Sunday – Prepping For The Week Ahead

Hi All,

Been a busy beautiful Sunday.  Made delicious healthy breakfast of Rye toast mashed avacodo tabasco poached egg topped with crushed black bean chips.  Yum filling and good for you!Then off to my daughters first conference game of the season of Lacrosse @Shepard – they WON!  It’s such a lovely drive out there to the campus and Shepardstown, WV is the sweetest little town.  Then home to finish chores which for some reason dont feel so bad when the sun is pouring in the windows, and get ready for the week.  Prepared my Green Soup for the week.  (Ingrediants on your list -mostly)  Recipe posted next.

Now For Homework

Take those clean fresh sheets and iron them!  Yes that is right – we want our bedroom to be clean fresh our santuary so to speak.  Even go a step further and while ironing use steam iron feature and than spray with homemade linen spray – 4-6 drop lavender oil and purified water shake and your ready (today I am using up premade linen spray w/homemade in the wings)  iron your flat sheet – fitted and iron your pillow cases!  Spray sheets with the scent while you do so.   This helps to losen up any wrinkles as well – much better than starch spray.   I have always wanted to do it yet never did until now.  The lavender scent will surely help your drift off to LALA land I’m sure.  Martha Steawart turned me on to it years back ( yes I still love Martha Stewear) this was for a guest room.  But you gotta take care of you first right?  So iron those sheets, make your bed, clear away all clutter from your room.  Even if that means putting things in boxes under your bed or in you closet.  It should be clean organized and peaceful.  No eye/mind clutter.

Have by your nightstand

  • A favorite scented candle ( lit before bed)
  • Your journal to doodle, dream and have in the morning easily reached
  • Alarm set 20 min. earlier than the norm
  • Book magazine etc…..
  • Remotes
  • Make your coffee and have ready to just turn on in the morning.
  • Ready your quite area so that upon waking while haveing your morining coffee / tea / water etc…
  • Lay out your clothes for the morning neatly in a corner somewhere handy but neatly
Coffee Ready For Morning HIS & HERS

When you wake in the morning

  • Turn on your coffee
  • Go to quite area
  • You sit and just breathe.
  • Maybe watch the sun come up.
  • No checking phone for instagram, FB msgs etc.  Remeber you woke up 20 min early FOR YOU TIME.
  • Sip on your coffee/tea and grab that journal
  • Write 5 things that make you smile.  Big or little  and think on them for a few minutes
  • Stretch a bit & go get ready for your day
  • Be sure to bring your journal with you today

**I will touch base later but this part is key – today be purposeful in your words, thougths and actions.  I mean hold the door for others, smile more, be a active listener.  Do everything you can to carry yourself with LOVE and not negative, in your words, actions or mannerisms.  No gossip, curssing, go about your day as though you had a camera crew following you, and your Grandmother was watching!  


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