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If your gonna do a 6 day Road Trip – stopping off for night the at a Ritz Carlton  in Naples Florida is a treat for a minimum of of 1 day of R&R.  Although I wanted more and hope to be back by this summers end.

After going through Tampa, Fla – not my favorite spot on the trip – nothing really to showase – we did stay at the waterfront Marriott, nice enough huge lobby but convention hotel all the way.  I think 3 large conventions were going on that day alone.  The waterfront area and frankly the whole city is undergoing tons of contruction –  we shouldve kept going one night wasted.  Then we poppped into Sarasota Beach, Florida early the next morning and I’d defientely want to go back and stay there.  They have a huge long clean beach , lovely main street boutiques and main stream players, and we had the best breakfast at a pastry shop at a French restaurant that has been there for over 20 years!  Fully equiped with snobby waiter too – LOL.  Th owner more than made up for it – and was friendly and happy to chat about the area and upcoming restuarnt week.  Here was my iphone 7 picture and tweet or the gorgeous gulf beach.We were on a mission now however so off to Naples.loriannmd, lori tauraso, mike tauraso, michael tauraso, frederick md, dmv, travel, love ritz carlton, spa, road trip, blank slate, urablankslate, blogger, photos, review, travel review, marriott , marriott rewards, american express travel, Twitter, sarasota beach,

The huge restort of Ritz Carlton Naples, Florida.  Really deceiving on the drive up to get the full grandeur of the property.  road trip, ritz carlton, naples, florida, spa, loriannmd, lori tauraso, urablankslate, blankslate, blank slate, travel , road trip, relax, travel review, dmv, blogger, wordpress, nyc, shopping, nails, cocktail ring, service.

We pulled up to the RITZ CARLTON!  Que the angels singing…….. NOW I’M A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL!  I was exhausted and getting weappy by this point.  Not kidding – when I break I break hard.

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When we arrived – we were greated by graciaous bellman and usherd to the reception desk where cookies and H2o were waiting.  I tried to do a quick video of the lobby but was stopped and startled by a security women who sidled up on me.  I was not putting peoples faces on my video just decor etc…. I know what happens in hotels needs to be handled discreetly.  Anyway, she shut it down so off to the room.  The decor was soft blues, pale lilacs and seafoam green – the lobby was old school grand yet I think could be updated.  They have a dinner service in the lobby in the eveing however I’m looking forward to the steak house I heard about online inside – the fine dining restaurant called The Grill.  Also, heard that a sushi restaurnt is here but only open for dinner – boooooooo!

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Mike and I after spa, steam, massage, dinner at THE GRILL (located inside the Ritz) and room service for dessesrt………. I was just plain delirious at this point.  Put a fork in me I am DONE!  Our room was comfy and looked out over the gulf – not too shabby – I’ll take it!

loriannmd, blank slate, urablankslte, frederick md, road trip, dmv, travel blogger, blogging , review, spa, hotel, loriannmd, lori tauraso , washington dc, socialite,

We used our points both Amex and Marriott Rewards – highly suggest grouping as much as possible.  So that meant disocunt on Spa $100 credit each, Upgrade to Ocean Front Room etc.  I am a huge fan of the Marriott Group Across the world and came to find out they have accquired many properties in the past few years  and have smaller boutique styles in their line up as well.  You can see the Dwell Hotel in my side bar is part of Marriott too!  So when booking if possible I always stay with them.  Mike has made it my job to be the “travel manager”.loriannmd, lori tauraso, mike tauraso, michael tauraso, frederick md, dmv, travel, love ritz carlton, spa, road trip, blank slate, urablankslate, blogger, photos, review, travel review, marriott , marriott rewards, american express travel,

The pool area was nice – I wondered if and when the Ritz is going to update the Ritz Blue????? The picture doesnt show it but getting a little dated (looking pretty late 90’s…. just saying Ritz, I love you but????)  We did go to Gumbo Limbo on the beach and NOT GOOD.  Service was pretty bad very touchy feely where Mike even called it out and noticed.  He hardly ever notices things like that.  The food was just ok our shrimp a bit under cooked just kindda strange deal.  I will say another great thing about the Ritz Carlton, they take customer service very seriously and they had a review for us to fill out and after they saw our expereince – a call was made to get more details and rectify immediately – NICE!

beach review, bad service, hotel, bathroom, white marble, loriannmd, ritz carlton, hotel review, travel, blogger, travel review, blog, wordpress, white marble bathroom, decor, design, naples, florida, shopping, spa, relax, beach,

The Ritz bathrooms dont dissapoint – usually they have white marble all over, nice lighting, pleanty of fluffy towels, bathrobes, slippers and adore the shower heads – I need one like this or better yet the one in the spas ASAP.  Mike commented on those as well – noted and on the list.  Below, you see I did a quick “insta post” with some new mascaras – I love doing my makeup in the Ritz bathrooms – feel fantastic DAAAAAHHHLING.  The robes alone are just yummy.loriannmd, naples florida, ritz carlton, spa, marble, boreal mascara, instagram, blogger, travel blogger, review, spa, travel, road trip, relax, anti aging, nyc, shoppingI brought some nail polish and did a quick touch up and Mike surprised me with this semi precious stone cocktail ring!  I adore it – the price was great 10% off as Ritz/Marriott reward memeber and just perfect – I never thought I’d want a cocktail ring too big for my tiny hands but BAM – here she is.  It is made by La Costa designer Soraya Thornton and she blends natural rustic element with a bit of glamour – I got the rustic white quartz crystal I’m gonna look on line I need the matching earrings too.  I didnt want to get greedy with Mike but ya know I’d love the set!  LA Costa Jewelry
Ritz Carlton, Naples, florida, road trip, spa, dmv, loriannmd, lori tauraso, blank slate, blankslate, urablankslate, frederick, blogger, maryland, writing, travel blogger, review,

We only stayed one night – not enough time so I will be back for sure and left next morning but stopped in the upscale WATERSIDE SHOPS – NAPLES shopping center this was on my list of sightseeing and we did some major window shopping.  I will tell you this…….. The high end stores there HAVE THE ITEMS THERE IN THE STORE TO BUY NOW….. unlike here in the DC area so many boutiques dont carry any current items.  I did some great dreaming wishlist making in Gucci, Ferragamo and finally Louis Vuitton – Whaaaaaat.  I wanted a new bag and tried a few on and really fell for a certain one – had it in stock and I was like great I’ll take the info and keep it in mind…… Than Mike said my favorite words “you really like it?  wrap it up its yours”  WHOA HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  – so unexpected and thrilled they have some of the best quality and craftmanship bags around.  This baby will be my second LV!  I hope my next will be purchased in Paris!  Louis Vuitton, waterside shops, shopping , naples florida, pallas ming full noms, hand bag, luxury, lori tauraso, dmv, frederick, blogger, travel blogger, shopping spree, husband , surprise, happy girl, loriannmd, instagram, instaluxuray, louis vuitton

Well now trying to come off cloud nine we head to Delray Beach to spend the day with my stepson Luke, drop off the car then I am home early the next day and he and MIke are fishing one day in Key Largo – best fishing I’ve been too.  Yes, I fish too – love it actually but I’ll go next time and now i’m scurrying with JetBlue reservation to buy a seat for my new baby!  Lol  (ok maybe just upgrade to extra leg room)

**UPDATE – Still working of the upstairs office / guest room / photo studio so stay tuned I put a deadline on myself.  July 15th!  I work much better that way and FYI I’m on day 2 of not having candy dessets etc., than gear up for another “clean program”.  Check back and let me know of a great hotel I should visit this summer, Miami is on my list the SLS Brickell a preferrd hotel number one but send me Spa  ideas too.  Ck my insta feed for the stunning bathrooms and rooms, pink black white and tons of mirrors gonna do a full review.

Ciao for now – off to get 4 miles of my biking in for the day on the new TREK bikes we got – they are cream puffs!




Happy Wednesday All, I want to share with you a new DIY lactic acid face mask I do at home for pennies on the dollar!   This is new in my lineup as one of the many face masks I make at home.


DIY Natural Lactic Acid Mask (Powdered milk is a natural source of lactic acid and when applied to the skin it is very effective in smoothing, toning and tightening the skin. Great for people with large pores! When paired with apple cider -- a natural alpha hydroxy acid -- the results are pretty amazing)

Prep Time 4 minutes
Cook Time 16 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1


  • 1 tbs Powdered Milk - I used Bob Red Mill Milk Powder Premium
  • Organic Apple cider Vinegar start off with teaspoon adding more until you have a smooth paste - may add more powdered milk vise vera until just right


  1. Mix until paste - smooth over clean dry gace with bursh or finger tips.  Leave on for 12 - 20 minutes.  Remove with warm wash cloth and warm water.  Follow with moisturizer and sunscreen if your going outside soon.  

  2. Note:  My face got hot and red I was surprised.  Because I'm all about acids and exfoliants - but it was HOT Mamma!  Went down after about 30 minutes - so be warnned do at night before bed or when your not in a rush just to check how your skin reacts.  As always - this is just what I did check with your doctor or dermatologist prior if concerned. 


This mask instantly tightens my skin, gives me a good “glow.”  Cant wait to try it out on Mike – he’s been loving all the TLC lately with all the facials, foot soaks etc. and being my guinea pig.  He says he now understand all my drawers full of things – it takes some work and appreciates what I do for my skin…. Awe sweet ( really think he just wants more spa stuff done to him ) If you try this out please share with me your thoughts – HUGS to you all!

Now the after – forgive the goofy selfie – but loving my skin – no filter – no retouch just sunshine and good clean living!

What Makeup I used today

  • Clinique 3step am & pm wash , toner, moisture
  • Maybelline NY Master Prime Blur + Illuminate with SPF 30 ( new really liking this for mature skin – bit illuminating too – no disco ball!
  • Clinique Super City Block 40 (right next to my eyes too – no traveling)
  • Mix a little Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation #5.25 and drop of Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation mix blend
  • MAC allover Mineralize skinfinish in Med. Golden
  • MAC blush Rosy Outlook
  • Two Faced Chocolate Soleil med/deep matte pwdr sides of nose and jawline
  • Maybelline Dk blonde brow pencil for eye & lip liner
  • Clinique high lengths mascara – black – always black
  • Buxom Full on lipstick in “Athens”
  • Buxom Plumpline lip liner “Stealth” mix both and fill in Gloss on top
  • MAC Studio Fix Prep + Prime to set it all

Remeber do something nice for yourself today!




Happy Monday,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was full of fun, friends, and food!  I swear I’m still stuffed today.  Friday night was Date Night and Mike and I headed to DC to the new SIREN  Restaurant for an early dinner.  This is a group effort with the acclaimed Chef Robert Wiedmaier on the marquis.  It is located in the The Darcy Hotel DC .  1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW Washington, DC.  There is valet available as with most DC restaurants and the lobby is clean, bright and very “new”.  Which I love………Siren, DC, Robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, dmv, seafood, dinner, date, loriannmd, urablankslate, blank slate, cheers, top chef, washington, frederick, md , va, summer, caviar . darcy hotel, review, travel, blogger, wordpress, instagram, loriannmd, lori tauraso,

Siren, chef robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, dc, dmv , dinner, loriannmd, travel, review, restaurant, dating, Siren, the darcy hotel, hotel, loriannmd, lori tauraso, blank slate, urablankslate, cheers, blogger, wordpress, instagram

The host stand and part of the Siren Bar in the distance.  We did arrive early 5:30 on Friday so were the first diners – however, it never really seemed to get overly busy.  The restaurant only opened about 6 weeks ago and after speaking with the beverage director Todd Salvadore (very friendly and helpful member of the team) they have done only a soft opening.  No big push yet as to work out the kinks.  I think this is a really great idea and gives the restaurant and staff a chance as there were some definite “kinks” that evening.  loriannmd, decor, travel, blogger, lori tauraso, hotel, dc, dmv, dining, the darcy hotel, robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, blogger, instagram, dc, washingtonian magazine, frederick, md, This is part of the hotel lobby just before entering the restaurant – love the antique mirrors and the wood floors running throughout.  The stairs lead to the restrooms and elevators, The bathrooms btw were stunning, clean, elegant and no expense spared there.  bar, siren dc, chef driven, robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, dc, dmv, dinner, happy hour, drinking, dating, blogger, travel review, hotel, lobby, things to do in dc,

We decided to really treat ourselves as they had CAVIAR SERVICE on the menu!  We went for it and ordered the ROAYL OSETRA CAVIAR and they came with homemade blinis.  3 each for us both: white chocolate, potato and buckwheat (my favorite).   They were a bit large for the 1-ounce service but I’m not really complaining.  One word – YUM.  The caviar itself was wonderful not too salty and the way the tiny little eggs burst in your mouth – a slice of heaven for sure.  The whole service is well worth the $125 price tag.  If you want to try caviar Siren is the place.  Champagne would be perfect or a chilled vodka accompaniment if you so chose.  Todd was more than happy to help with beverage choices. caviar service, Siren Restaurant, Chef Robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, seafood, caviar, dinner, dining, dc, dmv, happy hour , travel blogger, review, travel review , food critic, washingtonian, frederick, md , loriannmd, lori tauraso, mike tauraso, married, date , dinner date, The Darcy Hotel,

I had the Big Eye Tuna as my entree while Mike went for the showstopper below of whole fish.  The picture does not do it justice as we were in a very dark room but large portion enough for two if you wanted to share.  Interesting presentation and a little over mushy so I’m not sure I would do that again.  My tuna was fantastic, the flavors went perfectly, the avocado mousse, macadamia nuts, lime dressing blew me away!
tuna, appetizer, diner, dc, dining, date night, loriannmd, blankslate, urablankslatem sushi, chef driven , chef robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, siren restaurant, the darcy hotel, upscale dining , frederick, travel review, blogger, food critic ,

Siren, DC, dining, dinner, whole fish, dmv, loriannmd, robert <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>Weidmaier</span>, chef driven, seafood restaurant, date night, review, loriannmd, lori tauraso, wordpress, instagram,

We also had one dozen oyseters on the half shell – this part was disspointing – the server did say they were small – which I like but ice got into many of them – the tray was too large for how tiny they were – lacked flavor, no oyster brine, and the disspointing part was they were from the West Coast –  maybe one offer from East Coast Rhode Island but we have fantastic local seafood all up and down the East Coast – Chincoteague oysters, Long Island Blue Points, the Carolinas and the raw bar itself fell a bit flat not very impressive for a “SEAFOOD” 

My favorite thing other than caviar was this wonderful salad.  It was new that day on the menu and was outstanding.  I can hardly describe it but almost a sweet dessert like foam dressing and vegetable presentation.  It was the “grilled little gem lettuce” on the menu, young veggies, a papalo mouse, cumin and sweet strawberries.  That grilled baby romaine just did it for me!  salad, dinner, Siren, Chef driven, dmv, dc dining, loriannmd, lori tauraso, frederick, blogger, travel writer, food critic , cheers, happy hour, new restaurant washington dc, summer, grilled vegetables,

We got dessert – when don’t we get dessert?  They were fine, nothing to write home about Mikes was a bit hard to eat.  The chocolate dessert was on a bed of some hard biscuit and impossible to cut/spoon into without crashing down on your plate.  My grapefruit sorbet was pretty and quite refreshing seemed more of a palate cleanser than dessert and the plate was way too big.  I’m so over the deconstructed dishes.  The flavors were there and fresh grapefruit segments could not have been better – It was good, not great and as usual Mike finished it for me.

Now my take away review….. the food is good – the attention to detail and care by the restaurant especially the management and Chef’s on hand; Chef John Critchley and Chef Brian McBride the partners w/RW whom both were present this past Friday overseeing things from the kitchen to raw bar and back.  I spoke briefly to Chef McBride who was at the front of the house for a moment who took time to say “Hello” and ask about my meal so I was happy to sing the praise of the Big Eye Tuna app and that grilled salad.   Our server while pleasant vanished often and took too long to explain things – we don’t need every ingredient listed and explained each part of the cooking method – unless we ask – it took forever and became awkward if you know what I mean?  The tuna mousse amuse bouche was not my cup of tea at all.  The lavish bread seemed more pita and no plates were given us for the caviar service – we had to use our small side plates came out of the gate great and than……….  The bus boy was fantastic and really tried hard there but not there and attentive, we appreciate good work for sure.  It would also have been nice to sit at a better table not a two top at the back wall with no light especially seeing as there was no one in the restaurant.  At the end of the meal, we went to get our car this part crazy.  We gave our ticket and found that the valet was not validated!  Not included with dinner?  Tacky – I mean it is not the money it’s the principle after spending $390 for dinner to be charged parking not cool Siren, you have got to work some kind of deal with The Darcy.   I would not call it a raw bar as some reviews said, however, it was clean, seafood was fresh and the staff was aiming to please.  That being said, would I go back???????  Yes, maybe for a girls brunch or light dinner after they work some more things out.

Have a great week and just no these opinions are my own everyone has their own thoughts and I know I can be a tough critic.




June Favorite Spring Makeup Haul Thursday & I LOVE “IT”

Hey Gang,

Ok so I have been in need of some new spring makeup (ok not really It’s my thing, I just LOVE IT, what can I say)  so I am sharing with you a recent haul and some June favorites!  This is not a huge haul however this wont break the bank and I dare you not to fall in love.  Seriously these are the BOMB!  I mentioned these earlier on Instagram and cant say enough.  Lets get right to it!

IT Cosmetics, Bye Bye under eye concealer, frederick , md, dmv, makeup, beauty, blogger, washington dc,

I read a review in a random magazine or online jeez I cant remember where; sorry folks.  Anyway I came across this info about IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer the review said this was a very good cover up and great for mature skin types sortta anti aging.  Hmm I’ll be the judge of that…… supposedly it does not dry and cake up making things look even worse.  I have suffered with dark circles my whole life (insert Kindergarten pic – aka mug shot)  so I just dealt with it.  However being a women who like a challange I popped into my local ULTA Happy Place=Therapy Session and played around at the IT counter and there it was.  Jackpot – grabbed some.  

Well people – they werent lying.  The texture, creaminess divine.  There was no caking, its non drying and brightened my face!  Bought right away – this stuff is fantastic!  Even beats luxe brands they cant seem to compare with this.  I never even liked the iconic YSL Touche Eclat due to dryness issues maybe a Laura Mercier secret camo concealer worked for me but still could be drying.  This It brand comes in tons of shades and you just have to try it!  Seriously, it’s like “8 hours of sleep in a tube” their words and now mine too!   Alittle goes a long way.  This is good to use with concealer brush if you have one or a bender mini.  I will be trying the foundation and CC creams from IT Cosmetics this week for sure.  Maybe a “giveaway” in the near future.  Hmmmm would you like that?

  • Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer $24.00 
  • IT Concealer Blurring Bursh #103 as well $16.00

Next on the favorites list is a lip product group from BUXOM COSMETICS – again new to me and what have I been under a rock?

  • Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick White Russian – its a pale pink nude!  Sick good! $21.00
  • Matte Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick – again pale pink smooth color rocks and stays put.  $22.00
  • Full-On Lip Cream $20.00

This is super and tingles a little and supposed to plump????? I dunnoo but the three togehter are like hitting the jackpot!  I paired with nude liner – going back to check out more shades.  There is one more I need to have called PINK LADY.  They have a limited edition version with a dimond on top which is sold out but who cares at least they still have normal version in this color – getting 2 just in case.

So run dont walk to Buxom and the IT counters!  * free gift at Ulta with Buxom purchase – eyeshadow bar in Mink Magnet – light neutral shade slight shimmer – perfect for your travel bag.

Anyway that’s it, short and sweet.  Get to your local ULTA Beauty today or order online.  Let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear them.

Kisses XOXO






We finally took our road trip – this post is Road Trip Part 1.  I’ll admit this turned out to be a little different than what my first thoughts and plans were  (we took Lukes car down to him in Florida – it’s a ton smaller than our F350 – look in the backround how packed it is – his things and our luggage) but it was a good long road trip all the same.   Preparation is key espically spending that long in a small car so I prepared for it a bit better than normal – even bringing my yoga mat to stretch at the rest stops hotels etc.  Check out my instagram for a funny post.  The long drives bother my back, and stretching my hip flexors makes such a difference.  I made the hashtag #truckstopyoga!  LOL

First leg of trip is from Frederick, MD to Savanah, GA.  We were supposed to leave Tuesday morning but headed out Monday evening and stayed outside Richmond, VA.  In Chester VA. past Owings Mills so that we were ahead 3 hours out of the 10 hours trip.  Up early and driving next morning by 6am – Mike was impressed with me!

We arrived in Savanah by just before 2pm.  Making some stops along the way – did stretching in McDonalds parking lot and really nice rest stop off 95.  Yes I did just say the words “really nice rest stop” Boy this helped immensely – really did.  Gotta try it you will thank me later.  Mike was really sweet about stopping anytime I wanted.  Unlike the trip home from florida several years ago – all in one shot!  Bad Bad

Where we stayed in Savannah, GA

10 hours later we finally arrived in Savannah, GA at the famous MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK  It’s tucked inside large driveway and takes up about 1/2 a city block.  The location is perfect – just across from the famous Forshyth Park.  Our room is actually just there the 2nd gray painted bay window you see below.

There was a restaurant located inside the hotel – we unfortunetly did not get a chance to go this trip it looked lovely though espically at night – all the landscape uplighting.

I was not disappointed.  We had a beautiful room – anything off the first floor has a bath tub A MUST for me.  The decor is a modern glam baroque style – large soaking tub, glass WC and shower area.  Lime greens – hot pink – white marble, mirrors painted white wood glam and sparkle are everywhere.  

The outdoor patio pool bar area is a great spot for an event for sure.  I have heard many events held here and mostly all white my favorite – a “Blank Slate”!

The bed was large and so comfy – the bathroom – to die for – you know how I like a good bathroom

The bathtub had a window looking into the bedroom I loved that romantic part of the design and easily closes when you need your privacy.

Taking my evening baths and doing my make-up in their was so comfortable I did not want to leave.  Just instills my desire to recreate a “hotel” like bathroom one day at home – top to bottom.

Mike found a cozy spot to relax and plot out our next food stop!

The pool was very small here if there were more than 2 people in at once felt um……weird.   Nice lounging spot though and had a small hot tub if you wanted I suppose – me I prefer my bathtub. 

Things to do in town

We did 2 wonderful tours – a White Trolley  ride and the first tour being a horse drawn private carriage ride!  I really loved this – it was $110 for both so more expensive but well worth it to us for the privacy and quaintness as well. Our driver was Joe and we did a combined ghost tour/history tour.  There is some definite odd “happenings” in this city.  Part of the lore we were told that caused so many spirit haunting were due to being on ancient Indian grounds, next its surrounded by water and spirits can’t cross over water and another that there are so many corners.  Ghosts apparently like to hide behind corners being on a grid system and many town squares plenty of places to hide!  22 squares / parks within walking distance.  Some stories included steamy torrid love affairs, scorn lovers, tragic children’s deaths and so many souls buried alive during the yellow fever outbreak.  Life was not all roses and tea parties for sure.  I learned some interesting facts:  The Night Watchmen term came about when so many people were burried and yellow fever put you in a coma some came out of the comas and found they had been burried alive!  So a string or rope was fixed to the dearly departeds toes, hands feets and ran up to the top attaced to a bell and the night watch men would walk the grounds to be there in case you rang!

The details in the architecture were little pieces of art that seemed to be scatterd at every turn.  The clappboard building below caught my eye.  However, we did not make it to the famous “Pirates House” but our tour bus drove past and you could get the hop on hop off ticket.  Good idea for next time.   Supposed to be great fried seafood and fairly haunted as well.  We saved our appitite for Wilkes House the pirate will have to wait.

This is the Hamilton-Turner B&B –   Samuel Pugh Hamilton, informally known as “The Lord of Lafayette Square”, had this parkside mansion built for his family in 1873.  Due to his work with the Brush Electric Light & Power Company, the Hamilton mansion was the first residence in Savannah with electricity. In 1883, electric lights were installed in the salon. Spectators witnessing the inaugural room lighting were wowed by the invention but feared the house would explode.  During our carriage ride Joseph said its thoguth to be haunted – sadly one of Mr. Hamilton’s daughters who was not allowed at the many parties wold throw her doll down the stairs and fetch it several times a night to catch a glimpse of the party goers – one time she had a horrible fall down the steep steps and broke her neck.  Guests of the B&B say they hear a childs laugh, footsteps running and things being dropped from the second floor.  Many tales of hauntings are everywhere in the city – some friendly and some not so much.  Do I believe?  Ask me another time about my old house on Lingonre Rd and you’ll get my answer.

Where we ate in SAVANNAH

We stood in line for the famous “Wilkes House” meal.  It is still an active boarding/hotel house with the restaurant in the bottom.  Opens at 11 we got there at 10:45 and waited about an hour.  CASH ONLY – about $20 pp all you can eat.  The staff, food and fellow diners were great.  Good o’l home cookin family style.  

Mike tried everything on the table that = 20 dishes ( sides too) and than add 2 desserts.  The man can eat!   Than more walking – we got in about 7 miles each day!  need to work off that hearty food.  Below one of the Gin joints – Artillery Bar it was stunning.  I have wanted to create something like this in Frederick, MD.  I believe they only serve drinks – we didnt stay only popped inside but I’m loving the decor see below – look for hints of this in our next restarunt project.  Shhhhhh dont tell anyone.

Look at the floor – mix of tile and wood – that bar – white marble – bronze – brick anitque mirrors – the light fixtures Im sick crazy in love – pops of citron green as well in upholstered furniture 

Leopolds Ice Cream was dinner one night – what the heck right – I”m a grown up.  Most times there is along line out the door we managed to go during a lull and it was one of the best ice creams I have ever had!  Really the best!  Three others started this place in 1919 and it’s charm is still the same.  They even have ice cold water to help yourself cuz anyone worth their salt knows water is the only drink to have with Ice Cream.  I had a real old fashioned banana split and Mike a sick Hot Fudge Sundae 

You can’t come to Savanah with out hearing the word “SCAD”it’s the college of Art & Design this is a huge part of the city – we stopped in a few student shops and I really liked some of the art work.  A hip cool artsy town for sure great for all you hipsters out there.  It looked like the area demographic was about 3 – 1 girls over guys.  Not a bad gig if your a college fella.

I really liked this piece – very large scale – impressed with the quality of many of the things in this student shop!  You even see a display of hanging chairs to the right – what a cool idea right?  Maybe a large bar wall with barstools hanging and bottles on top of them or cosmetic store – gave me lots of ideas for neat installations – boy I wish I could go back to school for design sometimes……… I know I can but…………………….. anyway lots of talent in the city.

I also had to get a box of chocolates – and go eat one at Forrest Gump’s famous bus stop spot.  The scene was filmed here – the famous bus stop and Jenny working in the cafe – noted and mentioned on all the tours – several movies here in the town.  Forrest Gump, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil and Something to Talk About…… just to name a few. 

My chocolate were almost too pretty to eat and from a boutique chocolate house the name escapes me right now………they are simply stunning  the shop was set up like a library of oddities.

I could go on and on so many great places so little time.  A few places are on my list for the next trip.  One being The Pink House for dinner next time for sure as well as a stay at the Bohemian its the sister hotel to the Mansion and a Marriott rewards hotel – I love my points folks.

Thanks for stopping by – next we are going through Florida via Tampa, Naples and delivering the car in Delray Beach, Fla.  I hope you liked my photos tons of I know mostly taken with my new Canon G7x its light compact and great for travel if your in the market.



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