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I’m using my Dragon Dictate  to write my blog today!  It is my first post using it and it’s great.   You speak & it recognizes your voice and speech patterns.   It took me only 10 minutes to download & set it up.  Than “Viola” here I am.!  It’s not without a few little quirks – like you have to say “period” at the end of your sentence, new paragraph and so words are not capitalized but I think it learns your voice patterns – tempo as you go along.   It’s not perfect yet but it’s pretty darn cool and I think it will get better over time.  It is forcing me to speak a little bit more precisely and slowly so that’s not a bad thing.

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Pretty cool addition to my gadgets

Any who – to follow up to my last post – here is the exfoliation tip I mentioned that you can do for pennies!  You will dampen your face with warm water (I like to do this in the bath before bed – that way not so messy ) & mix some sugar in the raw with your liquid  face soap.  I of course use my trusted Clinique.   You don’t want to scrub terribly hard but it will dissolve and warm-up with the water & soap.  This so flipping fantastic – I even go right around my eyes.   Than follow with your toner and moisturizer.  Also, because it’s natural there’s no real harmful chemical reaction – however if you are extremely sensitive try it on your décolletage and the backs of your hands just to make sure it doesn’t bother your skin.  I will tell you – you will love me and your face will be smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom.  Even better all your skin care products will penetrate deeper and be more effective.  Try it out and be sure to comment & let me know.

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Next addressing the property I mentioned last week – we just got back from the beach this weekend.  We wanted to really took a look at the bay side property.  It’s so pretty & peaceful we really love it.  However the Airstream idea is out…..too much of a project for me to personally undertake so were looking at Flagstaff and Rockwood RV homes!  Mike is still in shock that I like them and came up with the idea.  Listen people I have been shocked – they are so nice, wide screen TVs, a fireplace, 2 La-Z-Boy chairs, real dining room table – kitchen island and Serta bed!  I have been so pleasantly surprised.  

The plan now is to get one of those use that for two years have the ability to take it on trips maybe with the kids & go fishing at a different locations or camping on the beach and then…….. To build and design my ECO friendly cargo type home.   I have had this idea and plans saved in my inspiration book for years.  There are so many types of energy efficient streamlined homes but these are a few I really like and since we will have the trailer there is no rush to build and I can really take my time to design what I want and how I want it!!!! YEAH!!!!  Look at this example from Idea Box…

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eco homes, building, beach home, shopping, dmv, nova, frederick maryland, lori tauraso, blank slate, urablankslate, cargo design,

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Something like this with electric -plumbing -cabinets – stainless steel appliances etc. starts at a reasonable price – under 100K.   Then of course you can ad on.  I like to have a large deck and one on the roof to for sunbathing as well and looking at the water.  A outdoor fire pit – and off to the side of the master a glass front enclosed bath/soaking tub to watch the sun come up or go down (not sure) and see the starts while I have my hot baths……  how fantastic will that be…. maybe a bath like this facing the water.
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so that’s the plan right now – we will see if they accept our offer on the lot but my mind is already spinning with cool ideas.  

I have to run everyone and scout out a new BBQ restaurant location, prepare for a meeting & also work on my photography.  I have a photo shoot scheduled at the restaurant later this week – gonna take a video as well.  I think of the bartender making a cocktail.  I’ll be using my GoPro – maybe a shot in slow motion with the drink  pouring over the sides…. we will see – so be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/TRRestaurant?ref=hl and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Hog-BBQ-Bar/145092038850130?ref=hl to see all my updates – we are on twitter, instagram and Youtube as well.   All the usual suspects – I’m feeling grateful and happy this is all pretty fun!  I love to use my creativity in different ways – so stay tuned.  

Happy Monday everyone – remember “Your Amazing” and there is nothing you can’t do!


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