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Portland, Maine Was FANTASTIC!!!!!

My first trip to Maine was just what I had wanted – full on Fall foliage – chilly but not too so.  Just at the end of the season – so not too crowded.   My new gloves, ski hat & Pea coat were just enough.  (BTW – tried on about 5 new pea coats and ended up getting a decent Black one with removable hood from Walmart on $39.99 that’s right – better than the one from Banana Republic and 1/6 price of LL Bean.  I can’t really compare to the beautiful one from Burberry – $1600) 

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Mike and I stayed at the Westin Portland Harbourview   what a lovely hotel – great staff (Dan @ the front desk was wonderful – over and above what we expected)  Close to all the action and they have a shuttle to take you to and from the waterfront and local spots if you don’t wanna walk or move your car.  We flew there – easy as pie.  Only 1hr 20 min from DC.  Small easy airport to navigate and a lobster restaurant in our reach as soon as we landed.  The airport was about 12 min from our hotel and we were off the the races.  Got my camera ready and headed to Kennebunkport for our first taste.  Good but not great – OK Maine….. on to the next.  Gilbert’s Chowder House – getting better and right on the waterfront.  People are laid back and very friendly. Haddock stew was a big thing….  So are clams and this girl loves fried clam strips!  However I was informed I could have those or have REAL fried clams – so not wanting to look like a idiot – I had the REAL fried clams – YUMMMMMMMM & SOLD.  I can never go back to those frozen little pieces of whatever they are again.  

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Portland has a little artsy edge to it.  College right it the heart of town.  Reminds me how I envision Seattle, Washington to be (whenever I get there – HA) but on a smaller scale.  The food scene is pretty hip too.  We found a super seafood joint called Eventide Oyster Co.  this place has some Asian influence (fine with me!) and the Lobster roll is on a non-traditional butter steamed bun – Whhhhaaaattt!!! So flipping good – no words to express! Put on the top of the list – small joint so prepare to wait but DO IT!

eventide oyster co, portland maine, travel, oysters, lobster rool

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Found a New Ramen House as well – Ramen Suzukiya 
all freshly made – its a little cozy joint & Dish!

Next just around corner from out hotel we came across the best hot and flipping’ sour soup, dim sum & soup dumplings at Empire Chinese Kitchen – seriously the best we have ever had!  

Then we took a day trip north to Bailey Island and went to Cooks Lobster this my friends was IT.  They are commercial “lobstermen” – no fooling around no little tanks to gawk at – they just get them right outta the bay and steamed up a fat 2 1/2 lb lobster for us.  Outta this world people!  I found my home!  HAHA.  

Mike & I at Cooks Lobster – this is the claw from the 2 1/2 beast!

Fried clams there as well were perfection – coleslaw yummy and the blueberry pie over the top.  Put it on your bucket list!  Over the years I have developed a slight shellfish allergy which has been getting worse but this trip was worth the hives, itching and slight swelling.  

We headed back home happy & content.  So glad I finally made it up north.  Was just exactly what I expected and wanted.  I think Boston is next on the list for sure for our East Coast Travels….
BTW – Doing a juice cleanse when I get home to recover from the gluttony and “re-set” my tummy digestion – I’m not used to eating like that….” So watch for some great healthy posts!

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Me just outside of President Bush compound Kennebunkport Maine

Cheers! Happy Hump Day!

Fall Links i Love – 75 Yesterday Now A brisk 42 – Fall Is Finiky

Just got back from Portland Maine and trying to regroup – the weather here in the DC, MD area is often finicky this time of year so while I edit pictures and work on my Portland Post – wanted to share some fall links I love – always so much inspiration out there from fellow bloggers – vloggers and youtube “queens” – enjoy and share with me your favorites too!

vogtstories fall-halloween-decor- 

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southern living fall-decorating-ideas Make Custom Candleholders 
southern living, blank slate, urablankslate, lori tauraso, loriannmd, fredreick md, nova, dmv, dc, baltimore, fall 2015, decor, tables decor,

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OK – gotta scoot – working on another Fall display out front of The Tasting Room.  
Off to Home Depot to find cabbage plants and urns…… wish me luck!  


Here’s how it turned out – not too bad 



Now you all know by now I love spa’s services and holistic body, face& mind treatments.  I was all geared up to enjoy The Standard Miami but……. didn’t turn out quite how I expected.  

Flight there & home w/Jetblue– terrific airline my favorite besides Virgin Atlantic – driver from airport was wonderful and helpful .

Arrived at hotel – looked cool from the curb

 It took quite a while to get bellman to help with bags – lobby was cramped and front desk attendant’s were not terribly friendly.  Instead of telling & showing me where spa / pool was (room was not ready)  they just pointed.  Took me forever to finally find room on my own – thanks front desk not marked number from sidewalk/hall

A lot of unkept areas and tripping hazards…….. 

Things were dirty – not at all how looked on the website – the wallpaper heading to the ladies locker room was ripping and carpet tiles were filthy!!!!!  

The whole scene was odd – one floor to check into the spa – sauna front desk – another floor to get a robe and locker room – no spa shoes were given – things so spread out.  The HAMM area was dirty and and towels not replenished often.  Ritual baths there too and take a while to fill so I was told to leave my treatment scrub and robe by bath and use steam – when I came back a couple had emptied my bath and began using it and my scrubs – WTF?  I told them and front desk gave me new scrub set and tried to charge me for 2!  Than it was Co-Ed and I know Miami is Miami but really – seemed a little to “swinger” like to me.  Not holistic spa more like trying to be the “W-HOTEL” ya know?  One goof ball was every where I went doing – yoga stretches and making overly zealous noises – ya know?  

Good note – some of the juices were really good – ginger lemon aide very yummy and good for you!

The avocado toast was my favorite but – anything else they kept putting bell peppers on.  It showed up in everythingeven after I said I was allergic to them – over and over again.  

The in room baths were super and loved that but not a lot of privacy – my next door neighbors were having a good’ol time but I was looking for some quiet & serenity – when that was the case loved my outdoor bath.  

Long and short – I would NOT go back – not the health trip I wanted – not the customer service and not the “heathy” atmosphere I have come to love, need and expect from spas of this caliber and price$$$.  It is close to the South Miami Scene and clubs etc. if that’s your plan – cool.  It’s not on the beach but florida sunshine and the pool was pretty and sunsets were lovely!

 So that’s my thoughts on The Standard Miami – Not so much folks – better off at home steaming and sauna at Spa world and doing my own juices and cleanse!

In Portland, Maine right now and “LOVING IT”  will give you the lowdown this weekend!  

Rose Water – Who Knew

Yeah It’s Friday!

Quick post to showcase another at home beauty treatment on the inexpensive side that I wanted to share and has many wonderful benefits!  Gotta try it and let me know your thoughts – Cheers!

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With all the beauty products I try (and love), it’s hard to believe that some of them are so simple and really just basic ingredients! One of the things that I have used for myself and clients that really has helped keep skin calm is Rose Water!  It’s pretty crazy. but just using a cotton saturated in Rose Water (mixed with water- I use bottled water for this to keep it pure – like I do with my soups – my tap water has God know what in it….) and than using as a toner is incredible!  It soothes your skin and somehow makes it more even.  It also helps fight acne and just calms it overall!  The best part, it’s available at most grocery / health food stores and costs about $5 – $7.
When I first get this Rose Water, I pour half of the contents into another bottle (preferably glass) & mix it with water, which you can use this to tone your skin (I especially love it for backne, and also bumps on your arms). For extra acne fighting, just crack an uncoated aspirin and toss it into the mix and use it at night! You can even put some in a spray bottle and just lightly spray your skin when you leave the shower for clear skin that smells delicious! The uses are literally endless and it is so beautifying, it’s a must for every girl (and guy) to have!

Have a wonderful day all – posting later today RE: travel reviews!  Finally  

Fall Is Here & I Couldn’t Be Happier

Happy Wednesday!

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The foliage – the holidays – bundling up – gloves – hats – cuddling by the fire & walks outside seeing the beautiful leaves changing.

I am so lucky to live in Maryland.  We get the best of it all!  The Beach, Mountains, Washington,DC & Baltimore’s Inner Harbor close by.  We have all Four Seasons – Skiing – Swimming – Hiking – Shopping – History – Parties – Fashion & Great Food!

So in the spirit of Fall, I tried my hand a seasonal flower arrangement this week @ one of our restaurants and think it turned out ok – Mike ( the hubby ) loves it so that was pretty flattering.  I was trying to find something with some longevity / staying power -It’s a pretty large arrangement and a focal point of the corner – so you have to go big or go home – LOL
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trrestaurant, the tasting room, fall 2015, decor, flowers, pumpkins, loriannmd, lori tauraso, decor, shopping, downtown frederick , nova, md, va, baltimore, sass magazine frederick,

Working on the front porch at home today as well – it’s gonna be so nice!  What else is nice is that Mike is outta town for a few days fishing and I get my lovely home to myself – to binge watch Ladies of London – as many bath’s as I want – flowers everywhere and my house will stay neat and clean!  Love ya babe but……  So I’ll post back later with decor updates.  I am also hosting Thanksgiving this year – small only 8 – 10 but I am gearing up – checking on what I have, need & want.  So many great things to do with the table!  

Also, here is a sneak peak at the photo shoot.  I hope the pictures turn out ok – I was so nervous!  
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Save Your Tights From Running Away

Hellllooooo Dahling,

I’ve heard about this trick for several years now – but never tried it and thought how can it work?  Well – Fall is here and that means I’m pulling my tights out.  I love them – the layering – the added texture plus keeping my little legs warm and toasty.  However nice ones are not cheap!  It drives me nuts when they run or get a hole or snag etc….. So I decided to finally try this so called life saver – well kids IT WORKS!!!!!!  I was just absolutely shocked so I just had to pass along this 411 to my peeps!  Tell your wallet Lori says”your welcome”!

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You freeze them.  Yes FREEZE THEM!
Yes, it sounds crazy, but hear us out: The next time you buy a new pair (and before you wear them), run them under water until they’re damp. Then place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Take them out and give them a day to defrost and thaw out.
You only need to do this once–after that, you’re good to go. The chilly temps firm and strengthen the individual fibers of your tights, making them less susceptible to runs later on.
OK, my public service announcement is over – back to the grind!  


Happy Friday People!

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Wanted to share a few things that are on my radar…….  – has this great go-cart white rolling console table only $169 – gonna use it upstairs in my loft to hold my “sparkling waters – little snacks etc. the “healthy bar cart” Cute, right?

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Next going to do an at home DIY kitchen – chemical peel to mimic the results you’d get from a dermatologist:  Mix 3 tablespoons apple juice (magic acid, a gentle exfoliator), 3 tablespoons milk (lactic acid, a more intense exfoliator found in many anti-aging products), and 1 egg white ( to firm – you’ve seen me do this before).  Apply for 15 – 20 min, than rise with warm water.  TA DAAAAA

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My search for a new fall bag:
fall 2015, loriannmd, lori tauraso, urablankslate, blank slate, frederick md, downtown frederick, shopping, silk and burlap, maven beauty bar, blogger, instagram, polyvore. dc, md , va, dmv, baltimore, tysons corner ,
These range from Valentino – #.1 Phillip Lim – the lovely Rebecca Minkoff (a front runner for look quality and great price$$$) which to me is very reminiscent of the the iconic “Chanel Cross Body Mini”…. So not quite sure and looking for a nice pair of leather gloves as well.  

Finally the never ending battle to keep organized – Will be another “purging” weekend.  Out with the old in with the new!  Would love to fit a trip to IKEA to grab a few things – need my fix.  

Cheers All & Try To Do One Nice Thing For Someone W/Out Them Asking……

PS – Big Big “Thanks You’s” to my friend Hallie +Hallie Burrier of for all her help and patience lending me some great things for my lifestyle shoot for Sass Magazine a great new magazine here in Frederick, MD!


Today, we women are coming into our own and the entrepreneur’s rate is at an all time high. We can get so busy and caught up in the day to day things that take our attention away from ourselves and cause frequent overwhelm. We are made to feel like giving to others first is the better way to be. At the end of our days we are depleted of everything. When I talk with friends, business associates and clients, the one thing that is prevalent in our conversations is how much we forget to take pride in ourselves, get dressed up, take a little alone time, indulge our senses with beautiful fragrance, cuddle up with a cozy throw and read a delicious book.

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It’s important to remember to take time out in our days, even if its only 15-20 minutes. Put down the phone and do something luxurious for yourself. For me its a bath.  It helps to recharge and refuel your creativity & drive. One way to make it a little bit easier for yourself, is to set yourself up for it. I always like to say luxury doesn’t have to be expensive“. Take some time out to create a cozy nook in your bedroom or pile your bath with a cozy robe and slippers. Buy yourself a yummy candle and some soft pillows for your desk. 

Remember it’s OK and actually a good thing to say “no” I am not able to commit to that or I’m not gonna be able to attend. This is a biggie for me.  Also laugh… much as you can.  It boosts your mood, and has been shown to help keep you healthy.  I have begun to start my day watching a bit of YouTube in the morning for 20 min.  Conan O’brien is one of my favorites!  He, Jim Gaffigan, Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart are at the top of my list.  

So remember my peeps you do you!  Like they say “put your mask on first before helping others” Mine just happens to be the new StriVectin brightening instant 
strivectin, lori tauraso, urablankslate, blank slate, frederick md,

** Also so excited have been asked by SASS MAGAZINE FREDERICK 
frederick, sass magazine , baltimore, shopping, md, va, washington dc, sass, photograph,

to be featured in a small article in the winter 2015 issue including a small photo shoot tomorrow.  Should be great fun and the issue comes out Dec. 1st!  Really looking forward to and flattered to be working with these great and creative ladies!  Ok gotta run – my bath is ready!  


I am lucky enough to have a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin’s and Jimmy Choo’s In my closet and I really like the comfort of my Jimmy Choo’s.  I have classic black heels but these babies below are calling my name…… “Lori – Lori Come & Play……”  I may put this on my birthday list this year…….

lori tauraso, loriannmd, jimmy choo, urablankslate, blankslate, shopping, fall 2015, nyfw 2015, nyc, saks, jimmy choo, blogger,
Look at this dress – adore the mix of colors and its very well priced.
And thinking of doing black wallpaper in my dining room and love black, pink and silver together!  Very elegant.

lori tauraso, frederick md, urablankslate, blogger, nyc, downton frederick, dc, dmv,  baltimore, shopping, fall 2015, pink flowers, wallpaper, renovation

Well Happy Sunday My Friends – Stay tuned for some healthy recipe’s and my review of the Standard Spa In Miami – not so much

Yoga. & Quarterly Cleanses – It Does Mind, Body & Spirit Good!

Yoga. & Quarterly cleanses – It does a body good. 

yoga, lori tauraso, loriannmd, frederick, downtown frederick, sport & health, freddy, pants, clean program, strivectin, nyc, washington dc, baltimore,
“But I don’t starve or kill myself with exercise. Ive been going slowly, and its paying off.”
You can get in the best shape of your life by cutting out junk food and doing yoga five days a week.
“I love being toned and having muscle; it’s so sexy and beautiful,”.  “Everything, from the inside out, has completely changed for me.”
“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to change my food intake. My husband, can eat so much,”  Mike Tauraso, a professional chef and restauranter. “When we first got married, it was so much fun to eat like him.”Steak, pate, cheese, bread, butter all of it!  He can eat a pint of haagendazs. every night!

haagen dazs, lori tauraso, frederick, dessert, butter pecan, nyc, washington dc,
“We got into this habit we called the bedtime snack. The drawers next to the bed were filled with candy. Cheese and cereal etc.. Eventually, I realized it was mindless eating, So I cut that out. Our refrigerator and pantry have changed, because we don’t eat junk anymore. No more soda, chips, cereal; we had boxes of stuff that only a 4-year-old would eat.”
However, I don’t starve my body. In fact, Im a huge proponent of having a cheat day in regards to my diet. Mine is every Sunday.
“I know when I’m being good all week long that come Sunday, I’m going to lie on the sofa and eat some pizza or fried foods. Or Mike and I will try a new restaurant. Then I wake up on Monday morning and I’m all ready to start the week again,” i would just be in a bad mood all the time if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”
It’s all worth it!  “Now, when I look into the mirror and see the positive changes, I don’t want to go back to what I was doing,” she said, “especially when my husband still notices me and is like “wow”!  Yeah that feels pretty good!

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