How to take care of your hands between manicures….

Getting ready for a quick little trip and some R&R – sunshine and reconnecting with the husband.  Tons going on past few months need to regroup.  Especially before we are in full HOLIDAY MODE.  I am off to get a gel manicure before our trip (saving “pedi” for the resort – we like to do that together).  I am really fond of the gel manicure since I am pretty rough on my hands the polish really does last!  However what do you do between manicures to keep your hands & nails in tip top shape.  Below are some helpful tips – look for a my favorite classic colors as well as new ones I’m trying this fall.

  1. The key here is moisturizer:  apply once a day, right before bed.  Look for hand creams with vitamin E—or, even better, opt for natural oils. I find that sunflower-seed oil and olive oil, both chock-full of vitamin E, work better than anything off the shelf.
  2. After moisturizing, push your cuticles back. You’re just trying to maintain a rounded nail bed, so don’t worry about finding any fancy tools. You could use an orange stick or even your fingernails.
  3. For rough hands:  Roughness results from dryness. Gloves help with this in winter by blocking the cold, but for year-round hydration, give your hands a bath. Submerge them in a soak for up to 20 minutes before you put on your nightly lotion. You can put salt in the water, but the right temperature is more important: warm, but not boiling hot.
  4. Give yourself an at-home manicure:  Start by clipping your nails into roughly the shape you like, then finish it with filing. (For weak nails, file from the edges toward the nail’s center—it’s slower but healthier.) Next, buff your nails. It smooths the surface and helps your polish go on evenly.  Also consider how long it’s been since your last manicure. Nails need fresh air and sunlight just like any living thing, and polish acts as an artificial barrier, blocking out the natural world. I recommend week long color breaks between manicures.  
  5. For weak nails or other issues:  An unhealthy lifestyle manifests itself all over the body, including on your hands. So don’t ignore conventional wisdom: get plenty of sleep, and eat a balanced diet, one that’s rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium! Now get out there and raise your hands!  

Some of my go to colors are: From Essie lollipop, madison ave-hue, east hampton cottage.  From OPI Mrs. Oleary’s BBQ,  My First Knockwurst.  I start with “nailtek” foundation 1 for filling ridges and base coat and finish with Super Shine Top coat.  This YSL #23 is on my list for Fall…..or a comparable moderately priced version.

Enjoy everyone!  HUGS

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BTW – Day 23 of #30dayworkoutchallenge!  Whooa!

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