Happy Sunday,

Mike and I are fasting today!  Doing all liquid juice cleanse.  Odd enough when Mike recently got his first colonoscopy and had to fast for a day he thought he was gonna die!  So to be supportive I decided to do it along with him and not do what my first thought was……… to eat chips dip, steak, cheese and ice cream all day in front of him.  Those of you in a marriage or realationshipa a long time know what I mean.  Sometimes ya just wanna be a stinker.  However I did not listen to the devil on my sholder and we fasted together.  I have done this on occasion to reset my “gut health” detox and feel lighter better energentic.  Side note – he did just that to me when I did my first http://www.cleanprogram.com CLEAN PROGRAM 21 day clease last year!

At the end of the day and after Mike was able to eat his first solid meal, he told me he” wasnt that hungry and felt better”!  I said YOU SEE!  Anyway we talked about doing it one time a month to jump start our selves, feel better and let our tummies reset.   Plus its nice to connect in our marriage when we have some of  the same goals and challenges.  Work as a team on something new.

I have a juicer and Vita-mix but we opted for the easy route today and pre ordered 6 juices (3 – each) of cold pressed juice from Common Market CoOp.  We are gonna drive to Mosiac District in VA to try “https://pureejuicebar.com ” sometime Common Markets Juices dont quite do it for me.  Besides Puree is set up to do cleanses and have several locations here in the DC area.  One even at Sibly Hospital – very cleaver!  I am so doing one of these today and when we get back from road trip!  Full review in afew weeks.

So this is the premise for the Fasting / Clease that you can do even from products at Wegmans or your local health food store.  You dont have to be so complicated or rigid with yourself.  You know my motto its gotta be fun not torture.  

  • You start the day with 1 small glass purified water ( I did have a cup of coffee first – I wont lie )
  • 1 cup hot lemon water with two dashes of cayne powder to just start you liver and metobolism
  • One juice – we did a Green Monster
  • Hot lemon H20 etc.
  • One juice – Beet is next – so powerful be careful – watch your tummy.
  • Green tea
  • Last full “green juice” what ever you choose
  • Hot lemon water or night time tea

You will be fully hydrated – most likely stopping in the bathroom a lot if your like me – my bladder is already the size of a pea – LOL get “size of a pea”.  You can also add herbal chinese cleasing tea at the end of the day to really move the sludge outta your gut – I do this – Mike – not so much.  See my last post on travel to check the brand, details etc. of the tea I am talking about.  Feel free to add some kombucha, ginger or wheatgrass shots etc.  during the day – can only help right.  If you have access to a hot stone sauna GO FOR IT!

Come on and try it with me – what do you have to loose……… maybe some water weight, maybe those darn delicicious http://krispykreme.com you had at the grand opening this week.  



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