Happy New Year 2016

Well We Made It!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!  
Here’s To A Great 2016!

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I hope Santa was good to you and that you rang in the new year with ones you love.  I know I was fortunate enough to do so.

Christmas and the Holidays this were fantastic.  It started right on Thanksgiving and hasn’t stopped.  Great times great family great friends and feeling very blessed and extremely thankful these days!  

Que scary music… Daa Daa Daaaaaaa However, my sister-in-law got my husband a scale for Christmas.  She gave it to him while she looked over at me and said “I hope I’m not insulting you” …….. “HUH?”  So this brings me to today’s post.

New Year’s is often a time of reflection “out with the old in with the new” organizing starting new good habits and while I usually don’t make any grand plans New Year’s day this year I think it’s going to be a little different.  I tend to be a women of extremes.  I have been known to have smoothies, salads most of the day just to round it off with raw cookie dough at night. Uggg What can I say? #dontjudgeme!  

I don’t weigh myself regularly – I have never owned a scale!  Frankly I don’t like them or really believe in them. Well,  let me rephrase I believe in them they are real.  Ha ha but I don’t think they serve a lot of good most of the time.  Especially for women – I mean look, my weight can change within a day.  Certain times of the month I can go up to 5 pounds in the blink of an eye – BAM!!!!!!  You all know what I’m talking about. So I like to go with how my clothes fit and how I feel etc.  Anyway we’re putting away gifts and holiday decorations yesterday and what did  Lori do?  Get on the scale………  Bad Move!!!  

I mean its the Holidays right?  Tons of food – cookies & desserts.  So yeah I am about 6 pounds more than I like.   This leads me to my plans for the next month or so. I will start with a juice cleanse for 3 days than go “vegan” for 6 weeks!  My daughter Chrissy is coming along with me while at college.  She has began eating healthy the past few years as well and she rarely if ever eats meat.  Mostly fish veggies grains etc.  So we will help and be each others cheerleaders – keeping on track & talk each other down off the ledge.  And I’m inviting you to come along.  Not to say that I will be crazy strict about things but I think six weeks is reasonable and if I have a huge craving then I can give in a little bit but under portion control.  

So today I start by having a green juice….”hello healthy”!

I watched Mike devour the last of our wonderful Chinese food last night – we went to our favorite place www.pekinggourmetinn.com and I did it up at lunch but that was it.  It took all I had not to join in when he dusted off the leftovers.  

Mini Dumplings We Ate Yesterday

Trying to get myself on the treadmill today – this will not be an easy task.  Crazy how the food and what you put in your body effects everything.  Mood, digestion, skin and energy.  I have ZERO today but “lets do this”.  New Year – New Day!

Looking back – I went so overboard with the sugar, white flour, meat & shellfish all of it this holiday.  Boy, my body’s paying for it.  Crazy because I know how good I feel when I don’t eat certain things so I just will reset my body.  Plain & simple.

I will be tracking my progress, sharing recipe’s and the ups and downs of this – what I learn etc.  So try it with me and lets start 2016 on a healthy note!  Share with me how you are going about making changes for the better this year – I bought this at my local Common Market Coop and took as directed last night – ** slept like a baby.

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