Weekend Shopping Haul – Surprise From The Hubby

Hello Beautiful People,

I am one lucky girl – kindda sortta mostly……  My husband is on the “stop smoking” journey again.  YEAHHHHH – AHHHHHHH!  While he has my full support – the tensions can “how you say?”  Run pretty darn high.  I have been brought to tears on occasion, this is by no means an exaggeration.  It’s a stuggle for both of us on a lot of levels.  So Mike preparing for next few days of “HELL”  gave me his card and sent me to the mall!  Whaaaat yeah baby!  That means I had a pretty good shopping trip weekend shopping haul and a great surprise from the hubby (of sorts to lesson the blow from Mike).  I want to share with you some great things I picked up and some sprulges as well.  A girl has to do something when presented with this situation and drowiny my sorrows is not one of them so “Chargeeeeeeeee IT”!

Disclaimer:  I cant believe I’m gonna say this but the shopping sprees are not quite what they used to be.  I really dont do it very often – the crowds, the money, the pushing of “things” has lost its luster for me a bit.  However  I did dig down deep into my shopping spirt and was surpringly pleased with what I got.

You know me and how much I love my cosmetics.  The cosmetics Dept in Neiman Marcus is one of my “Happy Places”.  I like it when I find a consultant that shows me new things – is not pushy and lets me have free reign.  Just give me some alcohol to clean, tissues, makeup remover, a sharpener and let me play.  Throw in details and new launchs causally.  Please no hard sell.  I do shop spend but have been know to leave if accausted and hate when you know who’s commision its gonna be – tacky.  I’ve lived this world people there is a right way and a wrong way to make “YO Money”  all while keeping the customer comfortable and happy.  Anywho off to the good part.

So I started at NEIMAN MARCUS http://www.neimanmarcus.com and went straigt for the cosmetics department the YSL counter specifically.  

The new “babydoll” collection is insane.  I’m really drawn to hot pink/raspberry right now.  I got the new lip oil too verdict still out on that one……..  Next onto http://www.tomford.com for one of my favorite fragrance’s by TOM FORD / Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum.  His scents are unisex so this one is quite masculine but I love it and always get tons of compliments.  Very dark, moody and kindda sexy way about it.  The story or so I’m told is that back in the day at a  Paris burlesque dance hall – it was full of men drinking, partying, smoking cigars and the women tried to disguse the smell of smoke by dabbing vanilla on themselves and Voila! This divine perfume was born!  Neat right?  True story – I dont know but you have to try it someday.  BTW – always ask for a sample of perfume when you get a full bottle or trying a new one to take with for travel.  I know right – smart girl.  So make friends with your cosmetics consultant and gather up the trial sizes.  I even get my foundations in sample jars, new eye creams and if your lucky they will have high end mascaras too.  You can use them in your gym bag, travel bag and guest rooms.

Now onto Macy and I love the  SUNGLASS HUT’s that are located inside the Macy’s stores.  I was torn between the shoe dept. MAC counter and Sunglass hut.  Lucky me they were all stones throw away from one another so I hit them all!  LOL The trifecta! https://www.macys.com/shop/handbags-accessories/womens-sunglasses?id=28295  I came across these Michael Kors Mirror sunglasses and fell in love – the saleswomen offered me a $50 off coupon to buy two pair so I DID.  I love them both.  

Then onto Victorias Secret – little somethings for Mike and Me!  The store at Tysons Corner is crazy big – was packed – needless to say – I cleaned up well there too.  It’s important to refresh your lingere drawer too for spring and the new under garmets I bought are perfect.

Now back to reality, work and the grouchy bear at home aka my husband.  I had fun shopping appreciate it but really best gift is if he really can stay Stopped!  Smoking that is.

Homeworks – show your kitchen some love – clean out your silverware – utlensil drawer and replace any old broken pieces.  Target has some really cute bright modern kitchen gadgets right now.




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