Easy At Home DIY Beauty Treatments


Holy Moly – I forgot to post!

Like I said in the begining this is just for fun – not a chore – life happens.  Like with everything we dont think of perfection as the true end goal just little bits of goodness each day in some kind of way.  Try some of these and let me know how you like it.  You should have alot of the ingrediants already on hand in your pantry, frindge, or medicine cabinet.

Here are some easy at home beauty DIY’s

  • Lip Scrub – You can use any sugar you have on hand – I suppose you could use salt but not so yummy when your licking your lips later or better yet getting smooches.
    • Gather some granulated sugar or sugar in the raw – I happen to have this cute green sugar maybe for Easter baking laying around
    • A food safe oil on hand like, oilive, canola, coconut, and sweet almond
    • put 2 talblespoons of sugar in small vessel add 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon oil until damp not dripping – where it can hold it’s form in a spoon
    • Scrub on lips gently for 2 minutes – taking damp washcloth to remove – your lips are great “naked” or primed for lipstick.

  • Make your perfume last longer
    • Rub a little Vaseline into your wrist and then spritz your perfume onto the Vaseline.  This household staple will keep your perfume form evaporating as quickly, making it last longer.  I use thisall the time with my Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille”  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tom-ford-private-blend-tobacco-vanille-eau-de-parfum/3145651 .  At a price like this you have to do something to make it last!

  • Clean your makeup brushes – yes you know its been forever.  This is so simple you wont really believe it
    • Grab small salad plate pour olive oil on 1/2 than dawn dish soap on the other.  Swrill your yucky brush in the mixture and than in the palm of your hand.  It will realse all the deep old make up instantly rinse under warm water while still swrilling into your palm until the water runs clear next dry flat and overnight upside down in a tall thin mouthed  glass or jar.  You will never spend money on fancy brush cleanser again.  The oil considitons the brush and the dawn disinfects it too.  Killing germs.  Repeat on all your brushes.  I love my brushes and have spent a pretty penny on them so it not only good hygine is “home love” as well.


  •  DIY SAFE ANTI BLOAT DRINK:  This yummy drink help when wantng to get a falt tummy.  You know with blah feeling we sometime get.   It is also super or your organs and lymph system in helping to flush out toxins.  If possbile do your dry brushing daily always moving towards your heart and than head to sauan steam etc. to speed up the process.

Anti Bloat Detox Drink

System Flush Drink good any time of the day but espically that certain time of the month for us ladies or maybe your off to the beach and you want just a little "de-puffing"  first Saw this on pinterest as the JIlian Michaels's Anti bloat drink 

Course Any Time Meal
Author Urablankslate - Lori Tauraso


  • 1/2 pitcher Un sweet Cranberry Juice
  • 1 bag Dandelion Tea fill small sauce pan 1/2 way up boil tea bag steep for at least 5 min than add to pitcher
  • 2 whole Fresh Squeezed Lemons
  • Purified H20 After adding all the liquid ingredients top off with water stir and chill

Well that’s enough from me – I’ll check back with you – keep up on daily details on my instagram, FB & Twitter.  I’m on the hunt for a new camera one that is light weight and good for video’s.

Big Love and Sending Great Thoughts Your Way



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