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Good Morning,

So I have been asked – “What do you do”?  More often than I’d care to comment,  I wear many different hats.  Mother, Wife, Blogger, Design Consultant, PR Director, Budding Photographer, Technology Geek, Full on Amazon Junkie, and Philanthropist.  Just to name a few, so I’d thought I’d take you along for a day with me.

I wake up early ( just started this a few years ago as an early riser) and have a bit of quiet time – today I was able to see the sunrise always breathtaking – this is with my iphone 7 Plus no filter from my window.  How beautiful right?

Next one of us will walk Abe – mostly Mike does quickly first thing but this morning Mike is able to sleep in so I’m gonna take the big guy out.  He is so good.  I never really thought I’d love a dog like this.  He really has a personality and I swear understands me when I’m talking to him.  I walk him about 3 miles a day 5 and up when the weather is nice.  I do watch it in the heat however with all that hair and his size early morning and evening walks are best for him when summer hits.  I’ll take some time to strech and decide on my workout for the day.  I prefer to get it in early otherwise too many excuses pop up….. am I right?  Wait, does thinking of working out count for partial workout?……… BTW Abe’s tounge is always out – why I dont know?  

Today we are going to replace (finally ) the artwork at TR in the main dining room.  The new peice is below.  It’s  hard to find right one at times.  It  needs to be neutral so as not take away from the food or our beautiful guests.  Yet it’s a statement at times – a huge focal point of the restaurant.  I like to support local artists but that can become very pricey and I did not have the budget this time.  This one is from GREAT BIG CANVAS 60×50 Thick Wrap called “Slow Dance”  https://www.greatbigcanvas.com/  Alittle smaller than I like but………… $$$$$$$ price is right.

Really is a great site for all types of artwork.  They have a fast turn around and always some kind of coupon or sale. This site and Art.com are my goto’s http://www.art.com.  While at TR I will try and snag a few photos of the kitchen – Leo making the bread, desserts, and brunch items for our social media campagins.  I will choose new aprons for staff uniforms and decide what will go in the restroom new storage shelving.  Also creating Mike new business card incorporating all the restaurants and our group name “EAT WELL INC.”

                                 Justin & Amanda modeling possible new aprons – need major ironing but cute. Amanda could wear a paper sack and look great!

Here is me taking a picture of me taking a picture of the new non dairy smoothie I made – I feel so much better with out dairy, lighter, cleaner but boy I love cheese, milk, cream and ICE CREAM….. It’s with my new Canon Gx7  – I’ve been alternating between this and my Canon T4i ( T4i wins hands down for quality) Leave a comment if your intrested in the recipe and I’ll fill ya in!

Stopping by my daughters new apt – she just finished everything – graduated College, finshed up her LAX season and now can take a deep breath.  Yeah Chrissy!   We are going to finish setting up her house, maybe get nails done, do a juice cleanse this week.  I dont have the words to express my pride and the amount of love I feel.  Plus I’m so excited she is less than 5 miles from me!

We are having lunch at our BBQ joint Black Hog BBQ with some dear friends celebrating the life of his daughter, who tragically passed last week.  Her father grew up with Mike and he wants to build a garden in her honor so in lieu of sending flowers to the service I ordered beautiful rose bushes to be planted at his house in her name.  I hope that will bring some joy and give him a bit of peace.  What a a precious gift she was.  I cant imagine the pain he feels.  I just pray for the whole family.

On a lighter note I will also be reviewing some products that I was fortunate enough to be sent – lucky me and posting later this week 

Some of the items are: In shower bodylotion comparision – strangely there was a big difference – check back Tuesday for complete review of about 8 – 10 products were sent and I will give you my unbiased opinion.  Below is a cool face sheet mask – I adore these and have tried all kinds – I know first off that I love the packaging of this one.  Will try tonight after bath and find out if it works.

I am also in need of new coffee pot – you see Mike broke mine by mistake ( we have his and hers Lg & small versions) mine broke and he was sweet enought to replace it.  However even though it is my favorite “Mr. Coffee” it is not the same one and the lip on pitcher is weird people.  It pours out the and runs down the pitcher all over the counter EVERYTIME!  I mean what the heck – I know its not me cuz I have been brewing and pouring coffee for some time now.  I think it’s the weird beak like spout.  Mike ordered the top of the line smaller coffee pot for me off amazon today – thanks babe and will be here in a few days.  Just odd http://www.mrcoffee.com  I cant return this one box and receipt throw away.  I mean who would’ve thought it would not work correctly?


Did laundry, dishes, went to Lowes for garden supplies and now winding down from the day.  We are off to walk Abe again – and make sure to get my 10K steps in!  Tomorrow I’m doing an all liquid day.  Feel really bloated and heavy.  Need to flush out toxins and I like to give my digestion a break like this every few weeks.  I’ll show you what I drink to stay energized and nourished for a day of just liquid.  You should try it!



BTW – the fellas in my life get spa treatments too – Mike gets his detox foot soaks and Abe gets his salon on the patio! 

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