
This was my view at the end of my ride – when you stop and look around It’s amazing at all the beauty you find!  



A little inspiration to kick off the week.  I saw this outfit from J. Crew’s site  a while ago and have been saving it as a “re-create” file for fall dressing (been doing this since I was pre-teen – I’m sure many of you do this too). It’s nothing fancy  but be honest, when you work from home – I need something to inspire me.  Besides I made a “Proclamation” earlier this month, NO MORE YOGA PANTS AS DAILY “UNIFORM”  I told my husband too and he cracked up.  Mike was like “I’m so glad you said that” – he complimented my body but went on to say “yeah – the whole workout wear everyday not great!”  OUCH – painful but true and I knew it.  I have all these clothes, shoes, accessories and I was stuck in this rut.  It was so easy – kindda like being able to wear your P.J.’s out of the house. The really embarrassing part was that I was not even working out!  HAHA.  

So I have changed both of those things. Today is DAY 9 –  of my #30dayworkoutchallenge and I only wear “workout clothes” when exercising – allowed an hour before and after – that’s it!  I encourage you to join me!!!! I am headed to the container store today to grab a garnet rack & clothing steamer.  So I will play with my clothes and create new looks each day!  Can you say…..”INSTAGRAM”  

I really like this outfit – put together but not over the top.  It’s the perfect outfit for errands  – lunch with friends or strolling down Market St. / new IPHONE by my side! 
How was everyone’s weekend?  I had such a wonderful time planning and celebrating my mother in-laws 75 surprise b-day party.  I ate way too much, am exhausted – so worth it to see her expression!  
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Work It Baby!

So I have begun this personal #30dayworkoutchallenge.  It is not hosted by a company or anything like that – It’s just my own idea.  As I mentioned in past posts – I purchased a Nordic-Track Treadmill and really love it.  Yet like most of the time I was all “gung-ho” than lost my mojo.  I also really was brutal in editing my closet and refuse to hold onto things that don’t really fit me anymore.  Yet I knew I wanted to get new “classic” pieces so I should get in better shape to really look good in them.

I by no means have lots of weight to lose – if any.  Just tone up – get my cardio back on track – ya know take care of myself.  I am blessed enough to be turning 45 in Nov. and have not had the full stress tests etc. done.  I have always been told I am healthy – blood pressure, weight ya know all the norms but I wanted to really get in shape for ME.  While scheduling my full workup of tests.  If there happen to be any positive side effects I’m all for it.

This is day 6 and I just completed 45 min of cardio and a small arm workout (need big help in that dept. – can you say “flapping in the wind”?).  It is making me feel great!  I also am a gal who needs some sort of incentive – hence the fancy shoes I will buy myself after the 30 days are up and I have succeed.  I have been saving up for these for quite sometime.  I encourage you to join me if you want and share your photo’s, stories, recipes, music playlists…..everything with me!  It will be fun.

I am not really dieting either – however I find when I really start to workout my eating habits become a bit more healthy as well.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t sacrifice, If I want some dessert Im gonna have it.  Just maybe only 2 bites.  #moderation – #whatwouldlennydo (right Michele?)  this is how I am trying to live.  Im not perfect but each day I get to start over and try again.  I’ll post more healthy meal ideas too.  You know I love my soups! 
Here Is A Small Sample Of My Playlist 
Britney Spears – Work Work
JLO – Let’s get loud
Village People – YMCA
INXS – Suicide Blonde
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
ELO – Hold on tight
Aliicia Bridges – I love the nightlife
The Romantics – What I like about you
Activator – Let the bodies hit the floor (my son picked this one – hard core – but I love the beat!)
Will Smith – Getting’ Jiggy wit it
Michael Jackson – Shake your body
If you have any others please share!  Have a great Thursday!  Also gonna do a juice cleanse next week.  My friend Melissa suggested jus by Will give you my review!  #cheers

All Over The Place These Days…….

Hi Everyone,

Missed ya lots – I got your messages and my apologies it has been a while since my last post.  I am OK it’s just been hectic and my ADD really kicked in!  Boy I didn’t realize how much I miss sharing everything with you all.  Thank you all for your concern etc… I have been working on a lot of great posts – videos – etc.  Getting some great education at a few seminars and attending my BOD meetings (gearing up for Xmas busy for Non-profits ) one of which is the The Women’s Giving Circle Of Frederick.  We just had our bi-monthly luncheon.  Below myself with Hermine Bernstein of Blessings In A Backpack.  Such a great project – $100 feeds a child for I think 1 years worth of backpack snack foods!!!  Something to that effect – so check it out  it’s a no brainier.  I am trying to see how I can possibly help out more.  It was such a pleasure to be at the lunch.

Each time I try and sit somewhere else.  A table where I know no one.  Really getting me out of my comfort zone. It’s amazing the women I meet!  Hermine is about 15 years my senior but our lives have such similarities and she was telling me all she did at my age… all the things I want to do at this new “stage” in life.  School being one of them.  She also modeled for specific sports wear lines back in her day (until motherhood put a stop to that – hard to model tennis fashions while being pregnant!)  She really helped me in our short talk about possible paths I’d like to pursue.  I look forward to getting to know her more and sponsoring a backpack or two.  Look at the link above and consider a donation – she is really making a difference to children one backpack at a time!

I also have been busy with out newest location of Black Hog BBQ.  Having our 6 month home inspection blah blah blah…. & we are just finishing up with our last full weekend of summer today!  Although its 75+ degrees by noon my head is not here at all & into fall – Big Time!  So this leads me to…… Taaa Daaa NYFW!

Fashion Week 2014
I know I’m mentioned it several times but I am still editing my closet – doing mini fashion shows – if it doesn’t fit or have not had it on in 1 year – “out it goes”… but now with Fall I am adding things…. YIPPIE LORI – those great classic pieces I have discussed that everyone should have.  NYFW was so exciting (to watch on youtube – LOL)  A few shows that are accessible to us mere mortals that I really liked were DVF – I have nothing from Diane Von Furstenberg and its a must for a classic closet.  This fall her collection Rocks!  It is modern, edgy, fun all while being “age appropriate” -classics (not that I always follow that – one should NEVER follow “exact rules” for fashion – makeup – or life for that matter its just a guide…..) See below a little video of the show.

The other show that never fails for me is the Michael Kors Show – had small pops of fur on this collection – which is on my list this year ( yes I love fur and want a coat but I guess baby steps )  Check out the video below.

Really great colors – pieces that I feel will last for several fall seasons to come….

Now switching gears – Fall foods 
I am still “mad” for Mediterranean and Indian foods.  I will be sharing things Mike and I make at home this fall.  Below is a little something I concocted to curb that potato addiction.  I took butternut squash and cubed it – Mike did for me.  It’s a hard veggie and almost like pumpkin and he was afraid I’d cut myself – I can be a little clumsy in the kitchen at times.  FYI you can it buy pre-cut in the veggie section for not much more.  So I add olive oil, garlic powder, turmeric, cayenne, cumin, pepper and paprika.  Toss and lay on baking sheet.  Roast @450 for 30 min or so – until crispy and really well caramelized and Voila – a yummy healthy tricking yourself it’s a potatoes snack – side whatever.  So fall looking and really fills you up – good fiber in it too (Ummm Yes please)

Here it is below the day after for my lunch – along with a side of tuna salad & my famous chickpea salad……. #cheers

So try it for yourself and let me know.  Roasting root veggies is so simple abut I think we forget about them.  
Gonna hit the treadmill – on day two of my #30daychallange.  Ck out my FB – Instagram.  If I exercise for 30 days straight aka something for 30 min. each day – I am treating myself to a pair Manolo Blahnik’s – I’ve been saving up and this has got to be the season I get my classic pair!  Help root me on – it’s also going to coincide with a birthday in Nov.  the big 45…. Whatttttt
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