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Spring is here and that means I look to refresh my house and working spaces as well as the restaurants.  I’m putting my decorator hat back on.  I updated some art work and shelving in TR – did some office cleaning – want to add flowers and new sidewalk boards for BHB. We update the bathroom at the downtown location in process of spring up the dining room – just awaiting some new subway tile and looking good.  You’d be surprised at the wear and tear these places get in just a year or a season.  I’m really happy with the color choices of the Black Hogs getting rid of the muddy red and browns replacing with charcoal, oyster white and pops of red and black.  I want to have the same basic look in all locations for continuity.  Speaking of brands and colors – I took a class long ago about color theory and what emotions colors evoke.  Red=passion, fire, fast passed, Blue = calm, cool, soothing, Green = happy fresh clean Black = sexy, modern , masculine Yellow = happy childlike (this color they say is best for childs rooms – schools, nursery’s as it stimulates the mind – who knows for sure but my babies rooms were yellow at least for alittle while.  Purple = creative, royality, peacful


You see this color theory really comes to light in branding see the chart below:

Most successful food chains and restaurants use colors in the red, orange, brown yellow spectrum.  I was told it keeps people happy, excited, friendly and they are more apt to be in an out quickly.  Hello McDonalds, Waffle House, Black Hog Bbq, Chipotle, Noodle & Co. etc. you get the drift.  It really sets a mood for people for sure.  Try it out yourself, look at the new versions of McDonalds, same basic colors but now adding pops of green = health as they try and rebrand.  What ever you think of McDonalds they rock as  a business.  They are cutting edge and usually the first mass chain to try new concepts / versions and run with it.  Happy meals?  Labeling their food, caution signs on products, toys for kids, playgrounds in the restaurants, salads, oatmeal, fruit bag snacks, dollar menu the list goes on and on.  Way to go Mr. McDonald – my hats off to you.  If you own your own business what ever type it is you can surely learn a lot from their business model.  Just saying…… how many ‘BILLIONS SERVED”?

I recently read an article from Laurel & Wolf where they talk to a therapist and they explain how interior design can have an effect on your mood.  “Dr. Traci Bank, a therapist and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, is a firm believer that creating a space you feel comfortable in is important for your emotional health. So we talked to her about the psychological points of interior design and how to put them into action to create a space that helps you feel happy and healthy.”  I have know this for a long time but I wanted to share this with you.  The following is their article – all credit and rights belong to them.  Check it out. Link to their website here:   This article instills what I think most of us know just need some thoughtful nudging / reminders so to speak.  Especially well timed for spring cleaning projects The part on light in your space and decluttering are constants for me.  Read on and enjoy!

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood

By: Sarah Beaumont

April 19, 2017

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf

Have you ever walked into a dark, dingy room and immediately felt your mood drop? Or maybe you’ve stayed in a hotel that put you totally at ease the moment you set your suitcase down. Our environment has a big impact on the way we feel. Whether the scent of a space triggers a memory or the lighting sets a certain vibe, there are a lot of factors play into our moods.

Dr. Traci Bank, a therapist and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, is a firm believer that creating a space you feel comfortable in is important for your emotional health. So we talked to her about the psychological points of interior design and how to put them into action to create a space that helps you feel happy and healthy.

Embrace nature

Though it depends on a person’s preferences, bringing natural elements into the home tends to have a comforting effect and helps one feel more connected to the world. Bank recommends using earthy colors, plants, soft textures, and natural materials like reclaimed wood.

“There’s also something to be said about being in your home and experiencing a light breeze as you take a deep breath,” she says. “I think moments like this, even in the midst of a chaotic week, can bring so much ease and peace.”

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Let the light in

When you’re moving into a new place, natural light is a big plus, right? Well, there’s a reason people get so giddy over lighting. “Light–both artificial and natural, but preferably the latter–can help mitigate depressive symptoms by stimulating cells in the retina which are connected to the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that helps regulate circadian rhythms,” Bank says. So living in a dark space can negatively impact sleep. So draw open the curtains, crack a window and let the sun shine in.

Declutter, but don’t worry about your place being perfect all the time

“I think there’s this notion that your external environment is a reflection of your internal experience which absolutely can be true, but isn’t always,” Bank says. “For example, I have worked with clients who are highly anxious and have immaculate, clean, and clutter-free homes. But what we learn is that their type-A personality is actually more of a coping strategy to avoid dealing with difficult or painful feelings. I also know many emotionally healthy people who live in a messier space. This could be indicative of them just living their life and not needing everything to be perfect.”

The key is to find a level of cleanliness you feel comfortable with that works for your lifestyle. “I do think having a generally tidy home is something we should all strive for,” Bank says. “But focus on the big picture — if your living space is pretty organized and there’s room to roam around without tripping on something, then I would say you’re doing just fine.”

Recognize what makes you feel good

Obviously material items don’t create happiness, but there’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with things you love. “It can be incredibly uncomfortable to live somewhere that doesn’t feel like your own, so it’s important to create a space that’s authentic to you. Sights, sounds, smells, touches — our environment is constantly triggering memories of past experiences — positive or negative. Even having a good experience when purchasing something can elicit positive memories when you look at it,” Bank says. So get rid of your ex’s furniture and anything you don’t like, and try to decorate in a way that feels authentic to you.

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Bring self-care into your routine

“Taking the time to create a clean, comfortable living space can provide us with a sense of accomplishment and pride. When we engage in healthy, proactive behaviors that involve self-care, we tend to have healthier thoughts, which in turn makes us feel better and leads to an increase in positive behaviors,” Bank says. One way to do so? Aromatherapy. Bank suggests rose, vetiver and jasmine, which has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Create your safe space through mindfulness

“When you go into new a space — whether it’s someone’s home, a restaurant, or store — try and be mindful of your experience and ask yourself some questions: What do you like about the space (or not)? What does it make you feel? What color are the walls? Are there a lot of natural elements like wood and indoor foliage? Is it quiet or is there ambient music? What does the space smell like and where do your senses take you? When you’re able to acknowledge how you feel and what is causing you to feel that way, you can bring those things that give you a sense of peace into your own home,” Bank says.

A Therapist Explains How Interior Design Can Influence Your Mood, Laurel & Wolf,

Don’t stress about your small space

Small spaces get a bad rap — and it’s true, they often feel suffocating. But if you use tools to maximize the space and make it feel safe and homey, it can be a truly enjoyable place to live no matter how small. “At the end of the day, if you live in a huge house but you lack work-life balance or are in the midst of a break-up, no amount of open space will change those things or make you feel better. Work with what you got and focus on what’s important in your life — relationships, purpose, and health.”………..

Love this site – on my must read list now!  Thank you again Sarah Beaumont! 

What are you going to do to make your spaces more positive for you and your family?  My list as follows, these are great projects for the up-coming week:

  • De-clutter (seems to be ongoing theme for me – carry on Lori, carry-on)
  • Finally get Ikea Pax wardrobe started (thank you JoJo for my mothers day gift 5 hrs of putting big parts together….yeah great present)!
  • New throw pillows to add pop of color for spring maybe From ARHAUS! 
  • Laying out our patio conversation area – we  don’t have a large outdoor space (bummer) but will make the best of it.  Came with a fire pit too!
  • Getting new terra-cotta planters and tracking where the sun is etc…. for best flowers – need some major color and texture out there its a concrete jungle!  Choosing a theme out there incorporating lanterns, blues, greens, wood natural elements and white or course!


  •  Clean out pantry, fridge, laundry room.  Old expired stuff GONE.
  •  Buy new Frame and hang some pictures I took – like this for kitchen
  • Look for outdoor pillows maybe West elm or Home Goods and Etsy again at
  • Replace air filters – spring all this pollen everywhere here.
  • Look for a new candle or two – I love the ones atand get a new Nouvelle Candle.  We cooked fish in here two days ago and Mike didn’t put vent on – even still it still has friend fish smell – uggg not good – windows open, fans on new candles!
  • Maybe new dishware – I love my standard white – but maybe some stoneware in pastel colors blush and blue to add to the mix.

Off to the races gotta get this party started.



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