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Happy Sunday,

Mike and I are fasting today!  Doing all liquid juice cleanse.  Odd enough when Mike recently got his first colonoscopy and had to fast for a day he thought he was gonna die!  So to be supportive I decided to do it along with him and not do what my first thought was……… to eat chips dip, steak, cheese and ice cream all day in front of him.  Those of you in a marriage or realationshipa a long time know what I mean.  Sometimes ya just wanna be a stinker.  However I did not listen to the devil on my sholder and we fasted together.  I have done this on occasion to reset my “gut health” detox and feel lighter better energentic.  Side note – he did just that to me when I did my first CLEAN PROGRAM 21 day clease last year!

At the end of the day and after Mike was able to eat his first solid meal, he told me he” wasnt that hungry and felt better”!  I said YOU SEE!  Anyway we talked about doing it one time a month to jump start our selves, feel better and let our tummies reset.   Plus its nice to connect in our marriage when we have some of  the same goals and challenges.  Work as a team on something new.

I have a juicer and Vita-mix but we opted for the easy route today and pre ordered 6 juices (3 – each) of cold pressed juice from Common Market CoOp.  We are gonna drive to Mosiac District in VA to try “ ” sometime Common Markets Juices dont quite do it for me.  Besides Puree is set up to do cleanses and have several locations here in the DC area.  One even at Sibly Hospital – very cleaver!  I am so doing one of these today and when we get back from road trip!  Full review in afew weeks.

So this is the premise for the Fasting / Clease that you can do even from products at Wegmans or your local health food store.  You dont have to be so complicated or rigid with yourself.  You know my motto its gotta be fun not torture.  

  • You start the day with 1 small glass purified water ( I did have a cup of coffee first – I wont lie )
  • 1 cup hot lemon water with two dashes of cayne powder to just start you liver and metobolism
  • One juice – we did a Green Monster
  • Hot lemon H20 etc.
  • One juice – Beet is next – so powerful be careful – watch your tummy.
  • Green tea
  • Last full “green juice” what ever you choose
  • Hot lemon water or night time tea

You will be fully hydrated – most likely stopping in the bathroom a lot if your like me – my bladder is already the size of a pea – LOL get “size of a pea”.  You can also add herbal chinese cleasing tea at the end of the day to really move the sludge outta your gut – I do this – Mike – not so much.  See my last post on travel to check the brand, details etc. of the tea I am talking about.  Feel free to add some kombucha, ginger or wheatgrass shots etc.  during the day – can only help right.  If you have access to a hot stone sauna GO FOR IT!

Come on and try it with me – what do you have to loose……… maybe some water weight, maybe those darn delicicious you had at the grand opening this week.  



Dinner Tonight – Blackened Salmon

Howdy Gang,

Trying my best to stay upbeat, awake, positive and healthy with my food choices but this darn rain and clouds are taking its toll.  This feeling translates into major “JUNK FOOD” cravings.  M&M’s, cake, cookies anything with chocolate and/or sugar!  However, I need to get hold of myself so dinner tonight will be healthy blackened Salmon.  Low salt, high taste and filling.  I am lucky enough to grab salmon from our walk in at we get only the best Wild Atlantic Salmon there so dont judge me folks.  I guess I am a little spoiled.

Unlike some other foods, there is no “standard recipe” for blackening seasoning.  That means that each cook includes slightly different ingredients. Salt and pepper are to be found in almost all recipes, and are most commonly accompanied by paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme and oregano. Some of these ingredients may be left out, (SALT for me ) and others, such as white pepper, may be included.  No matter the recipe, blackening seasonings are usually applied liberally just before pan searing in a hot skillet.  I create my custom seasoning often using curry powder and Smokey paprika – I think blackening seasoning gets a bad rap people automatically assume it means preparing in the Cajon way.  Very spicy, high in salt and fat but that is not the case.Below is what I use for my mix.  However this changes depending on what’s in my pantry and my mood.  So give it a try.  The key is a very hot pan (turn that fan on!) olive oil and butter.  Sear well on both sides about 3 min. each side.  Than depending on thickness of fish cover and place in oven at 450 for 2 min. maybe a little more.  I sometime will just put it in the microwave for 45 seconds to make sure not too rare.  Letting it rest for about 3 minutes before serving.




  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 1 tbsp oregano flakes
  • 1 tsp cayenne powder


  1. Mix all together in small mixing bowl - this will coat 2 pieces of salmon - give or take the measurements - use what you have on hand - add a pinch of salt if you want.  

With this beautiful fish I may make a fresh crunchy salad – simple dressing of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, oregeno, red wine vinegar S&P.  Or you can switch up the redwine vinegar for asain rice wine vinegar & omit the oregano – its a bit lighter and sweet.  Great to pair with seafood.

Or I will have some of my toasted quinoa and whatever veggie in season.  Brussel sprouts or my favorites butternut squash!  However, tonight I also served this with my Asain Slaw (recipe in archives) DLISH!  This has to be Chrissy’s and my favoite for sure.  

Voila – dinner is served.  A healthy one too – now this leaves room for that cheesecake for dessert right?  Will share my mom Carole’s famous Cheesecake recipe with you tomorrow. I miss her and love to cook her specialties makes me feel her presence again!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I really do appreciate each of you.   If you try this out let me know what recipe you used and your thoughts.  Later I am making these lamb burgers I found on @cleanprogram.  Never dissapointed in their stuff – never!  So as another beautiful day comes to a close – I prepare my bath and reflect on what great people are in my life and all the blessings I have.  I wish the same for you!


What’s In My Carryon Bag – Travel Essentials

Spring= Travel

Time to head out to the great outdoors – either by plane, boat or car.  Depending on trip I have a few things that have made traveling smooth, safe, organized and less stressful.  The list below are things that are in my bag and some travel essentials I have acquired over the years.  I’ll share ideas from some travel “experts” with tips and tricks.  Travel agents, friends who jet off for either business or fun or both all the time.

A folder – A real old school folder – not on phone or computer actual place to put papers.

  • make copies of all your credit cards. Front & Back (with phone numbers) Drives license, passport all important documents that if lost or stolen are handy to cancel, contact what ever the case.  Keep in the safe or hotel room.  Not with your purse, wallet that kindda defets the pupose.
  • Print out full itineary and have in that folder
  • Local tips, hot spots notes to refer to.

A sturdy Tote Bag.  Not your purse in fact now I have been packing 2 handbags (one day one night) and my carryon becomes my travel purse.  I will sometimes put my purse in the totebag if I feel I wanna pull it out upon arival.  I have a Michael Kors – pretty beat up – need new one asap.  I want study not too pricey will be going through the trenches with me.  My first choice is this basic baby from ZARA Comes in two color this pretty baby blue and ecru Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag ,

I’m digging the look of this however: My friend Henri Bendel – It comes in 4 colors made into a backpack or cross body – I like it. Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag ,

Here is the Winner below I found this baby at Nordstrom its their line Chelsea 28 and I love it!  It is just so soft, faux leather that will wipe clean.  It will fit my laptop, modern sturcture /color and the price ONLY $69.00!  So that left me with money for a cute crossbody by the same brand for spring!  Here is the link I am loving all shade sof Gray.  Is it Gray or Grey?  I dunno.  So this will go with me for my upcoming road trip!  “LOVE”Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag ,

THIS IS GENERALY WHAT WILL BE IN MY TOTE & CARRYON: Give or take if we are flying driving or taking the train

  • Sunglasses in a hard shell case (dont wanna break these babies)
  • I keep my charger cube in here
  • My travel wallet
  • Healthy snacks – whatever is allowed
  • Pen/paper
  • Travel tolietries – toothbrush – facemask – gum or mints – facemist spray – advil
  • Small makeup bag in case luggae lost (if road trip than thats in my suitcase)
  • Laptop or Ipad
  • My small travel camera
  • Bikini (in case luggage lost) Or gloves & hat depending time of year and trip destination
  • Flip flops or comfortable shoes for plane and destination

City Guide

A small pocket guide to the city I am going to like Zagat, Fodars, Michelin guide – Rick Steves travel, or Time Out all good sources of reference and good reading on the trip.  Mike and i will also read print and make notes of reviews menus and bring along for reference.  We are still pen to paper people

Travel Umbrella

  • Enough said – Rain  – Brutal sun.  Just get one – trust me.  You know how it goes, if you dont bring it you’ll need it if you do you wont.  Murphy’s law folks

Personal Security – This may not be in my carryon but comes on the trip when traveling alone for sure and going to be my stocking stuffer for all my loved ones this year.

  • Door stop alarm – this one is new for me but inexpensieve enough and gives real peace of mind.  Espically when as a women I travel alone at times.

Order from Amazon or I got this one from my local Home Depot  small compact and makes a great gift for wife, daugher or mom.  Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag , amazon prime,


Juice On The Go

The next thing I take on a trip short or long is a portable charging station – so many to choose from I go for white (of course) and than also add the outlet adaptor.  My electronic accesories go in a travel cube tied and stored neatly so I can find them easily and dont loose when ehading home. Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag ,

This above is from Amazon – everyone has them for sale just your preference.

So those who follow understand my love of food and Mikes and my travel obsession with trying new things so a MUST for me to bring along is my Ballerina Tea.  I get sahll we say “traveltummy” and this is my cure!  People dont speak of this however I DO!  Happy Tummy Happy Life!  I have used this tea for close to 30 years.  If I am watching my weight, when traveling and get backed up and / or over indulged (both when I travel – am I right? ) and need to keep light on my toes. I know you know what I mean………  I will steep 2 bags in microwave, in room teapot or get hotel to bring boiling water and steep for 1 hour and sip on during the day and if really needed double up and stong tea before bed.  Waking up and ready to leap into the new day.  See the girl on the box – you WILL feel that way!  Note: try it in the safety of your home first so you know what to expect when you are on the open road.  LOL  ( Also making sure to have a few pre & probiotics that I religiously take).  Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag , chinese tea, slimming tea,

Lastly a pen, colored markers, and journal – Sometime I will by a new or use one of the many I have.  I will put menus in it – notes – draw & doodle ( love a good doodle folks ) tickets, pictures anykind, lists, reviews, basic memontos of the trip.  Loriannmd, urablankslte, blank slate, dmv, blogger, nordstrom , travel, frederick, maryland, carryon bag, reviews, shopping, nyc, anniversary sale nordstrom, lori tauraso, Blank Slate, wordpress, netaporter, jet lag , chinese tea, slimming tea,

Whats in your yoru travel bag, carryon, suitcase.  What have you learned to always have on hand?  Comment below and let me know.

Links to some “travel experts” and their must haves…….

HUFFPOST CANADA , BRIDES MAGAZINE NOMADIC MATT some things on the list were simalar and some I would never have thought about.  Good reads for sure.  Most of all have fun when you travel – it’s a big world – enjoy!

Now we are off to National Harbor today for some food, shopping and maybe some gambling at the new MGM Grand!  Check in with instagram for updates!  Will wirte post on this as well.


Decor Ideas about color and mood

Good Morning,

Spring is here and that means I look to refresh my house and working spaces as well as the restaurants.  I’m putting my decorator hat back on.  I updated some art work and shelving in TR – did some office cleaning – want to add flowers and new sidewalk boards for BHB. We update the bathroom at the downtown location in process of spring up the dining room – just awaiting some new subway tile and looking good.  You’d be surprised at the wear and tear these places get in just a year or a season.  I’m really happy with the color choices of the Black Hogs getting rid of the muddy red and browns replacing with charcoal, oyster white and pops of red and black.  I want to have the same basic look in all locations for continuity.  Speaking of brands and colors – I took a class long ago about color theory and what emotions colors evoke.  Red=passion, fire, fast passed, Blue = calm, cool, soothing, Green = happy fresh clean Black = sexy, modern , masculine Yellow = happy childlike (this color they say is best for childs rooms – schools, nursery’s as it stimulates the mind – who knows for sure but my babies rooms were yellow at least for alittle while.  Purple = creative, royality, peacful


You see this color theory really comes to light in branding see the chart below:

Most successful food chains and restaurants use colors in the red, orange, brown yellow spectrum.  I was told it keeps people happy, excited, friendly and they are more apt to be in an out quickly.  Hello McDonalds, Waffle House, Black Hog Bbq, Chipotle, Noodle & Co. etc. you get the drift.  It really sets a mood for people for sure.  Try it out yourself, look at the new versions of McDonalds, same basic colors but now adding pops of green = health as they try and rebrand.  What ever you think of McDonalds they rock as  a business.  They are cutting edge and usually the first mass chain to try new concepts / versions and run with it.  Happy meals?  Labeling their food, caution signs on products, toys for kids, playgrounds in the restaurants, salads, oatmeal, fruit bag snacks, dollar menu the list goes on and on.  Way to go Mr. McDonald – my hats off to you.  If you own your own business what ever type it is you can surely learn a lot from their business model.  Just saying…… how many ‘BILLIONS SERVED”?

I recently read an article from Laurel & Wolf where they talk to a therapist and they explain how interior design can have an effect on your mood.  “Dr. Traci Bank, a therapist and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, is a firm believer that creating a space you feel comfortable in is important for your emotional health. So we talked to her about the psychological points of interior design and how to put them into action to create a space that helps you feel happy and healthy.”  I have know this for a long time but I wanted to share this with you.  The following is their article – all credit and rights belong to them.  Check it out. Link to their website here:   This article instills what I think most of us know just need some thoughtful nudging / reminders so to speak.  Especially well timed for spring cleaning projects The part on light in your space and decluttering are constants for me.  Read on and enjoy!

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood

By: Sarah Beaumont

April 19, 2017

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf

Have you ever walked into a dark, dingy room and immediately felt your mood drop? Or maybe you’ve stayed in a hotel that put you totally at ease the moment you set your suitcase down. Our environment has a big impact on the way we feel. Whether the scent of a space triggers a memory or the lighting sets a certain vibe, there are a lot of factors play into our moods.

Dr. Traci Bank, a therapist and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, is a firm believer that creating a space you feel comfortable in is important for your emotional health. So we talked to her about the psychological points of interior design and how to put them into action to create a space that helps you feel happy and healthy.

Embrace nature

Though it depends on a person’s preferences, bringing natural elements into the home tends to have a comforting effect and helps one feel more connected to the world. Bank recommends using earthy colors, plants, soft textures, and natural materials like reclaimed wood.

“There’s also something to be said about being in your home and experiencing a light breeze as you take a deep breath,” she says. “I think moments like this, even in the midst of a chaotic week, can bring so much ease and peace.”

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Let the light in

When you’re moving into a new place, natural light is a big plus, right? Well, there’s a reason people get so giddy over lighting. “Light–both artificial and natural, but preferably the latter–can help mitigate depressive symptoms by stimulating cells in the retina which are connected to the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that helps regulate circadian rhythms,” Bank says. So living in a dark space can negatively impact sleep. So draw open the curtains, crack a window and let the sun shine in.

Declutter, but don’t worry about your place being perfect all the time

“I think there’s this notion that your external environment is a reflection of your internal experience which absolutely can be true, but isn’t always,” Bank says. “For example, I have worked with clients who are highly anxious and have immaculate, clean, and clutter-free homes. But what we learn is that their type-A personality is actually more of a coping strategy to avoid dealing with difficult or painful feelings. I also know many emotionally healthy people who live in a messier space. This could be indicative of them just living their life and not needing everything to be perfect.”

The key is to find a level of cleanliness you feel comfortable with that works for your lifestyle. “I do think having a generally tidy home is something we should all strive for,” Bank says. “But focus on the big picture — if your living space is pretty organized and there’s room to roam around without tripping on something, then I would say you’re doing just fine.”

Recognize what makes you feel good

Obviously material items don’t create happiness, but there’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with things you love. “It can be incredibly uncomfortable to live somewhere that doesn’t feel like your own, so it’s important to create a space that’s authentic to you. Sights, sounds, smells, touches — our environment is constantly triggering memories of past experiences — positive or negative. Even having a good experience when purchasing something can elicit positive memories when you look at it,” Bank says. So get rid of your ex’s furniture and anything you don’t like, and try to decorate in a way that feels authentic to you.

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Bring self-care into your routine

“Taking the time to create a clean, comfortable living space can provide us with a sense of accomplishment and pride. When we engage in healthy, proactive behaviors that involve self-care, we tend to have healthier thoughts, which in turn makes us feel better and leads to an increase in positive behaviors,” Bank says. One way to do so? Aromatherapy. Bank suggests rose, vetiver and jasmine, which has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Create your safe space through mindfulness

“When you go into new a space — whether it’s someone’s home, a restaurant, or store — try and be mindful of your experience and ask yourself some questions: What do you like about the space (or not)? What does it make you feel? What color are the walls? Are there a lot of natural elements like wood and indoor foliage? Is it quiet or is there ambient music? What does the space smell like and where do your senses take you? When you’re able to acknowledge how you feel and what is causing you to feel that way, you can bring those things that give you a sense of peace into your own home,” Bank says.

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Don’t stress about your small space

Small spaces get a bad rap — and it’s true, they often feel suffocating. But if you use tools to maximize the space and make it feel safe and homey, it can be a truly enjoyable place to live no matter how small. “At the end of the day, if you live in a huge house but you lack work-life balance or are in the midst of a break-up, no amount of open space will change those things or make you feel better. Work with what you got and focus on what’s important in your life — relationships, purpose, and health.”………..

Love this site – on my must read list now!  Thank you again Sarah Beaumont! 

What are you going to do to make your spaces more positive for you and your family?  My list as follows, these are great projects for the up-coming week:

  • De-clutter (seems to be ongoing theme for me – carry on Lori, carry-on)
  • Finally get Ikea Pax wardrobe started (thank you JoJo for my mothers day gift 5 hrs of putting big parts together….yeah great present)!
  • New throw pillows to add pop of color for spring maybe From ARHAUS! 
  • Laying out our patio conversation area – we  don’t have a large outdoor space (bummer) but will make the best of it.  Came with a fire pit too!
  • Getting new terra-cotta planters and tracking where the sun is etc…. for best flowers – need some major color and texture out there its a concrete jungle!  Choosing a theme out there incorporating lanterns, blues, greens, wood natural elements and white or course!


  •  Clean out pantry, fridge, laundry room.  Old expired stuff GONE.
  •  Buy new Frame and hang some pictures I took – like this for kitchen
  • Look for outdoor pillows maybe West elm or Home Goods and Etsy again at
  • Replace air filters – spring all this pollen everywhere here.
  • Look for a new candle or two – I love the ones atand get a new Nouvelle Candle.  We cooked fish in here two days ago and Mike didn’t put vent on – even still it still has friend fish smell – uggg not good – windows open, fans on new candles!
  • Maybe new dishware – I love my standard white – but maybe some stoneware in pastel colors blush and blue to add to the mix.

Off to the races gotta get this party started.



Walmart Beauty Haul & Review

Good Morning 

I was sent a $100 Walmart GC to do a beauty review!  Lucky me.  So this will be my first full Walmart beauty haul & review.  If you have been following a long with me for a while, you know that I love my high end as well as wallet friendly beauty products.  If it works – it works!  It does not have to cost a fortune to be great.

So off to my local Walmart I went.

My puchase’s as follows:

  1. Luster’s Pink Sheen Spray It has been around a long time.  Think of it as the first hair oil.  More marketed to ethnic hair but really people we all want soft shiny touchable hair.  It works great – smell not my fav but goes away quickly.  NOTE:  use sparingly – spray from 6 inches away will get greasy quick!  May take practice but nice to have – the shine your hair gets is fantastic! $10.50
  2. Nip + Fab skin ( I have mentioned this line before – some great glycolic face pads) This is a roller ball eye tighten in eyeserum $9.96
  3. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer A MUST $14.68
  4. Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base (compare to above Maybelline Primer)   $10.97
  5. Essie Nail Polish “Minimalistic” #308 light pale pink $8.97 
  6. Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat Clear A MUST $5.42
  7. Rimmel Matte Lip RED 120 link not exact to what is in each product availability will vary at each store but price is correct $4.97
  8. Wet & Wild Gel Lip Liner Red The Scene #656B $2.93
  9. Schwarzkopf GLISS hair repair shampoo & conditioner this is not exact I bought newer version which is less expensive at $5.47 each
  10. Mascara makeup bag – $5.97 by nail polish & cotton balls – many to choose from – needed new one – however I do prefer plastic waterproof so we will see.
  11. Goody Ouchless Hair THIN version ( in love with these not too tight and won’t break hair or give me a headache I keep everywhere  A MUST!  $3.84
  12. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ( several shades) A HOLY GRAIL – A MUST – you will love me long time.  Travel size $4.97
  13. Neutrogena Make up remover wipes (travel / gym size) pretty good since Maybelline discontinued my Clean Start Remover cloths – UGGGGGG $1.47 Link is full size A MUST
  14. EARTH THERAPEUTICS Moisturizing gel booties ( summer people ) I paid $8.96 

I went a few dollars over.  Roughly $105.00 plus tax – not bad at all for 14 products!

My thoughts:

Pink Sheen Spay – nice shine the smell however strong – yuck but goes away – very little goes a long way – try it – I would get smaller can if possible and would not purchase again – only because this will be here forever and frankly a lot of other stuff to try……. so it’s a MAYBE

Nip Fab – verdict – NO would not get again – stung near my eyes ( WT…..) roller ball not much serum on it had to keep shaking it – so                            NO THANK YOU

Primer Maybelline YES YES YES!

Loreal Base – not crazy about – gave me a few red bumps on forehead – not good under eyes – whereas Maybelline Rocks! NO would not buy again

Essie – love this nail color – pale pink but not too sheer – you can see it – yet forgiving for horrible manicurist as myself.  YES & TOP COAT YES  as well

Rimmel – not a fan – color good but smell is not – and I am very sensitive to those things – so NO

Wet & Wild Lip pencil – good for price – color a true red not too blue easy to apply YES/MAYBE 

Schwarzkopf Shampoo Conditioner YES – nice smooth soft hair – gentle and good for my new delicate blonde

Makeup BagNO – too big bulky and I dont like the feel of the canvas (putting in guest room with beauty samples)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – water resistant YES YES YES one day soon I’ll do a video on how I apply pretty crazy but works.

Neutrogena Make up remover wipes – just okhavent found anything like clean express from my beloved Maybelline NY will continue search

Moisturizing gel booties – MAYBE – not quite sure on these – cute for gift – maybe in Mothers Day basket with nail polish etc….. bubble bath for spa night for MOM.

Well thank you WALMART for the GC and you really can get a lot of great quaility products on the cheap more than half of them are a YES and repeat pruchase for me.  Next, I  will try and find foundation but they did away with testers and it is so hard to tell colors and match without opening up the package.  I dont wanna be that girl in the store.  Also please put mirrors back in isles to check color / prodcuts next to face.

All right off to get my 10k steps in walk Abe and take some bar drink photos at since gonna be nice will do out on patio at our newest location Market Square North Frederick, MD  Laudry, visit Chirssy check on class schedule Chrissy and I are taking together.  So great having her around again.  Missed my baby!  I miss them all when there are not home or living in town.

Oh yeah, we did all liquid all day yesterday and feel fantastic – mix of beet shots, veggie juice, kombuchas, water and herbal teas feeling light and groovy folks – give it a go and let me know how you feel.



A Day With Me

Good Morning,

So I have been asked – “What do you do”?  More often than I’d care to comment,  I wear many different hats.  Mother, Wife, Blogger, Design Consultant, PR Director, Budding Photographer, Technology Geek, Full on Amazon Junkie, and Philanthropist.  Just to name a few, so I’d thought I’d take you along for a day with me.

I wake up early ( just started this a few years ago as an early riser) and have a bit of quiet time – today I was able to see the sunrise always breathtaking – this is with my iphone 7 Plus no filter from my window.  How beautiful right?

Next one of us will walk Abe – mostly Mike does quickly first thing but this morning Mike is able to sleep in so I’m gonna take the big guy out.  He is so good.  I never really thought I’d love a dog like this.  He really has a personality and I swear understands me when I’m talking to him.  I walk him about 3 miles a day 5 and up when the weather is nice.  I do watch it in the heat however with all that hair and his size early morning and evening walks are best for him when summer hits.  I’ll take some time to strech and decide on my workout for the day.  I prefer to get it in early otherwise too many excuses pop up….. am I right?  Wait, does thinking of working out count for partial workout?……… BTW Abe’s tounge is always out – why I dont know?  

Today we are going to replace (finally ) the artwork at TR in the main dining room.  The new peice is below.  It’s  hard to find right one at times.  It  needs to be neutral so as not take away from the food or our beautiful guests.  Yet it’s a statement at times – a huge focal point of the restaurant.  I like to support local artists but that can become very pricey and I did not have the budget this time.  This one is from GREAT BIG CANVAS 60×50 Thick Wrap called “Slow Dance”  Alittle smaller than I like but………… $$$$$$$ price is right.

Really is a great site for all types of artwork.  They have a fast turn around and always some kind of coupon or sale. This site and are my goto’s  While at TR I will try and snag a few photos of the kitchen – Leo making the bread, desserts, and brunch items for our social media campagins.  I will choose new aprons for staff uniforms and decide what will go in the restroom new storage shelving.  Also creating Mike new business card incorporating all the restaurants and our group name “EAT WELL INC.”

                                 Justin & Amanda modeling possible new aprons – need major ironing but cute. Amanda could wear a paper sack and look great!

Here is me taking a picture of me taking a picture of the new non dairy smoothie I made – I feel so much better with out dairy, lighter, cleaner but boy I love cheese, milk, cream and ICE CREAM….. It’s with my new Canon Gx7  – I’ve been alternating between this and my Canon T4i ( T4i wins hands down for quality) Leave a comment if your intrested in the recipe and I’ll fill ya in!

Stopping by my daughters new apt – she just finished everything – graduated College, finshed up her LAX season and now can take a deep breath.  Yeah Chrissy!   We are going to finish setting up her house, maybe get nails done, do a juice cleanse this week.  I dont have the words to express my pride and the amount of love I feel.  Plus I’m so excited she is less than 5 miles from me!

We are having lunch at our BBQ joint Black Hog BBQ with some dear friends celebrating the life of his daughter, who tragically passed last week.  Her father grew up with Mike and he wants to build a garden in her honor so in lieu of sending flowers to the service I ordered beautiful rose bushes to be planted at his house in her name.  I hope that will bring some joy and give him a bit of peace.  What a a precious gift she was.  I cant imagine the pain he feels.  I just pray for the whole family.

On a lighter note I will also be reviewing some products that I was fortunate enough to be sent – lucky me and posting later this week 

Some of the items are: In shower bodylotion comparision – strangely there was a big difference – check back Tuesday for complete review of about 8 – 10 products were sent and I will give you my unbiased opinion.  Below is a cool face sheet mask – I adore these and have tried all kinds – I know first off that I love the packaging of this one.  Will try tonight after bath and find out if it works.

I am also in need of new coffee pot – you see Mike broke mine by mistake ( we have his and hers Lg & small versions) mine broke and he was sweet enought to replace it.  However even though it is my favorite “Mr. Coffee” it is not the same one and the lip on pitcher is weird people.  It pours out the and runs down the pitcher all over the counter EVERYTIME!  I mean what the heck – I know its not me cuz I have been brewing and pouring coffee for some time now.  I think it’s the weird beak like spout.  Mike ordered the top of the line smaller coffee pot for me off amazon today – thanks babe and will be here in a few days.  Just odd  I cant return this one box and receipt throw away.  I mean who would’ve thought it would not work correctly?


Did laundry, dishes, went to Lowes for garden supplies and now winding down from the day.  We are off to walk Abe again – and make sure to get my 10K steps in!  Tomorrow I’m doing an all liquid day.  Feel really bloated and heavy.  Need to flush out toxins and I like to give my digestion a break like this every few weeks.  I’ll show you what I drink to stay energized and nourished for a day of just liquid.  You should try it!



BTW – the fellas in my life get spa treatments too – Mike gets his detox foot soaks and Abe gets his salon on the patio! 

Union Market DC – Worth The Trip

Hey There,

As promised more info about my Satuday trip to DC and Union Market.  Here is link with all things going on – address etc. It is really a great spot and so worth the trip in to town  – weekend traffic and all!  Mike and I really enjoy these kind of pop up food vendor/markets.  It is like sport to us.  Everyone starts out at a 5 on scale of 1 – 10 and can go up and down from there.  Just know that if your a restaurant and your the server at our table, if you 1. crouch down, 2. sit on achair backwards 3. touch either on of us like your an old friend – 4. tell us everything move you make before hand like ” im going to get yur water and I’m going to see if your food is ready to pic up and let you knowthe status……” there will be many many points taken away my friend. – fair warning.  Anywho, the neighborhood is considered NOMA – we went for  and stayed for the rest.

TOLI MOLI – so yummy texture odd but couldnt stop eating it. 

I meant for the sign to be outta focus and focus on food – didn’t work this time (new camera focal point) …. hmm next time it’ll be better

The employee here was really helpful I had one of their classics forgot the name but they feature jellies and syrups made from scratch using fresh, healthy and natural ingredients, cups are stacked with superfoods and love. AWE…….. It’s the best dessert you’ve never had.  I believe mine was the first listed #faloodas the Royal – with pomegranate and rosewater a classic version of their street food. We also went GAGA for this bread – really are you kidding me?  You know you wanna lick the screen right now – Did I go to far?

It is from LYON BAKERY  

Craft Kombucha was on the list    

Than it was #Oystertime 

Such a cool hip spot a real fresh cocktail bar and perfectly briney, cold oysters.  I even had a few grilled!  Well done Rappahannock well done.

There was a spot called the TASTE LAB – where small start ups go create share and use a common kitchen etc.  This is where I met Pauline of  Mocktails made with fresh ingrediants – something I adore  We also bought some green chili jerkey and home made dog treats for @abethenewfoundland our pup.  Not as good as my puppy muffins but not too shabby.  There was a lot we didnt try like this dessert stall but we will be back for sure – serves 4?  My foot – I see myself in a back parking lot somewhere with a plastic fork and dark sunglasseson.  HAHA I crack myself up – why cuz it way true!  My mom and I used to do that when we left Giant –  after getting our grocerys we’d pull over with a huge slice of NY style cheesecake and eat it in the car before we got home!  Gosh I miss that women just one of the many many reasons.   

Well this should be enough to peak your interests  – so many other places to try BTW RED APRON is there and more full scale restaurnts – I think I saw PIZZA?  Let me know your thoughts and what is your favorite market in the DMV.  I’ve been to Belvedere Square (Hex Ferments) https://www.hexferments.comin Baltimore, Lexington Market Baltimore as well (Faidleys) and Reading Terminal in Philly ( DiNic’s Baby) .  San Fran is on my bucket list too – I’d be crazy for that market I’m sure!



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