We finally took our road trip – this post is Road Trip Part 1.  I’ll admit this turned out to be a little different than what my first thoughts and plans were  (we took Lukes car down to him in Florida – it’s a ton smaller than our F350 – look in the backround how packed it is – his things and our luggage) but it was a good long road trip all the same.   Preparation is key espically spending that long in a small car so I prepared for it a bit better than normal – even bringing my yoga mat to stretch at the rest stops hotels etc.  Check out my instagram for a funny post.  The long drives bother my back, and stretching my hip flexors makes such a difference.  I made the hashtag #truckstopyoga!  LOL

First leg of trip is from Frederick, MD to Savanah, GA.  We were supposed to leave Tuesday morning but headed out Monday evening and stayed outside Richmond, VA.  In Chester VA. past Owings Mills so that we were ahead 3 hours out of the 10 hours trip.  Up early and driving next morning by 6am – Mike was impressed with me!

We arrived in Savanah by just before 2pm.  Making some stops along the way – did stretching in McDonalds parking lot and really nice rest stop off 95.  Yes I did just say the words “really nice rest stop” Boy this helped immensely – really did.  Gotta try it you will thank me later.  Mike was really sweet about stopping anytime I wanted.  Unlike the trip home from florida several years ago – all in one shot!  Bad Bad

Where we stayed in Savannah, GA

10 hours later we finally arrived in Savannah, GA at the famous MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK  http://www.mansiononforsythpark.com.  It’s tucked inside large driveway and takes up about 1/2 a city block.  The location is perfect – just across from the famous Forshyth Park.  Our room is actually just there the 2nd gray painted bay window you see below.

There was a restaurant located inside the hotel – we unfortunetly did not get a chance to go this trip it looked lovely though espically at night – all the landscape uplighting.

I was not disappointed.  We had a beautiful room – anything off the first floor has a bath tub A MUST for me.  The decor is a modern glam baroque style – large soaking tub, glass WC and shower area.  Lime greens – hot pink – white marble, mirrors painted white wood glam and sparkle are everywhere.  

The outdoor patio pool bar area is a great spot for an event for sure.  I have heard many events held here and mostly all white my favorite – a “Blank Slate”!

The bed was large and so comfy – the bathroom – to die for – you know how I like a good bathroom

The bathtub had a window looking into the bedroom I loved that romantic part of the design and easily closes when you need your privacy.

Taking my evening baths and doing my make-up in their was so comfortable I did not want to leave.  Just instills my desire to recreate a “hotel” like bathroom one day at home – top to bottom.

Mike found a cozy spot to relax and plot out our next food stop!

The pool was very small here if there were more than 2 people in at once felt um……weird.   Nice lounging spot though and had a small hot tub if you wanted I suppose – me I prefer my bathtub. 

Things to do in town

We did 2 wonderful tours – a White Trolley  ride and the first tour being a horse drawn private carriage ride!  I really loved this – it was $110 for both so more expensive but well worth it to us for the privacy and quaintness as well. Our driver was Joe and we did a combined ghost tour/history tour.  There is some definite odd “happenings” in this city.  Part of the lore we were told that caused so many spirit haunting were due to being on ancient Indian grounds, next its surrounded by water and spirits can’t cross over water and another that there are so many corners.  Ghosts apparently like to hide behind corners being on a grid system and many town squares plenty of places to hide!  22 squares / parks within walking distance.  Some stories included steamy torrid love affairs, scorn lovers, tragic children’s deaths and so many souls buried alive during the yellow fever outbreak.  Life was not all roses and tea parties for sure.  I learned some interesting facts:  The Night Watchmen term came about when so many people were burried and yellow fever put you in a coma some came out of the comas and found they had been burried alive!  So a string or rope was fixed to the dearly departeds toes, hands feets and ran up to the top attaced to a bell and the night watch men would walk the grounds to be there in case you rang!

The details in the architecture were little pieces of art that seemed to be scatterd at every turn.  The clappboard building below caught my eye.  However, we did not make it to the famous “Pirates House” but our tour bus drove past and you could get the hop on hop off ticket.  Good idea for next time.   Supposed to be great fried seafood and fairly haunted as well.  We saved our appitite for Wilkes House the pirate will have to wait.

This is the Hamilton-Turner B&B – http://hamilton-turnerinn.com/about/history/   Samuel Pugh Hamilton, informally known as “The Lord of Lafayette Square”, had this parkside mansion built for his family in 1873.  Due to his work with the Brush Electric Light & Power Company, the Hamilton mansion was the first residence in Savannah with electricity. In 1883, electric lights were installed in the salon. Spectators witnessing the inaugural room lighting were wowed by the invention but feared the house would explode.  During our carriage ride Joseph said its thoguth to be haunted – sadly one of Mr. Hamilton’s daughters who was not allowed at the many parties wold throw her doll down the stairs and fetch it several times a night to catch a glimpse of the party goers – one time she had a horrible fall down the steep steps and broke her neck.  Guests of the B&B say they hear a childs laugh, footsteps running and things being dropped from the second floor.  Many tales of hauntings are everywhere in the city – some friendly and some not so much.  Do I believe?  Ask me another time about my old house on Lingonre Rd and you’ll get my answer.

Where we ate in SAVANNAH

We stood in line for the famous “Wilkes House” meal.  http://mrswilkes.com  It is still an active boarding/hotel house with the restaurant in the bottom.  Opens at 11 we got there at 10:45 and waited about an hour.  CASH ONLY – about $20 pp all you can eat.  The staff, food and fellow diners were great.  Good o’l home cookin family style.  

Mike tried everything on the table that = 20 dishes ( sides too) and than add 2 desserts.  The man can eat!   Than more walking – we got in about 7 miles each day!  need to work off that hearty food.  Below one of the Gin joints – Artillery Bar it was stunning.  I have wanted to create something like this in Frederick, MD.  I believe they only serve drinks – we didnt stay only popped inside but I’m loving the decor see below – look for hints of this in our next restarunt project.  Shhhhhh dont tell anyone.

Look at the floor – mix of tile and wood – that bar – white marble – bronze – brick anitque mirrors – the light fixtures Im sick crazy in love – pops of citron green as well in upholstered furniture 

Leopolds Ice Cream http://www.leopoldsicecream.com was dinner one night – what the heck right – I”m a grown up.  Most times there is along line out the door we managed to go during a lull and it was one of the best ice creams I have ever had!  Really the best!  Three others started this place in 1919 and it’s charm is still the same.  They even have ice cold water to help yourself cuz anyone worth their salt knows water is the only drink to have with Ice Cream.  I had a real old fashioned banana split and Mike a sick Hot Fudge Sundae 

You can’t come to Savanah with out hearing the word “SCAD”it’s the college of Art & Design this is a huge part of the city – we stopped in a few student shops and I really liked some of the art work.  A hip cool artsy town for sure great for all you hipsters out there.  It looked like the area demographic was about 3 – 1 girls over guys.  Not a bad gig if your a college fella.

I really liked this piece – very large scale – impressed with the quality of many of the things in this student shop!  You even see a display of hanging chairs to the right – what a cool idea right?  Maybe a large bar wall with barstools hanging and bottles on top of them or cosmetic store – gave me lots of ideas for neat installations – boy I wish I could go back to school for design sometimes……… I know I can but…………………….. anyway lots of talent in the city.

I also had to get a box of chocolates – and go eat one at Forrest Gump’s famous bus stop spot.  The scene was filmed here – the famous bus stop and Jenny working in the cafe – noted and mentioned on all the tours – several movies here in the town.  Forrest Gump, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil and Something to Talk About…… just to name a few. 

My chocolate were almost too pretty to eat and from a boutique chocolate house the name escapes me right now………they are simply stunning  the shop was set up like a library of oddities.

I could go on and on so many great places so little time.  A few places are on my list for the next trip.  One being The Pink House
http://www.plantersinnsavannah.com/the-olde-pink-house/ for dinner next time for sure as well as a stay at the Bohemian its the sister hotel to the Mansion and a Marriott rewards hotel – I love my points folks.  http://www.bohemianhotelsavannah.com

Thanks for stopping by – next we are going through Florida via Tampa, Naples and delivering the car in Delray Beach, Fla.  I hope you liked my photos tons of I know mostly taken with my new Canon G7x its light compact and great for travel if your in the market.



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