Update On #30dayChallenge

Brrrrrrrr Come On Spring – We had a taste of it last week and I LIKE IT!


Update on my #30dayworkoutchallenge!  Going well almost at the halfway mark!  Basically just entails me doing something physical for 30 minutes for 30 days straight.   This time around however I have my +iPhone Watch and have to do min. 10,000 steps a day.  That’s five miles people……..

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It has been really hard some days – ABE our Newfie pup is loving it but like yesterday as temps dropped – I cringed going outside.  I had to do the last 2k in basement on treadmill.  Seriously it was all I could do to reach that goal – some days easier than others for sure.  Like above on first nice day- I was a walking fool.  It’s especially difficult after a long day – cleaning, PR work, dog training, making dinner.  Happy to do all these things it’s just I get tired really tired.  Next week will be even busier so I need to get some good sleep.  Also make doing detox baths lots of fruit-veggies will be key – maybe sneak some acupressure in and cut back on the sugar.


Speaking of sugar…..are you addicted to sugar? 

I AM!  You’re not alone. In 2007 a group of researchers found that sugar surpasses what is called “cocaine reward” in most mammals, including rats and humans. The frightening result of this study is the conclusion that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. 
Although sugar does not contain opiates (like other addictive substances such as heroin) it does stimulate the release of endogenous opiates. Opiates and their receptors have largely been attributed to what is known as “reward.” When the opiate receptor is filled over and over again, we feel a sense of pleasure and reward. No matter how harmful a food or substance may be to the body, this sensation of pleasure keeps us coming back for more, while at the same time altering our brain chemistry. 

Can’t kick your sugar habit? You’re not alone. Statistics show that in 1822, the average person consumed 6.3 pounds of sugar per year. However, by 1999, the average person consumed 107.7 pounds of sugar per year! In fact, Stephen Guyenet, a neuro-biologist at the University of Washington, predicts that if we continue eating sugar with as much enthusiasm as we have over the last 200 years, by the year 2606 the U.S. diet will be 100% sugar.  

The mis-education about the dangers of sugar consumption is widespread.  It is in the school systems, the home, and even the medical community. 

Like any addiction, change happens when we realize that we are greater than the sum of the chemicals in our body. This can be tough to swallow – especially when it comes to breaking habits and ending addiction.  Sugar as an addiction is strange concept for most of us.

So how do we beat this?  In addition to determination and discipline, here are some helpful tips.   


1. Eat sour foods. The sour taste of some foods, like apple cider vinegar ACV this will naturally curb your cravings for sugar.
  I mix some with warm water and drink slowly (not on empty stomach to acidic for me) in the morning.  

2. I also eat fermented foods and probiotic beverages. Fermented foods are sour, easy to make- see this book art of fermentation  and they are relatively affordable.  Probiotic beverages also taste sour, and even a small dosage goes a long way.  Both are full of beneficial bacteria, which drive out disease-causing bugs that increase our desire for sugar.  I will be back to +HEX Ferments this weekend to restock! 

3. Replace it with something else – set reasonable goal and reward your self (maybe you don’t find this reasonable but really respond to a good old carrot dangling (hello Gucci shoes)

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or maybe a New Book or dinner out with your BFF.  My daughter Chrissy turned me onto this writer/blogger +Angela Liddon and her books “OH SHE GLOWS”  Love these books – just saying.

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Point is just do something small for your health everyday.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot of living yet to do and I want to be healthy and happy while I do it!  Cheers all enjoy your day and be sure to “love yourself first”!

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