Ideas To Keep Your Space Neat For The Most Productive Of Workdays

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Nothing is better than a home that’s easy to navigate with belongings that are even easier to find. Don’t forget about your office, too—there are plenty of ways to keep your space neat for the most productive of workdays. Check out all of our resolutions for systemization, and get to organizing!
1. Throw away / giveaway extra things you don’t need.  Decide to set aside a basket or box and fill things you don’t use.  Choose a drawer each morning before for you get going and look through, clean and edit.  empty your box on Thursday or at least 1x a week. 
2. Create a goal list.
Keep yourself on track with our rotating goal list. You can easily change and update your goals with Post-its for an up-to-date board.  Share with a friend / partner or spouse.  Helps to keep you accountable.
3. Organize your closet.
All it takes is three simple steps to get your closet in tip-top shape.  Set out what you will wear for the week – color coordinate and get all the same size/style of hangers – facing the same way
4. Specify a daily junk basket.
Putting a basket in your home where you can throw items that you would otherwise scatter all over the house is a great way to keep your home or office feeling clutter free.
5. Make assignment lists for everyone.
If you live with multiples people—be it kids, significant others, or roommates—make sure you create weekly assignment lists so that everyone can play their part in keeping your home orderly.  Plus don’t you love it when your list is complete? Ck Ck
6. Craft a pegboard.
This geometric pegboard is a no-brainer that can be put together in an hour, tops. It’s a stylish way to keep small items in their place.
7. Install bars on bathroom doors.
Nobody likes damp towels lying all over the bathroom. Install some sleek bars on the back of your door so you have a place to hang towels without taking up space on your walls.
8. Place dividers in your drawers.
You can buy plastic dividers at stores like +The Container Store , or you can even cut up old cardboard boxes to create sectioned-off spaces in your desk, kitchen, or bathroom.
9. Print out a free calendar.
One of the most obvious tasks that people always forget is to get a calendar for the New Year. Luckily, their are tons of free printable calendars you can get a hold of right now! Just +Google+  it and Presto…..
10. Make mason jar organizers.
DIY mason jar organizers will keep your kitchen/desk/pantry in order as well as looking cute. ( add stickers or stamps or one of my fav’s chalk board paint )
11. Organize your pantry by food group.  (thanks mom-mom / my grandmother Evelyn was famous for this – even alphabetizing them…. Im not that into it but one can strive for it…..You will be able to quickly grab whatever you need.
12. Paint your keys with nail polish.
Color-code your keys by painting them with nail polish so that you can easily tell which key goes to what.
13. Use ice cube trays as organizers.
Bet you never thought of this one—ice cube trays are ideal for organizing small items like earrings, sewing materials, or office supplies.
14. Use washi tape on your planner.
Color-code you life by utilizing washi tape. It will stand out better than highlighters.
15. Make an emergency drawer in your desk at work.
Setting aside a space where you can grab items for any possible disaster will put you at ease and leave you feeling prepared.  (tampon’s – $25 bucks cash – lint remover – lipstick that can be blush & eyeshadow as well – fashion tape – duplicates of house/car keys – contact numbers if you lose your phone – ponytail holder – fancy earrings ) 
16. Create these fabric-covered bulletin boards.
You can place bulletin boards all over the house for easy access to papers, documents, and schedules.

#TGIF – Enjoy every minute of your weekend!  Tell someone that you love how much they mean to you…. better yet write it out – get specific & make sure they receive it!  

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