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Well gang I am really gonna try and do this cleanse – I tried a few years ago and it was an epic fail.  This time I am doing the “elimination diet” first to ease into it umm….like they say to do)  – and I just ordered my kit and will follow it to the T for 21 days….. come along with me as I go through the up’s and downs – especially my sugar withdrawal – the tremendous digestive changes that are to come from this etc.. and come out on the other side hopefully feeling fantastic.  If you haven’t heard of CLEAN check out the links below and I’d love some company doing this – will be posting on my blog, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  My husband Mike (a chef) is really helping me.  Last night for dinner I had all things from the “can have” side of the list.  (posted the details on FB and Instagram see links on the side bar) and it was Fantastic & Delicious!  I made the soup and chickpea salad – he made the lamb with Asian spices and the green leafy salad.

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In just the past few days that I have begun to make subtle changes my tummy already feels better!
FYI – The Clean 21 day Kit cost $425 sounds like a lot but works out to being less than $20 bucks a day!!!!!!  So worth it for your health don’t ya think……

Next watch this video for some detailed explanations – tons more videos on YouTube – some of the older videos of Dr. Junger are so great – gotta admit have a little crush on him – the accent and earlier videos had his dress shirt on – unbuttoned a wee bit (very European – LOL)  LOVE – anywho…..

Stay tuned will be posting my own video clips – food recipe’s – shopping – progress etc…. I am so excited.  Mike said for me to think of “what I can have” instead of “what I can’t”  good advice babe!  He does surprise me sometimes – even if he was cooking for me while eating pasta and smoking and having ice cream last night – OH WELL sometimes it’s do as I say – not as I do right?  Besides this is about me and my health and the changes I’ve wanted to make for years!
So follow along with me for this adventure all while I will still be doing my decor posts, shopping, makeup etc….  TR restaurant re-model updates, Black Hog videos’s, newsletters, interviews & posts on following sites.
Order your clean kit here –  I get nothing from this just wanting to share with my friends & loved ones!



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  1. Rock says

    shared a few of my frugal clothing finds in the past and since my friend, Jen is have a Frugal Fasothnisia party this Friday, I thought I’d pull a couple of pics out of my archives and join in the fun.Â

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