Healthy Fast – Inexpensive Cabbage Soup!

Good Morning 

I’ m sure you noticed that I took some time off to really work with this puppy (our mini horse) ABE.  zhe is a Newfoundland 4 1/2 months and 65lbs!  If you don’t already know by my instagram & FB – he is more than half my size already & a lot more work than we thought but so worth it!  Dealing with ABE along with handing social media for the restaurants – gearing up for spring at  we are adding a full bar to our Market Sq location – so I have been busy picking out finishes etc….. Re-bottling sauces, organizing a Mothers Day Contest for Black Hog – in a nutshell it consists of the best photo & story about MOM & Winner gets $100 Spa GC & Weber Grill!  Whoa!!!  Than I oversaw photo shoot for updating website, plus working on my own little projects.  So I had little time for any decent blog posts but now I’m back baby! 
Lets start with this Cabbage Soup: 
It is a really simple, fast & inexpensive.  A great dinner to prepare on the fly that tastes even better the second day.  I like to do these posts and add to my family cookbook & share with the kids esp. JOJO who is out in the big bad workforce now!  LOL
1 head of cabbage leaves peeled core and rough chopped. ( I started using my cleaver again- LOVE)
1med onion 
Almost 1 head of garlic 
3 strips of country style bacon (if vegetarian omit this)
1 bag mini potatoes –   I like the multi color version for a change and looks but you can use a bag of Red or the Yukon gold. (wash before of course)
Olive Oil & Butter (real butter people)
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Garlic Powder to add to broth if you like
Chicken or Veggie Boullion 
Sauté your onion with salt and pepper olive oil and butter add bacon turn down heat & add garlic and your cabbage sauté on medium careful not to burn the garlic – so about five minutes maybe a little less cover with low sodium vegetable or chicken stock and purified water.
Add crushed red pepper to taste and one bullion chicken or vegetable – this adds great flavor and your salt, bring to a boil – reduce heat cover – stirring occasionally.  
Cook until potatoes are tender fork ready taste add S&P / Red Pepper flakes as needed.  
After it is ready I like to cover it and let it sit for hour or so than bring up to boil again and serve.  
For some reason I love this dish with lots of black pepper – the sweetness of the cabbage & pepper go together so well together.  
So there you have it – easy – inexpensive – Cabbage Soup! Cost is about 2.50 per serving.
Add some lean chicken and your set!  FYI: BENEFITS OF CABBAGE
Off to walk ABE, inventory new BLACK HOG BBQ T-Shirts, Hit the gym in basement than “steam it out!”
Chat with you later!  Keep ‘DOING YOU!”

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