Work It Baby!

So I have begun this personal #30dayworkoutchallenge.  It is not hosted by a company or anything like that – It’s just my own idea.  As I mentioned in past posts – I purchased a Nordic-Track Treadmill and really love it.  Yet like most of the time I was all “gung-ho” than lost my mojo.  I also really was brutal in editing my closet and refuse to hold onto things that don’t really fit me anymore.  Yet I knew I wanted to get new “classic” pieces so I should get in better shape to really look good in them.

I by no means have lots of weight to lose – if any.  Just tone up – get my cardio back on track – ya know take care of myself.  I am blessed enough to be turning 45 in Nov. and have not had the full stress tests etc. done.  I have always been told I am healthy – blood pressure, weight ya know all the norms but I wanted to really get in shape for ME.  While scheduling my full workup of tests.  If there happen to be any positive side effects I’m all for it.

This is day 6 and I just completed 45 min of cardio and a small arm workout (need big help in that dept. – can you say “flapping in the wind”?).  It is making me feel great!  I also am a gal who needs some sort of incentive – hence the fancy shoes I will buy myself after the 30 days are up and I have succeed.  I have been saving up for these for quite sometime.  I encourage you to join me if you want and share your photo’s, stories, recipes, music playlists…..everything with me!  It will be fun.

I am not really dieting either – however I find when I really start to workout my eating habits become a bit more healthy as well.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t sacrifice, If I want some dessert Im gonna have it.  Just maybe only 2 bites.  #moderation – #whatwouldlennydo (right Michele?)  this is how I am trying to live.  Im not perfect but each day I get to start over and try again.  I’ll post more healthy meal ideas too.  You know I love my soups! 
Here Is A Small Sample Of My Playlist 
Britney Spears – Work Work
JLO – Let’s get loud
Village People – YMCA
INXS – Suicide Blonde
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
ELO – Hold on tight
Aliicia Bridges – I love the nightlife
The Romantics – What I like about you
Activator – Let the bodies hit the floor (my son picked this one – hard core – but I love the beat!)
Will Smith – Getting’ Jiggy wit it
Michael Jackson – Shake your body
If you have any others please share!  Have a great Thursday!  Also gonna do a juice cleanse next week.  My friend Melissa suggested jus by Will give you my review!  #cheers

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