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Did Someone Say “NAP TIME”

I have been off my game this week – not sure why.  I have exercised each day – but not like I was during my challenge – we did travel a lot last weekend (driving to Ashville, NC and back) but still….I hate not having any energy.  Too much to do.  I have been on the go from morning until eve. for quit awhile now I know,  yet usually this doenst effect me.

How do you stay energized?

I eat fairly well.  Giving into my sugar cravings only a little – LOL
 try and go to sleep at decent times each night 10:30 or so but today its barely 1:30 in the afternoon and I am gonna take a nap!  Maybe listen to a motivation/ relaxation tape on my iPad – yeah – back in a while folks….. lets hope this works.  Below are the Bella Notte Linens that cover my comfy cozy bed – the same dark cool relaxing colors.

What the…..WOW – my body was tired I didn’t take a nap, I was down.  I slept for almost two hours.  I felt like Rip Van Winkle.  LOL  Sometimes I guess you have to just do what your body wants and mine wanted so sleep.  Hmmm not sure what to do it’s 3:45 pm and I was supposed to film a steak video and take pictures downtown – ummm guess that’s not happening.

However Sonya the beautiful bride that I have the pleasure of doing a 2nd run through with tomorrow will be happy I am rested and ready to go.  Plus I have a lot to prepare for Halloween.  I am fortunate enough to put things on the back burner sometimes….. except dinner.  Below is a fast dinner I want to share!  Cheers!


Here at BLANK SLATE I love the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, so I am sharing her recipe of simple herbed salmon. Serve with basmati rice, salad & you have yourself filling, healthy yummy meal!
You’ll Need:
– ½ cup minced parsley
– ½ cup of dill
– ½ cup chopped scallions
– 1.5 pounds of salmon
– 2 tbsp lemon juice
– ¼ cup olive oil
– ¼ cup dry white wine
– S + P
1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
2. Place salmon in a roasting dish and generously add salt and pepper to each side
3. Add lemon juice and drizzle olive oil
4. Let sit for 15 minutes
5. Dress both sides with herbs
6. Add dry white wine, then roast for 10-12 minutes
7. Cover tightly with foil, let sit for 10 minutes
8. Enjoy!


Some ideas for Halloween – the first one is my favorite!
A BABY BIRKIN….. WHAAAATTTT – I can’t afford a real Birkin – but this version is even better!

I already showed you on my post from the 16th of Oct. my sugar skull makeup that I am doing but here is another wonderful idea from +Kandee Johnson (love her) she is transformed into +Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games – see the video

Now some glam additions to any costume…… all sorts of lashes my dears!

Or how about a cool and sexy eye mask?  (not just for Halloween, right?)

I found some at local Theater Shop – +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores – +Charming charlie and +Topshop or you can make your own – Oh yeah +Party City had a great assortment!
What are you giving out this year?  In giving full size candy bars maybe some Hershey bars and mini +Coca-Cola !  Yeah baby “go big or go home!” LOL  I am gonna hit up my local +CVS/pharmacy with these coupons – Hershey’s-coupons also may reach out to the company directly for $$$$ 
Gonna run – Monday and tons to do this week.  Really helping me staying organized with linking my Gmail calendar to my phone etc… for reminders – check out FB later today to see the winner I choose this past Friday the 24th of the “SELFIE SNAP”  giveaway! 

Loving Right Now

Came across these sites, people, photo’s etc and am in love – and mad crushing over!  Thanks to all of you who inspire me everyday!  Ok here are a few things on my radar.

WENDY CONCANNON: Here photography and these ACRYLIC FRAMES – so many choices need something for home and @trrestaurant

Next we have the wonderful blogger who’s photography tips just made my day – just ordered the manifesto tripod you will see below and info on the link HERE +Pizzazzerie . Such clear information – really appreciate it and the pictures and DIY are great!

Now Courtney’s blog took me to – +Bridget Edwards new book and I will be using this for Mike’s big 50th B-day this December!

Bridget Edwards shares her cookie decorating and baking expertise on her blog, Bake at 350, which was named one of the top five baking blogs by Better Homes and Gardens in 2014 and receives more than 350,000 visitors per month.  In addition to Bake at 350, Bridget runs a blog called University of Cookie that features video tutorials on cookie decorating.  Bridget’s cookies have been featured on MarthaStewart.comPioneer WomanBonAppetitit.comCake Spy, and in Woman’s Worldmagazine. Follow her on twitter at @bakeat350tweets  – see all this inspiration!  Truly wonderful!
Next on my list is:  Kate Sommervile – 
I attend the +Neiman Marcus beauty trend show this past weekend.  (Lots of fun) and I was happily re-introduced to a good ol’friend of mine – EXFOLIKATE – BY KATE SOMERVILLE – if you haven’t tried this you are missing out.  It’s truly a wonder and don’t know why I didn’t replace mine sooner.  She also has expanded her line of products to include several anti aging creams & a oxygen serum – which I need ASAP!  I didn’t win the gift basket (never lucky that way) by my new friend Arienne did.  It was filled with all the new goodies Kate’s line is offering.  Be sure to stop by a counter and get your sample.  You can thank me later!  Will come in handy as we roll into the Holiday Season.
Also here are some of my absolute favorites as far as makeup goes….
Urban Decay Eyeshadow/liner Primer – game changer
YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Is A Dream
Loreal True Match used for contouring 

Well gang this is all for now – remember to comment on my posts and all social media platforms – I will be picking a “Selfie Snap” winner this Friday!  Good Luck to you and thanks for all the support and follows – It’s been really fun and rewarding meeting so many great people!


Travel Apps & Products Must Have’s I Love!

Hello Monday,
Our recent trip to Jamaica was sidetracked – Waaaahhhhh.  Got to the airport early all packed and ready… hat, sunscreen, tiny bikini check.  Passport EXPIRED!!!!!  What the…. after few hours of scrambling and searching for another trip we just went home.  Someone didn’t want us flying that day.  So we rolled with it – got pedicures at a salon near home – went to the movies (Gone girl) and got back to business.  Actually we got a lot done. (The Tasting Room one of our Restaurant’s will be remodeled in Jan. so lots of details to go over) But I did discover …….. a quick way to get my passport. 

Rush My  

For additional $170 ($99 + fee’s and FedEx 2 ways) I will have my passport in 8 – 10 days.  I followed all the directions and am now awaiting their Fed-ex to send my new photo, old passport book and completed government forms.  I will keep you posted.  It may seem a little extravagant to some but I couldn’t get appointment anytime soon at our local office and always a LONG… recording.  So what the heck lets go for it!  
In the meantime I have found some great travel products and apps so I will be more than ready to fly anywhere around the world!

UrgentRx Fast Powders

Headache + airplane + middle seat = worst. Instead of loading up on Tylenol, pack a credit-card-sized pouch of UrgentRx Fast Powder. Each individual packet contains fruity-flavored medicine powder (for ailments including headaches, heartburn and allergies) that dissolves on your tongue and works faster than conventional meds.

Inflight Reader App

Lugging around a bunch of magazines is so old-school. The free Inflight Reader app allows you to tote an unlimited supply of reading material right on your tablet or phone. All you have to do is open the app at one of 500 domestic airports (and 30 international ones), and you’ll be able to instantly download oodles of magazines before your flight, totally for free. You’ll then have 24 hours to read said magazines before they disappear from your device.

Colgate Wisp

Catching the red-eye? Address that morning breath without schlepping to the teeny airplane bathroom by packing a Colgate Wisp. Each disposable mini toothbrush has a built-in bead of toothpaste, so you can brush anywhere–no water necessary. 

Goggle Translate

Pretty Self explanatory – View translations easily as you browse the web. I don’t recommend using as your only way to communicate but can sure help in tough spots – Also I love to learn/say “thank you” in many languages.  It surprises most and I find they really appreciate it and help with my botched pronunciation.  This app was created and maintained by the Google Translate team.  

Selfie Snap by DCI –  dci
Cutest thing I found in awhile – $24.99 from +Paper Source  does just what it says – download the app / open and now your phone / iPad camera can be used remotely – gonna break this bad boy out today with my lunch date with Hallie of +Relish Decor and +Treaty General Store 

Also check out “how to pack for city trip” youtube video I found on the Rachel Zoe channel the +The Zoe Report  


Friday Night Dinner Party…..

Good Morning,
TGF – Now who doesn’t know that every great wife should know how to throw an amazing dinner party – right?  Ok sounds a little old fashioned but I do love all the etiquette, place settings, dinnerware, choosing the playlist, dressing up etc. for hosting company in my home.  We have not done it often in our new home so It’s a lot of fun for me.  Give me an excuse to add to the accessories in the house (like I need an excuse).

every “great wife” my foot!

I came across this book to help me organize parties big and small – save mementos – add photos – really savor the whole experience of Entertaining.  I ordered my copy tonight in hopes of having it before “Holiday Season” really kicks off.  

You can organize all your best planning ideas in this entertaining book. Record 77 menus and seating plans plus sections for large parties, guest records, favorite caterers, florists and other helpful resources. Personalization available, $97.00. – See more at: Entertaining Book.  They also have lots of other engravable binders, books, travel accessories that I am lusting over right now!

I am looking through my many “Martha Stewart” books as well as a vintage Emily Post book my favorite sister inlay Michele got me a few years back.  However todays little get together was sprung on my with less than 24hrs notice…. but it should fun.  My other sister in-law Andrea, her husband Todd and our good friends the Parkers – Dave and Amenia who are in town from India for a few weeks will be our guests tonight.  They have not seen our new home.  So I am gonna go candle & flower crazy! I will light candles over the fireplace, up the stairs, dining room table, everywerhe I can.  I love the glow it puts in a room and everyone looks more beautiful by candle light don’t you think?  Not sure what I will wear yet?  Maybe hair up – big ear rings – mini skirt and button up blouse…?

The Menu will consist of a cheese board (@Relish here I come for the cheese papers & markers) NY strip steaks and salmon (that I get to pillage from our restaurant walk-in – great perk) – chickpea salad – garden salad – wine/ cocktails for the guests and maybe a cuccumber “mocktail” for me.  Keeping my health and #30dayworkoutchallenge in mind (day29) plus @ Neiman’s beauty event tomorrow a.m. with my friend Egle and need to be well rested and fresh – lots of “selfies” I foresee. 

Thanks for stopping by,

I think this is what I’m doing for Halloween – Sugar Skull Makeup

Happy October Everyone,

I love Fall, the change of seasons and I love Halloween!  The dressing up, the decorating, and all the candy of course….  Even though the kids are out of the house I still dress up and love it!  We are in a new neighborhood now and not too many kids – wondering how many trick or treaters Im gonna get this year.  I also decided to give out mini cokes along with one specific candy bar – maybe snickers…. YUM!  A neighbor did that one year and it was great!  I mean you get thirsty walking and eating all that chocolate right?  My costume this year is going to be celebrating the “day of the dead” I found this sugar skull tutorial and love this idea for me this year.  Kindda scary and pretty at the same time. Gosh I love Youtube! I learn so much – how to use my camera – how to change batteries in my Bose headphones – what to make for dinner…..on & on

It also got me researching the Spanish Holiday Day of the Dead.  At first glance, the Mexican custom of the Día de Muertos — the Day of the Dead — may sound much like the U.S. custom of Halloween. After all, the celebration traditionally starts at midnight the night of Oct. 31, and the festivities are abundant in images related to death.

But the customs have different origins, and their attitudes toward death are different: In the typical Halloween festivities, death is something to be feared. But in the Día de Muertos, death — or at least the memories of those who have died — is something to be celebrated.  
The Día de Muertos, which continues until Nov. 2, has become one of the biggest holidays in Mexico, and celebrations are becoming more common in areas of the United States with a large Hispanic population. Its origins are distinctly Mexican: During the time of the Aztecs, a monthlong summer celebration was overseen by the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead. After the Aztecs were conquered by Spain and Catholicism became the dominant religion, the customs became intertwined with the Christian commemoration of All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1.
Specifics of the celebration vary with region, but one of the most common customs is the making of elaborate altars to welcome departed spirits home. Vigils are held, and families often go to cemeteries to fix up the graves of their departed relatives. Festivities also frequently include traditional foods such as pan de muerto (bread of the dead), which can conceal a miniature skeleton.  I have heard that it is a day you get to act like your dearly departed is still with you – talking to them – cooking there favorite foods etc.  I unfortunately lost my mom several years ago being an only child this has left a really big hole in my heart so this is a great concept to me.  Carole, my mom was a huge fan of Halloween, dressing up, food and parties.  So I may take on this custom myself.  Not in any way trying to be disrespectful but what a great way to have fun and remember those who have passed.  

Thanks for stopping by,

Soups On…… This Rainy Wednesday

I found this recipe and wanted to share it with you.  We are having a downpour here today so huddled up here at home and I am cooking.  A lot of you have enjoyed my healthy soup recipes so I wanted to share another with you.  Mostly I create soups myself or with my Mike (chef/husband) however I found this one on Food 52 it is fast healthy and DLISH!  I mean look at that beautiful green color.  Try it and let me know what you think.  Also want to know what healthy soups you are making…….

Anna Thomas’ Green Soup

Serves 4 to 6
1 bunch chard or spinach
1 bunch kale
4 to 5 green onions, sliced, white and green parts
1/2 cup loosely packed cilantro
1 teaspoon sea salt, plus more to taste
1 medium Yukon Gold potato
1 medium yellow onion
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
Marsala or dry sherry (optional)
1 to 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 1/2 to 3 cups vegetable broth
Freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, plus more to taste
It’s also Day 27 of my #30dayworkoutchallenge – I have not lost weight ( rarely weigh myself – go by how my clothes fit) but I really have begun to tone up.  Also, cardio soooo much better!  My mood has really improved during the afternoons as well.  Not having that afternoon slump as much.  Plus sleeping like a baby!  I seriously went to bed last night at 9pm  (haven’t done that since middle school)!  LOL Feeling great – No makeup and that is good o’l sweat you see!


Things To Do In Fredreick Maryland This October

I  just love my hometown – so close to DC & Baltimore and tons of great things right in my backyard.    Even if you just want to wander the streets do a little shopping Relish Decor is a must as well as the chic Silk and Burlap or grab a bite to eat at Black Hog BBQ  or almost famous Zagat Rated – Best of Frederick TASTING ROOM there is just tons to choose from.  #cheers #ilovefrederickmaryland!

Fall is a very active fun time @downtownfrederick so many great things to do.  Below is just a little of what we are doing right now.

  • Downtown Cooking School
  • October 2014

  • Sponsor:
  • Plamondon Hospitality
Join then for hands on classes at Downtown Restaurants. Special how-to’s, tips & tricks from restaurant pros, and learn to make Downtown Frederick’s favorite dishes.

click here for info on Downtown cooking school

Walkersville Train Ride Located just northwest of Frederick in Walkersville, MD, the historic railroad offers a variety of excursion rides including mystery dinner trains, Jesse James Day, special events, and private charters. The Santa Train is especially popular during the holiday season!

The Frederick City Market

Sunday, October 19, 2014 • 9:00 AM 1:00 PM

Parking lot of the old Carmack Jay 

North Market Street between 3rd and 4th Street, Frederick, MD 21701.  We are downtown Frederick’s farmers’ market featuring local food and local music. 
Tour a Local Winery – over 6 local wineries to choose from Frederick Wine has all the info! Cheers

One of my favorite venues around the Weinberg Center   click link to the left to see full schedule – Jan Fonda in Jan.  Kevin James (king of Queens here Friday night!) Im in!

SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody 

  • Sunday, October 19, 2014 • 7:00 PM 10:00 PM
  • Weinberg Center for the Arts 
  • 20 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody is the hilarious new comedy that brings all the naughty fun of the best-selling book to life. Your inner goddess will be laughing out loud with this clever re-imagining of the characters as they come alive with hysterical comedy, musical numbers, steamy performances from the leading hunk in the grey tie, plus lots of surprises!  Learn more at

Corn Maze – Hay Rides – Ist Saturdays – Carroll Creek we have it all!  Great family day or perfect “date city”  I also love our pumpin patches so don’t leave town with out your apple cider and pumpkin for the front porch!

Check out website for the Downtown Frederick Partnership to get more info or stop by our lovely Vistor Center to get maps – coupons – event schedules!  That’s my front porch and pumpkins from Gaver Farm – just off 144.

Thanks for stopping by,

Street Style Fall 2014 – Grab Some New Kicks

Good Tuesday Morning!

Im thinking of trading in heels for this season’s more casual
footwear.  Not everyday and it surely doesn’t mean admitting defeat… but try it out and grab hold of the fall trend for young and not as young and pair a
statement dress, skirt or skinny’s with some simple kicks for a bold, fresh modern look!  We may not be “forever 21” but forever keeping up – that’s for sure!  
Find here Love these! anything to give me a few more inches – LOL
find here slip on platform sneakers pair w/skinny’s & Moto jacket????
maybe these by Tory Burch not sure how I feel about the colors……..
add a scarf – cute bag – shades – maybe a hat and “voila”!!!! Street Chic.  
I mean if SJP does it so can we!
Go out there today and do something that makes YOU happy!  Thanks for stopping by,
completed Day 26 of #30dayworkoutchallenge!  6mile bike ride

How to take care of your hands between manicures….

Getting ready for a quick little trip and some R&R – sunshine and reconnecting with the husband.  Tons going on past few months need to regroup.  Especially before we are in full HOLIDAY MODE.  I am off to get a gel manicure before our trip (saving “pedi” for the resort – we like to do that together).  I am really fond of the gel manicure since I am pretty rough on my hands the polish really does last!  However what do you do between manicures to keep your hands & nails in tip top shape.  Below are some helpful tips – look for a my favorite classic colors as well as new ones I’m trying this fall.

  1. The key here is moisturizer:  apply once a day, right before bed.  Look for hand creams with vitamin E—or, even better, opt for natural oils. I find that sunflower-seed oil and olive oil, both chock-full of vitamin E, work better than anything off the shelf.
  2. After moisturizing, push your cuticles back. You’re just trying to maintain a rounded nail bed, so don’t worry about finding any fancy tools. You could use an orange stick or even your fingernails.
  3. For rough hands:  Roughness results from dryness. Gloves help with this in winter by blocking the cold, but for year-round hydration, give your hands a bath. Submerge them in a soak for up to 20 minutes before you put on your nightly lotion. You can put salt in the water, but the right temperature is more important: warm, but not boiling hot.
  4. Give yourself an at-home manicure:  Start by clipping your nails into roughly the shape you like, then finish it with filing. (For weak nails, file from the edges toward the nail’s center—it’s slower but healthier.) Next, buff your nails. It smooths the surface and helps your polish go on evenly.  Also consider how long it’s been since your last manicure. Nails need fresh air and sunlight just like any living thing, and polish acts as an artificial barrier, blocking out the natural world. I recommend week long color breaks between manicures.  
  5. For weak nails or other issues:  An unhealthy lifestyle manifests itself all over the body, including on your hands. So don’t ignore conventional wisdom: get plenty of sleep, and eat a balanced diet, one that’s rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium! Now get out there and raise your hands!  

Some of my go to colors are: From Essie lollipop, madison ave-hue, east hampton cottage.  From OPI Mrs. Oleary’s BBQ,  My First Knockwurst.  I start with “nailtek” foundation 1 for filling ridges and base coat and finish with Super Shine Top coat.  This YSL #23 is on my list for Fall…..or a comparable moderately priced version.

Enjoy everyone!  HUGS

Thanks for stopping by,
BTW – Day 23 of #30dayworkoutchallenge!  Whooa!

Lovely Fall Afternoon – Hot Tea, Pinterest and Polyvore

What a lovely day it has been today.  My husband went out of town for a few days so I have the house to myself.  Oooooo which is so nice once in awhile.  I completed day 20 of my #30dayworkoutchallenge.  Than worked on refinishing my metal file cabinet (using steel wool than need to clean it and will spray a high gloss white) window shopped along Market St.  Than sat in my lovely bright new dining room and sipped on some tea and lazily searched through Pinterst and created pages on Polyvore.  Life is good!

I am making some Greek Salad to take over to my mother in-law (Angela) for dinner tonight.  I received a lovely invitation today from her and the salad is my contribution.  I can always count on Angela to have a very healthy dinner – so I will stay on track.  On the menu is roasted chicken, roasted root veggies and my salad.   Like I have said many times lately I am loving Mediterranean foods.  I omit the feta cheese most times these days and especially tonight,  Angela can’t stomach very much cheese – here are the basic ingredients I used.  Mike showed me the basic recipe awhile ago – a little secret he told me to add a pinch of sugar – yes sugar – makes subtle difference – remember just a pinch – maybe 1/8 teaspoon.

Than I have a mustard detox bath planned.  I am a big fan of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath it has this lovely eucalyptus wintergreen scent that perfumes the whole bathroom…. ahhhhh so relaxing.

It relieves sore muscles & stress.  Than into my big comfy bed with robe a cherry Italian ice and a good book  #lifeisgood!

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