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Hello Monday,
Our recent trip to Jamaica was sidetracked – Waaaahhhhh.  Got to the airport early all packed and ready… hat, sunscreen, tiny bikini check.  Passport EXPIRED!!!!!  What the…. after few hours of scrambling and searching for another trip we just went home.  Someone didn’t want us flying that day.  So we rolled with it – got pedicures at a salon near home – went to the movies (Gone girl) and got back to business.  Actually we got a lot done. (The Tasting Room one of our Restaurant’s will be remodeled in Jan. so lots of details to go over) But I did discover …….. a quick way to get my passport. 

Rush My  

For additional $170 ($99 + fee’s and FedEx 2 ways) I will have my passport in 8 – 10 days.  I followed all the directions and am now awaiting their Fed-ex to send my new photo, old passport book and completed government forms.  I will keep you posted.  It may seem a little extravagant to some but I couldn’t get appointment anytime soon at our local office and always a LONG… recording.  So what the heck lets go for it!  
In the meantime I have found some great travel products and apps so I will be more than ready to fly anywhere around the world!

UrgentRx Fast Powders

Headache + airplane + middle seat = worst. Instead of loading up on Tylenol, pack a credit-card-sized pouch of UrgentRx Fast Powder. Each individual packet contains fruity-flavored medicine powder (for ailments including headaches, heartburn and allergies) that dissolves on your tongue and works faster than conventional meds.

Inflight Reader App

Lugging around a bunch of magazines is so old-school. The free Inflight Reader app allows you to tote an unlimited supply of reading material right on your tablet or phone. All you have to do is open the app at one of 500 domestic airports (and 30 international ones), and you’ll be able to instantly download oodles of magazines before your flight, totally for free. You’ll then have 24 hours to read said magazines before they disappear from your device.

Colgate Wisp

Catching the red-eye? Address that morning breath without schlepping to the teeny airplane bathroom by packing a Colgate Wisp. Each disposable mini toothbrush has a built-in bead of toothpaste, so you can brush anywhere–no water necessary. 

Goggle Translate

Pretty Self explanatory – View translations easily as you browse the web. I don’t recommend using as your only way to communicate but can sure help in tough spots – Also I love to learn/say “thank you” in many languages.  It surprises most and I find they really appreciate it and help with my botched pronunciation.  This app was created and maintained by the Google Translate team.  

Selfie Snap by DCI –  dci
Cutest thing I found in awhile – $24.99 from +Paper Source  does just what it says – download the app / open and now your phone / iPad camera can be used remotely – gonna break this bad boy out today with my lunch date with Hallie of +Relish Decor and +Treaty General Store 

Also check out “how to pack for city trip” youtube video I found on the Rachel Zoe channel the +The Zoe Report  


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