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Not A Fail – Just Not As Planned

Good Morning All,

So Monday will be the end of the 21 Day Reset and didn’t go how I thought it would.  It is not a fail – just not as planned.  I just had an enormous amount of things going on the past month – all over the map.  Work, family, home and some health things to address.  Nothing serious just some energy levels that need addressing and Mike had his first colonoscopy and still is smoking so those things have really taken precedent of course.  Plus it rained and was cloudy a ton the past few weeks.

Today however the sun is out and we are supposed to have a heat wave.  Mike and I are heading to

DC UNION MARKET and I am so excited.  There is a shop there that its focus is just on healthy SOUP’s!  That’s my dream restaurant people.  Also a spot called TaKorean a mix of Korean in a taco – whaaaaat sounds yummy and funky and just what I’m craving!  You should check this market out for sure when in DC along with tons of other hot spots in town.  I will be posting those pictures later today on my instagram.

Saturday Outfit:  American Eagle Jeggins, American Apparel White Tee, STEVE MADDEN shoes, TAG watch. Custom Blue Topaz necklace circa 2000 from Zaruba Jewelry – Frederick, MD

I am gonna share with you some of my favorite things – running the spectrum from food, juice to shoes, makeup etc. and a few things that just fell short.

Remember my talk of giveaway’s? Still on people –  soft comfy Ikea white bathrobe as promised on the list as well as a few other fun items to make your days little brighter.  Just show the blog some love as well as FB, Insta etc.

What I’m using – loving right now and whats not quite doing it for me

  1. Collagen Peptides Protein Powder by:  Vital Proteins  – so great – no weird taste, dissolves easily love it. Link Here:
  2. My new Canon GX7 camera – small lightweight portable great for traveling and using on the fly
  3. Hypnotic Poison Dior by Christian Dior.  I’m in love with this scent.  Not floral or overpowering – however it does fade fast so use that vaseline trick I mentioned in previous blog few weeks back on beauty DIY/Hacks info. (see photo below)

    Hypnotic Poison Dior by Christian Dior
  4. STEVE MADDEN – white plain platform tennis shoes

Off to DC – Check back in with you all later.  Be sure to follow on Instagram.


Weekend Shopping Haul – Surprise From The Hubby

Hello Beautiful People,

I am one lucky girl – kindda sortta mostly……  My husband is on the “stop smoking” journey again.  YEAHHHHH – AHHHHHHH!  While he has my full support – the tensions can “how you say?”  Run pretty darn high.  I have been brought to tears on occasion, this is by no means an exaggeration.  It’s a stuggle for both of us on a lot of levels.  So Mike preparing for next few days of “HELL”  gave me his card and sent me to the mall!  Whaaaat yeah baby!  That means I had a pretty good shopping trip weekend shopping haul and a great surprise from the hubby (of sorts to lesson the blow from Mike).  I want to share with you some great things I picked up and some sprulges as well.  A girl has to do something when presented with this situation and drowiny my sorrows is not one of them so “Chargeeeeeeeee IT”!

Disclaimer:  I cant believe I’m gonna say this but the shopping sprees are not quite what they used to be.  I really dont do it very often – the crowds, the money, the pushing of “things” has lost its luster for me a bit.  However  I did dig down deep into my shopping spirt and was surpringly pleased with what I got.

You know me and how much I love my cosmetics.  The cosmetics Dept in Neiman Marcus is one of my “Happy Places”.  I like it when I find a consultant that shows me new things – is not pushy and lets me have free reign.  Just give me some alcohol to clean, tissues, makeup remover, a sharpener and let me play.  Throw in details and new launchs causally.  Please no hard sell.  I do shop spend but have been know to leave if accausted and hate when you know who’s commision its gonna be – tacky.  I’ve lived this world people there is a right way and a wrong way to make “YO Money”  all while keeping the customer comfortable and happy.  Anywho off to the good part.

So I started at NEIMAN MARCUS and went straigt for the cosmetics department the YSL counter specifically.  

The new “babydoll” collection is insane.  I’m really drawn to hot pink/raspberry right now.  I got the new lip oil too verdict still out on that one……..  Next onto for one of my favorite fragrance’s by TOM FORD / Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum.  His scents are unisex so this one is quite masculine but I love it and always get tons of compliments.  Very dark, moody and kindda sexy way about it.  The story or so I’m told is that back in the day at a  Paris burlesque dance hall – it was full of men drinking, partying, smoking cigars and the women tried to disguse the smell of smoke by dabbing vanilla on themselves and Voila! This divine perfume was born!  Neat right?  True story – I dont know but you have to try it someday.  BTW – always ask for a sample of perfume when you get a full bottle or trying a new one to take with for travel.  I know right – smart girl.  So make friends with your cosmetics consultant and gather up the trial sizes.  I even get my foundations in sample jars, new eye creams and if your lucky they will have high end mascaras too.  You can use them in your gym bag, travel bag and guest rooms.

Now onto Macy and I love the  SUNGLASS HUT’s that are located inside the Macy’s stores.  I was torn between the shoe dept. MAC counter and Sunglass hut.  Lucky me they were all stones throw away from one another so I hit them all!  LOL The trifecta!  I came across these Michael Kors Mirror sunglasses and fell in love – the saleswomen offered me a $50 off coupon to buy two pair so I DID.  I love them both.  

Then onto Victorias Secret – little somethings for Mike and Me!  The store at Tysons Corner is crazy big – was packed – needless to say – I cleaned up well there too.  It’s important to refresh your lingere drawer too for spring and the new under garmets I bought are perfect.

Now back to reality, work and the grouchy bear at home aka my husband.  I had fun shopping appreciate it but really best gift is if he really can stay Stopped!  Smoking that is.

Homeworks – show your kitchen some love – clean out your silverware – utlensil drawer and replace any old broken pieces.  Target has some really cute bright modern kitchen gadgets right now.




I Love Sunday’s a Day of Cleansing, Cleaning, Cooking, Cuddling & Escarole Soup


I love Sunday’s we get to start the week off on a positive note.  I really love to take this time set my intentions for a good week.  I did however indulge a good bit the past few days with pasta, dairy, sugar and I’m paying for it for sure.  I’m all puffy and sluggish – Oh well ya know what?  We get to #RESET anytime we want.  Sunday’s are my day for just that.  I like to clean, do a juicing cleanse (give the tummy a break), cook and get in some cuddling.  Abe is always up for a cuddle I have to grab the kids and/or Mike however to just stop them for a minute and show me some loving! Like literely I grab these people and say “slow the heck down!  Whats the hurry?  Mamma needs a hug”!  Whatever, as far as cooking and helping my tummy/gut/ digestion I fall back on one of my best soups – Escarole Soup!

Escarole Soup With Chicken Thighs

Easy, healthy delicious soup you can whip up in just about an hour

Course Main Course, Soup
Cuisine Italian, Mediterranean
Author Lori Tauraso - BLANK SLATE


  • 1 TO 2 head Escarole Looks like bib lettuce - but not ask your produce mgr worth the hunt
  • 6 lg cloves Garlic chopped
  • 1/2 large Sweet Onion rough chopped
  • 4 stalks Celery rough chopped
  • To Taste Kosher Salt & Fresh Pepper
  • 1/4 tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • 3 - 4 Chicken Thighs Skin On
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder


  1. Heat your olive oil, place chicken thighs in post and brown adding  S&P, garlic powder.  Saute both sides turning be sure not to burn garlic or chicken.  Brown each side and remove from pot for later on nearby plate.

  2. In same pot with chicken drippings - add onion, fresh garlic, celery and saute until just tender.  Add your cleaned Escarole see below - tear in half or smaller stir and coat with all your ingrediants over medium heat.  Really scrap bottom of pan to get all the goodies from the chicken into your greeens. 

  3. Cover with filtered water - just 2inches below lip of pot.  Add your browned chicken and all the cooled juice from the plate ( dont eat these yet - may not be cooked all the way yet)  they will finish cooking in your liquid.  

  4. Bring to a boil, add vegtable bouillion if you'd like a bit more flavor.  Remember that it adds salt too so be light when salting the chicken prior.  Cover and reduce to low boil for about 30 minuties stirring occasionally.  

  5. When ready to serve top with fresh grated parmeasan cheese, more red pepper flakes and a drizzle of olive oil.  Some crusty bread would go just perfect too.  

  6. This is a great complete meal that really helps your tummy - gotta love Escarole, right?  You can omit the Chicken thighs if you'd  like and also add white cannelini beans.  Either way you wont go wrong.  

I hope you enjoy this soup – I know my family and friends sure do.  Try it out and let me know how you like it.  Remember to pack some in a glass container for work this week.

Oh yeah some of you are asking about the details of my lip color from my instagram post this morning.  I did a little damage and have a beauty haul that I will be sharing but until then – the colors are from YSL Beauty @neimanmarcus Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 11 Love Me Nude, Lip liner Dessin Des Levres #3 and the new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush #2 Rose Frivole.  I am just simply crazy for the entire haul and cant wait to show your tomorrow – maybe even on video too  – playing with my new Canon camera – its the  that I’m loving tons right now.  Not to worry Canon T4i your still my baby too!

Have a great day, slow down and be sure to take some time for yourself.  Be sure to tell someone special you love them – ya never know.



Linguine and Clam Sauce

TGIF Gang,

I hope you have had a great week – and weekend.  Mine was busy but productive for sure.  Fianlly got the before and after of my office clean up out on Instagram.  #21dayreset – took longer than I thought.  Now the spring cleaning bug is in full effect!  Yeah baby!  We have also been lately alot of home projects, cooking some great meals, netflix and my newest love  I COVET THEE on youtube.  Watch everyday – just love her!  Getting back to the cooking at home – I want to share with you all our recipe for Linguine and Clam Sauce.  We got some clams from our place in Chincoteague Island, VA and boy are were these babies fresh.  It’s simple, classic and the perfect alfresco dinner!  I try and stay mostly healthy and veggie heavy but this guys is so flippin delicious that its worth the sprulge – carb who?  Cheese what? I’ll take my big helping of seconds and worry later.  Try it out and let me know  how you like it.  I’ll be sharing my much requested soup recipes as well this week.  Be on the look out for Escorle Soup – simple, clean divine!

Linguine and Clam's

Simple classic pasta dinner.  Perfect for two or company.

Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Author Lori Tauraso - URABLANKSLATE


  • 1 lg bucket 100ct Fresh Cleaned Clams soak in water scrub and rinse of debris. The soaking in water helps them to spit out any sea water or yucky stuff they may be holding onto.
  • 1 whole head Garlic - rough chopped don't be stingy here
  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 lg handfull Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
  • 1 cup Dry White Wine 1 sip for you a sip for the clams
  • 1 box Linguine cook al'dente
  • 1 block Parmigiano - Reggiano


  1. Soak and clean your clams - drain in colandar.  Coat bottom of heavy sauce / stock pot with olive oil over med/high heat.  Add garlic for 2 -3 minutes and crushed red pepper flakes at the end only about 10 seconds  - DO NOT BURN GARLIC.  Add your clams,  cook and stir for about 10 -14 min.  depending on size of clams.  While cooking add your wine and stir.   

  2. You need to stay close watching and removing the opened clams storing in bowl covered (to keep warm while others cook) repeat proess.  Diguard any clams that do not open.  Throw away!  Reserve all the liquid.

  3. In a seperate pot cook pasta very al'dente.  Than drain and add to clam liquid.  Stirring toss 1/2 of clams that you remove from shell back in liquid.  reserving clams in shell.  In large deep sided platter add pasta, parsley & sauce top with clams in shell and some fresh parm.  

  4. Serve -  Have an empty bowl for the disgarded clam shells on the table too.  Buon appetito!

Buon Appetito – Chat with you later!

Homework today – buy a new mascara, and clean your phone – you know it’s dirty!  My oldie but goodie mascara is Cinique High Lengths Mascara (black of course) Try it you will love it – gets so close to the lash line – perfection!

Playing Catch UP

Happy Easter Everyone,


I hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday.  Ours was nice, quiet, peaceful and I think I’m still full.  I had leftovers for two days – gotta love that!  We had a Mediterranean Style Easter dinner.  I marinated lamb chops and Mike grilled them out.   Had a healthy chickpea salad, roasted Brussel sprouts and those Red Velvet Cupcakes – see my instagram.  Lamb marinade recipe below.

As far as the 21day Reset – I’ve fallen behind guys – I am playing catch up to be honest.  Life seems to always gets in the way.  I’m still continuing on this journey just a wee bit more spaced out with the homework assignments.

I found the posting, editing of my new wordpress site has a BIG learning curve and more time consuing than I thought it would be.  Plus throw into the mix working, living, and chores so I’m  just saying “I’m not perfect”.  Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble out there.  HA!  The Reset is stll fun, helpful and I’m feeling better all the time!  Patting my self on the back with small victories here and there.  I will just share with you that when  “mother nature” comes into the mix, my moods and energy fluctuate to say it mildly.  More so my energy levels these days.  Hmmmmmm, I guess that’s better than howling at the moon!  Anyway dont think I’m ditching this program or flaking out I am just realiscally going to be posting 3 times a week.  More often on social though.  Seems the only thing that has had consistency each day is the start of my day with that Quite Time in the morning.  I sit alone (ok Abe at my feet) and sip my coffee no news on, no phone on, just pray, meditate, and think good thoughts.  I’ve been loving my jouranal time and jotting down a few things here and there, my goals, and thoughts.  Getting exericise of some kind every single day.  Need to crank up the sweat factor but it will come.  The other constint is my Bath time that’s never gonna change.  One day I’ll fill you in with what happens when traveling and no bath tub.  It’s Cra Cra folks!

Below is that recipe for my lamb chops – I love to eat in the Mediterranean style.  It is also so good for you.  If you have not heard of The Blue Zones check this book out.  It talks about how diet, environment, lifestyle all affect how long you live and that the “Blue Zones” have some of the most centurions = people that live to 100 and beyond. Worth a read for sure.  It seems Mediterranean eating helps for longevity and quality of life.  One of the intersting things I saw on this was about the people of Sardinia an Italian Island the diet – the daily exercise – the presence of community.  Eating as a group or family, cooking together, gathering the daily food all had impacts on the lifespan.  If you have time check out the book as well as google it on youtube.

Mediterranean Grilled Lamb Chops

Easy fast healthy marinade - using mostly things you already have in your pantry.  

Course Main Course
Cuisine Mediterranean
Author Lori Tauraso - Blank Slate


  • 1 Rack Lamb Cut into chops - bone in
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 cup Red Wine Vinegar
  • 5 cloves Garlic chopped
  • 1 tbsp Dried Oregano
  • 1/4 tsp Kosher Salt
  • 1/4 tsp Ground Black Pepper
  • 1/4 tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • 2 whole Lemons Cut in half juiced and peels used in marinade


  1. Add your meat, all your ingrediants into a large freezer bag, seal and massage over the chops.  Mixing the coating into your lamb - place in fridge for min. of 1 hour.  When adding the dried oregano place in your palms and rub together over the bag - this helps to release the oils. 

  2. Get your grill Very Hot.  Clean and brush it with olive oil -place chops on the frill - you should hear that sizzle.  Turn after about 2 -3 minutes cooking only a total of 7 minutes. Give or take depending on your flame and your preference.  

    Disgurad any remaing marinade to prevent cross contamination.

  3. Let meat rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.  Top with lemon juice, fresh herbs and Tzatziki sauce.  YAMAS

Check out today’s Instagram for Office Organization Before and After………ugggggggg alot to do!



Easy At Home DIY Beauty Treatments


Holy Moly – I forgot to post!

Like I said in the begining this is just for fun – not a chore – life happens.  Like with everything we dont think of perfection as the true end goal just little bits of goodness each day in some kind of way.  Try some of these and let me know how you like it.  You should have alot of the ingrediants already on hand in your pantry, frindge, or medicine cabinet.

Here are some easy at home beauty DIY’s

  • Lip Scrub – You can use any sugar you have on hand – I suppose you could use salt but not so yummy when your licking your lips later or better yet getting smooches.
    • Gather some granulated sugar or sugar in the raw – I happen to have this cute green sugar maybe for Easter baking laying around
    • A food safe oil on hand like, oilive, canola, coconut, and sweet almond
    • put 2 talblespoons of sugar in small vessel add 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon oil until damp not dripping – where it can hold it’s form in a spoon
    • Scrub on lips gently for 2 minutes – taking damp washcloth to remove – your lips are great “naked” or primed for lipstick.

  • Make your perfume last longer
    • Rub a little Vaseline into your wrist and then spritz your perfume onto the Vaseline.  This household staple will keep your perfume form evaporating as quickly, making it last longer.  I use thisall the time with my Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” .  At a price like this you have to do something to make it last!

  • Clean your makeup brushes – yes you know its been forever.  This is so simple you wont really believe it
    • Grab small salad plate pour olive oil on 1/2 than dawn dish soap on the other.  Swrill your yucky brush in the mixture and than in the palm of your hand.  It will realse all the deep old make up instantly rinse under warm water while still swrilling into your palm until the water runs clear next dry flat and overnight upside down in a tall thin mouthed  glass or jar.  You will never spend money on fancy brush cleanser again.  The oil considitons the brush and the dawn disinfects it too.  Killing germs.  Repeat on all your brushes.  I love my brushes and have spent a pretty penny on them so it not only good hygine is “home love” as well.


  •  DIY SAFE ANTI BLOAT DRINK:  This yummy drink help when wantng to get a falt tummy.  You know with blah feeling we sometime get.   It is also super or your organs and lymph system in helping to flush out toxins.  If possbile do your dry brushing daily always moving towards your heart and than head to sauan steam etc. to speed up the process.

Anti Bloat Detox Drink

System Flush Drink good any time of the day but espically that certain time of the month for us ladies or maybe your off to the beach and you want just a little "de-puffing"  first Saw this on pinterest as the JIlian Michaels's Anti bloat drink 

Course Any Time Meal
Author Urablankslate - Lori Tauraso


  • 1/2 pitcher Un sweet Cranberry Juice
  • 1 bag Dandelion Tea fill small sauce pan 1/2 way up boil tea bag steep for at least 5 min than add to pitcher
  • 2 whole Fresh Squeezed Lemons
  • Purified H20 After adding all the liquid ingredients top off with water stir and chill

Well that’s enough from me – I’ll check back with you – keep up on daily details on my instagram, FB & Twitter.  I’m on the hunt for a new camera one that is light weight and good for video’s.

Big Love and Sending Great Thoughts Your Way



Make A Little Time For You Tonight

Well hello there,

I hope your off to a great week, I know I am.  A little sluggish not sure why but it will pass in time I’m sure.  I think its a “mind – all in my head” thing.  Too much going on up there.  Gotta follow my own suggetions and make a little time for you/me tonight.

BTW – The soup from yesterday made for a delicious lunch – I hope you were able to pack something healthy and eat up those berries from your list.  I started the day with hot coffee my journal (loving this extra time to veg) wrote down some positive thoughts.  Abe by my side as usual.  Boy 20 minutes goes by fast!  It has felt good having my clothes picked out and again those sheets makes bed time just divine.  I made Asian Cabbage – sautéed Salmon – Quinoa & sugar snap peas for dinner.  So filling and healthy – tying to work on those sugar cravings.  Go to instagaram and see it – dinner fit for a King!

So here’s your homework assignment:

Make a little time for you tonight.  Either leave chores for tomorrow or ask for help with dishes, dog kids etc. Grab your favorite night time shirt, robe or what ever.  Draw your self a wonderful hot bath.  Add bubbles, epsom salt and / or your favorite essential oil.  Wash your face grab a magazine and just soak.  The essential oils really work wonders and try to really breathe them in deeply.  Add baking soda to your bath for added detox with the epsom salt. Than after you’ve washed your face pour handful of baking soda in your palm and gently rub all over your face.  Even getting under and around your eyes.  Gently massage into your skin even your neck and hands.  I sometimes add it to my Clinique cleanser.  This is one of the best most gentle exfoliates around.  Than rinse with warm water.  I like to leave wash cloth over my face or shoulders to keep relaxation going as long as possible.

Enjoy your magazines – use old ones they will get wet I’m sure keep ice cold water handy and some relaxing music in the background.  Just let your cares float away.  Before getting out splash your face with cool clean water to close your pores.  Now slip on that robe, slippers and drink more water.  I now sit and cool off – I like it hot so I almost pass out – I know crazy its my thing – just let it go.  Than when I come to I apply my Clinique 2nd & 3rd step.  I will choose whichever added moisture anti aging serum I’m digging at the moment.  If your not a bath person hot as heck shower – hopefully one with a seat in it and just relax – let the water beat down on you and take the day away.

Remeber we have to love and care forourselves first before we can care and really love others.

  • Tomorrow we will pick an area to “declutter”  Wilth before and after photos – nothing too crazy I promise.
  • Also we will make the anti bloat detox drink to keep with you often.
  • Buy yourself some flowers – just because.



Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

Hope you’re having a great Monday! You should’ve gotten a fantastic nights sleep if you did your homework.  Positive thoughts anyone? Comment on your five things that made you smile! Did your positive intentions have a change on your day? Mine sure did.  This fantastic sunshine helps too.

As noted from this weeks grocery prep list, drum roll please…. The “Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup!”

Recipe below and available for download/print!


Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

Healthy, easy, filling soup that is a great year-long addition to your list of recipes. 

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Author URABLANKSLATE-Lori Tauraso


  • 3 tbsp. Olive Oil Enough to coat the bottom of the pan.
  • 1 tbsp. Butter May Omit.
  • 1 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper
  • 1 tsp. Garlic Powder
  • 1 Cube Vegetable Bouillon
  • 1 Box Stock Preferably Vegetable, any stock works.
  • 1 Small Sweet Onion Finely Chopped
  • 3 Peeled Carrots Finely Chopped
  • 3 Stalks Celery Finely Chopped
  • 1 tsp. Kosher Salt During initial sauté mirepoix
  • 4-5 Large Cloves Garlic Finely Chopped
  • 1 Head Cauliflower Cored, and rough chopped.
  • 2 Yellow Squash Cleaned, and roughly chopped.
  • 1 Bunch Fresh Small Kale Washes, stems removed, rough chopped.
  • 1-2 Cups Red Lentils
  • 2 15 oz. Can Canellinni Bean Rinsed and drained. Can substitute for other white beans
  • 1/2 Bag Baby Spinach Cleaned and de-stemmed, torn.
  • Purified Water


  1. Prep all of your ingredients prior to turning on your stove.

  2. Coat the bottom of the pot with olive oil. Sauté the onions, celery, and carrots until translucent on medium-high heat. Salting lightly as you go.

  3. Add crushed red pepper, garlic and chopped vegetables. (Cauliflower, squash, kale etc. This is your chance to get creative and add any vegetables from your refrigerator that you have on hand. Mushrooms, zucchini, and broccoli, etc.) Sauté frequently using wooden spoon. 

  4. Add stock and purified water (2 inches from top of your pot). Turn heat to high. Bring contents to a low boil.

  5. Add drained and rinsed Canellinni beans, red lentils, garlic powder and cube of vegetable bouillon (Break it into quarters).

    Stir frequently.

    Simmer for 20 minutes with lid on. 

  6. Turn to a simmer. 

    If desired for a thicker, creamier consistency, we love to use an immersion blender. 

    CAUTION: Immerse blender to the bottom of the pan, then turn blender on. Gently go up, down, and throughout the soup to reach desired consistency. Please be careful, if you go to fast you may splash or burn yourself.  

    *Great inexpensive tool to elevate your kitchen!

  7. Taste your soup any time throughout the cooking process. Add salt, pepper, and more garlic powder to your liking. 

    *Note your soup will thicken up quickly after adding the red lentils.

  8. Add torn spinach before serving. Top with grated parmesan cheese if desired, more crushed red pepper, and/or salt.

    *To add some protein and crunch to the 'Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup', top with our "Toasted 'almost-famous' Almond Quinoa." Recipe to follow. 

  9. Enjoy! 

Recipe Notes

After cooling, store in lidded glass or plastic container. Will last for days....well, not in our kitchen!

If the soup is too thick you can always add purified water and stir, reheats beautifully! 

Keep me posted with your comments and thoughts – how your week is going and how the soup turns out for you!  Big shout out to my daughter Chrissy for helping me with all our cooking, healthy lifestyle and computer ssavy.

Sunday – Prepping For The Week Ahead

Hi All,

Been a busy beautiful Sunday.  Made delicious healthy breakfast of Rye toast mashed avacodo tabasco poached egg topped with crushed black bean chips.  Yum filling and good for you!Then off to my daughters first conference game of the season of Lacrosse @Shepard – they WON!  It’s such a lovely drive out there to the campus and Shepardstown, WV is the sweetest little town.  Then home to finish chores which for some reason dont feel so bad when the sun is pouring in the windows, and get ready for the week.  Prepared my Green Soup for the week.  (Ingrediants on your list -mostly)  Recipe posted next.

Now For Homework

Take those clean fresh sheets and iron them!  Yes that is right – we want our bedroom to be clean fresh our santuary so to speak.  Even go a step further and while ironing use steam iron feature and than spray with homemade linen spray – 4-6 drop lavender oil and purified water shake and your ready (today I am using up premade linen spray w/homemade in the wings)  iron your flat sheet – fitted and iron your pillow cases!  Spray sheets with the scent while you do so.   This helps to losen up any wrinkles as well – much better than starch spray.   I have always wanted to do it yet never did until now.  The lavender scent will surely help your drift off to LALA land I’m sure.  Martha Steawart turned me on to it years back ( yes I still love Martha Stewear) this was for a guest room.  But you gotta take care of you first right?  So iron those sheets, make your bed, clear away all clutter from your room.  Even if that means putting things in boxes under your bed or in you closet.  It should be clean organized and peaceful.  No eye/mind clutter.

Have by your nightstand

  • A favorite scented candle ( lit before bed)
  • Your journal to doodle, dream and have in the morning easily reached
  • Alarm set 20 min. earlier than the norm
  • Book magazine etc…..
  • Remotes
  • Make your coffee and have ready to just turn on in the morning.
  • Ready your quite area so that upon waking while haveing your morining coffee / tea / water etc…
  • Lay out your clothes for the morning neatly in a corner somewhere handy but neatly
Coffee Ready For Morning HIS & HERS

When you wake in the morning

  • Turn on your coffee
  • Go to quite area
  • You sit and just breathe.
  • Maybe watch the sun come up.
  • No checking phone for instagram, FB msgs etc.  Remeber you woke up 20 min early FOR YOU TIME.
  • Sip on your coffee/tea and grab that journal
  • Write 5 things that make you smile.  Big or little  and think on them for a few minutes
  • Stretch a bit & go get ready for your day
  • Be sure to bring your journal with you today

**I will touch base later but this part is key – today be purposeful in your words, thougths and actions.  I mean hold the door for others, smile more, be a active listener.  Do everything you can to carry yourself with LOVE and not negative, in your words, actions or mannerisms.  No gossip, curssing, go about your day as though you had a camera crew following you, and your Grandmother was watching!  


Here is List 1 To Prepare For The Next 21 Days


Hey Hey Happy Saturday,

Today was a great day – the sun was fianally back out – took a quick trip to DC and had a great lunch with my hubby at Peking Gourment Inn – hands down best Peking duck ever!   Now, winding down from the day to take my “normal” hot bath for the night.   Sidenote – I just love bubble bath’s & hair masks and this one from Borghese does not dissapoint.


But before bath, bed, and Netflix, here is list 1 to prepare for this “reset”.   These are things you should have this first week.  Just do your best.  If you dont want to get everything, no worries it’s up to you.   This is meant as fun not a chore.  No winners here – Oh wait there will be!

To begin, set aside a clutter free area in your home – be it a small room – maybe its only on your bed – or part of a walk in closet HAHA!  This will be used as a spot to go to daily.

Wash a set of sheets.  We have “homework assignment” begining tomorrow/Sunday if you can fit it in…. It’s a really good one, promise!


  • Lots of veggies – shop your produce dept – farmers market etc. to your little heart is content
  • Bag of lemons
  • Quinoa
  • Cucumber, carrots, celery, green apple
  • Onions all kinds & green
  • Cabbage any type red, napa, etc.
  • Almonds or walnuts
  • Fruit – whatever is in season and that you like
  • Fresh Berries I love raspberries ( seem expensive but what do you spend a day eating out or on coffee at shop ) so full of goodness worth the sprulge
  • Salmon
  • Kosher salt
  • Soup Stock low sodium preferred I use veggie but you choose
  • Coffee (even if you don’t drink it grab a small bag – will be using the brewed grounds)
  • Baking Soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Epsom Salt large bag – grab two or three Walmart good place to buy in bulk
  • Eggs for cooking and facials
  • Alberto VO5 – yeah we are going old school – must be a reason some products have been around for ages people

Below are items needed from your Health food market.  If lucky, your normal grocery store – or from a Super Walmart.

  • Sonne’s No 7 Detoxificant Sonne’s No. 9 Intestianl Cleanser ( this is optional and should be done when you can um…..Be Close To Home! I’ll try first and let ya know – LOL 
  • Unsweetend cranberry juice
  • Dandelion tea 
  • Essential oil – eucalyptus – lavender – grapefruit (or any citrus you like)
  • 2 spray bottles (found most health food stores – use glass if possible ) making our room linen and bath sprays in them
  • Meal prep containers ( glass is my preference but…….. use what you have.  enough for 2 days at a time so you can clean in between
  • Large glass jar / jug / thermos for storing our detox flush drink
  • Water/juice refill bottle to take above juice with you everywhere

Below some items from your local ethnic Market

  • Tapioca Starch – get in small bag from Asian market – this is a must for some great facials order online if you have to
  • Sesame oil – Asian market
  • Spicy Chinese chili paste your choice (i’ll show you what i have)  
  • White Chinese vinegar 
  • Curry powder
  • Cayenne Powder

this is what the bag of Tapicoa Starch looks like – Goya makes one too

I hope you have alot of these at home already – we will add as we go along and reuse some of the  items of course.

XOXO Sweet dreams and I’ll chat with you tomorrow with next list and homework assignment.

Gearing up for 21 Days of Small Changes – Selflove – Domestic Bliss

Yeah!  It’s The Weekend!

So Spring has officially sprung, however far from feeling like it tonight here in North East.  Rain, wind, clouds,  brrrrrr.   Anyway I bought a few new books recently that gave me this idea for a 21 day lifestyle makeover – reset of sorts – small doable changes – tiny projects to hopefully make me & my life and yours if you come along a little brighter starting from the inside out!  Hence the 21 days of small changes – self love – domestic bliss.

I will be be posting and giving you homework assignments through out the 21 days and I’d love your feed back pictures and at the end see how you feel.

We will begin Monday April 10th 2017 as per my #instagrampost yesterday.  Mark your calendar – if you can’t start Monday join in when you can and keep me posted of your progress.

1.  Pinterest Perfect  2.  Goop Clean Beauty  by the Editors of GOOP  3.  Get Gorgeous -21days to a more beautiful & confident you  by Christel Vatasso & Pascal Loperena   4.  The 52 Lists project by Moorea Seal

Set some time to prepare Sunday – you’ll need a new journal.  (I love my old school composition books) – anything will do.  I’ll post list tomorrow for you to print and keep handy – some grocery items some drugstore ones.

  • write down 21 things that your love about your best friend – spouse – mom/dad – or kids fold them up and put in small jar  – container or bag – we will refer to them later.
  • set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier each day than normal – this is very important!
  • get things on the store list ( not exact but get what you  can and what you can afford ) supposed to be a good thing not a stressor.  I’ll post it tomorrow Saturday.
  • Lay out your clothes for Monday morning even if you work at home.
  • Wash a fresh set of sheets pillow cases etc and have ready – details to follow.

Buy a new robe or clean your bathrobe and slippers have ready.  FYI – I adore Ikea white bathrobes under $25 especially so that I can bleach them – also super for guest rooms.  I purchase 2 – 4 at a time – This will be one of the prizes! 


I hope you will join along will be fun and easy – I’ll be posting lots in instagram FB too so ck in and share comment.  This is my first post on my new wordpress site and now shorter domain  LOVE.  So still learning layout features templates you get the jist.  Ever evolving right?




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