Gearing Up For Mike’s 50th B-day Party

So I have a little over 3 weeks before Mike tuns 50 and I was able to finally lock him down (only took a year) as to what we would do.  (BTW – my bday, my daughters bday and thanksgiving all before this event…..)  We are going to have about 30 people here at the house for hors d’oeurve’s – cocktails – mocktails – possibly with some kind of “Roast“.  Than later that weekend – small family party at his mom’s house – than topping it off with a fishing trip for Mike and his buddies – not too shabby MR.T!

For the party I am going to go with subtle 70’s theme.

He loves the music from the 70’s and we will be dressing with a little nod to that era.  ( just a little) I am looking online now for a velour track suit for him to wear in Navy or dark brown.  That says 70’s Italian right?  “Forget about it!” We are trying to locate his white gold necklace I bought years ago a little snug now & expand it.  Thinking I will try and add links to top the look off.  Ooooo Pinky ring – will hit pawn shop for that little gem.

However it’s been a little hectic planning this with our people due to the time of year, but it will all come together Im sure.

So on my agenda today
1.  emailing/txt/calling with save the date info.
2.  Working on the invitations (handmade by yours truly) from things I purchased at +Paper Source
3.  Arranging the hanging & installation of new light fixture + dimmers everywhere
4.  Talking to staff for that night  (Julie and our Exec. Chef Daniel from TR)
5.  Tee Shirts Made up for Staff
5.  Creating music playlist
6.  Hunting for accessories for the house (vases, side tables hanging some pictures).
7.  Getting the Bar set up.
8.  Starting video birthday journal for Mike – shhhhhhhhhhh (using my new +GoPro )
So I thought this would be a good time to share these great things I have stubbled across…..

How To: Style A Vintage Bar
I can’t hide my love for a good bar setup: we go absolutely nuts for good, old fashioned, vintage-inspired bar carts and barware–and love pairing them with a well thought-out cocktail menu. Your place need not be a Draper-style penthouse to host a classy bar: a simple bar cart doesn’t take up much space and is an essential for any festive home or apartment. Here I bring you our 3 easy steps to outfitting your bar, and a recipe or two to celebrate the finished look with! 

urablankslate, loritauraso, lori tauraso, Frederick, downtownfrederick
Remember different cocktails and beverages call for different glasses: stock your setup with the right kid of glassware for the drinks you specialize in serving. I hit +HomeGoods on a regular basis and my favorite local stop +Relish Decor to get perfect glassware.  If you have a good relationship with the store talk to them about your plans and wish list.  If you don’t have one – get one!  Remember have FUN with this – IT’S A PARTY!
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A good bar isn’t complete without the proper accoutrements: ice buckets, cocktail stirrers, and tea towels and of course add some flowers.  These are all fun and functional accessories to complement your cart. 
bar, decor, party, entertaining, blank slate, lori tauraso
I am trying to come up with a signature cocktail for the party – any thoughts send them my way.  
This should keep me busy don’t ya think…..
Oh yeah – throw a work out, shopping, computer class, update social media platforms for business I take care of + creating new business cards….
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