My Second Round Of A #30dayworkoutchallenge – getting off to slow start…….

Ok – So it’s Novemeber 4th and I am on day 3 of my 2nd round of a #30dayworkoutchallenge.  Trying to “amp it up” this time.  Yet I don’t have the same “mojo” as before.  Maybe I should’ve really bought myself those shoes after I completed the first one but I felt like it was sooo much.  I couldn’t pull the trigger on $1K for shoes.  Anyway, I digress….. here are some of the talks I have with myself when getting up and trying to make myself workout.  It is a constant battle.   Here is a  peak inside & the battle in my mind……

In my dark, quiet bedroom my iPhone alarm disturbs the peace.  I fumble for phone and squint in disbelief at the time.
1. Seriously? I swear I just went to bed.
2. Five more minutes. Okay, 10. I’ll get dressed fast…
Hits snooze. Cue snoring. Jump 10 minutes into the future.
3. Shut UP, Phone!  I have GOT to change my alarm sound.  I want Antonio Banderas voice waking me up from now on…..
Turns over lost in covers
4. Maybe I can skip today. I went yesterday.
5. You’ll regret it. Just get up.
6. But I went yesterday…
7. Yeah, you should sleep. Sleep makes you skinny. 

I Defiantly snuggle deeper under the covers.
9. When did my bed get so comfortable?  
10. When else are you going to do it Lori?
11. Ugh, fine. I’m up. There’s no falling back to sleep now anyway.
Cue alarm
12. Damn it, Phone! I said I’m getting up.
I Finally get out of bed.
13. The SUN isn’t even out yet.
14. Coffee… must get coffee…
I Fumble through closet.
15. Does this even match? Whatever, at least I’m going. 

16. Thank GOD for caffeine.
Still half outta it from melatonin, workout begins.
17. This sucks. Why am I doing this?
18. Okay, just go slow. Better than nothing! (this is my catch phase…like it?)
Halfway through the workout
19. Ah, yes, finally: Endorphins!
20. This song rocks—totally going to Spotify it.
Workout ends
21. I’m awesome!
22. Life is great!
23. I love everyone!
24. So glad I didn’t stay in bed!
25.Oh Man … did I really wear that?

So gang – this is my daily conversation in my head – if you see me out and about talking to no one don’t be scared I’m fine – just probably trying to talk myself into or out of something…..

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