If your gonna do a 6 day Road Trip – stopping off for night the at a Ritz Carlton  in Naples Florida is a treat for a minimum of of 1 day of R&R.  Although I wanted more and hope to be back by this summers end.

After going through Tampa, Fla – not my favorite spot on the trip – nothing really to showase – we did stay at the waterfront Marriott, nice enough huge lobby but convention hotel all the way.  I think 3 large conventions were going on that day alone.  The waterfront area and frankly the whole city is undergoing tons of contruction –  we shouldve kept going one night wasted.  Then we poppped into Sarasota Beach, Florida early the next morning and I’d defientely want to go back and stay there.  They have a huge long clean beach , lovely main street boutiques and main stream players, and we had the best breakfast at a pastry shop at a French restaurant that has been there for over 20 years!  Fully equiped with snobby waiter too – LOL.  Th owner more than made up for it – and was friendly and happy to chat about the area and upcoming restuarnt week.  Here was my iphone 7 picture and tweet or the gorgeous gulf beach.We were on a mission now however so off to Naples.loriannmd, lori tauraso, mike tauraso, michael tauraso, frederick md, dmv, travel, love ritz carlton, spa, road trip, blank slate, urablankslate, blogger, photos, review, travel review, marriott , marriott rewards, american express travel, Twitter, sarasota beach,

The huge restort of Ritz Carlton Naples, Florida.  Really deceiving on the drive up to get the full grandeur of the property.  road trip, ritz carlton, naples, florida, spa, loriannmd, lori tauraso, urablankslate, blankslate, blank slate, travel , road trip, relax, travel review, dmv, blogger, wordpress, nyc, shopping, nails, cocktail ring, service.

We pulled up to the RITZ CARLTON!  Que the angels singing…….. NOW I’M A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL!  I was exhausted and getting weappy by this point.  Not kidding – when I break I break hard.

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When we arrived – we were greated by graciaous bellman and usherd to the reception desk where cookies and H2o were waiting.  I tried to do a quick video of the lobby but was stopped and startled by a security women who sidled up on me.  I was not putting peoples faces on my video just decor etc…. I know what happens in hotels needs to be handled discreetly.  Anyway, she shut it down so off to the room.  The decor was soft blues, pale lilacs and seafoam green – the lobby was old school grand yet I think could be updated.  They have a dinner service in the lobby in the eveing however I’m looking forward to the steak house I heard about online inside – the fine dining restaurant called The Grill.  Also, heard that a sushi restaurnt is here but only open for dinner – boooooooo!

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Mike and I after spa, steam, massage, dinner at THE GRILL (located inside the Ritz) and room service for dessesrt………. I was just plain delirious at this point.  Put a fork in me I am DONE!  Our room was comfy and looked out over the gulf – not too shabby – I’ll take it!

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We used our points both Amex and Marriott Rewards – highly suggest grouping as much as possible.  So that meant disocunt on Spa $100 credit each, Upgrade to Ocean Front Room etc.  I am a huge fan of the Marriott Group Across the world and came to find out they have accquired many properties in the past few years  and have smaller boutique styles in their line up as well.  You can see the Dwell Hotel in my side bar is part of Marriott too!  So when booking if possible I always stay with them.  Mike has made it my job to be the “travel manager”.loriannmd, lori tauraso, mike tauraso, michael tauraso, frederick md, dmv, travel, love ritz carlton, spa, road trip, blank slate, urablankslate, blogger, photos, review, travel review, marriott , marriott rewards, american express travel,

The pool area was nice – I wondered if and when the Ritz is going to update the Ritz Blue????? The picture doesnt show it but getting a little dated (looking pretty late 90’s…. just saying Ritz, I love you but????)  We did go to Gumbo Limbo on the beach and NOT GOOD.  Service was pretty bad very touchy feely where Mike even called it out and noticed.  He hardly ever notices things like that.  The food was just ok our shrimp a bit under cooked just kindda strange deal.  I will say another great thing about the Ritz Carlton, they take customer service very seriously and they had a review for us to fill out and after they saw our expereince – a call was made to get more details and rectify immediately – NICE!

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The Ritz bathrooms dont dissapoint – usually they have white marble all over, nice lighting, pleanty of fluffy towels, bathrobes, slippers and adore the shower heads – I need one like this or better yet the one in the spas ASAP.  Mike commented on those as well – noted and on the list.  Below, you see I did a quick “insta post” with some new mascaras – I love doing my makeup in the Ritz bathrooms – feel fantastic DAAAAAHHHLING.  The robes alone are just yummy.loriannmd, naples florida, ritz carlton, spa, marble, boreal mascara, instagram, blogger, travel blogger, review, spa, travel, road trip, relax, anti aging, nyc, shoppingI brought some nail polish and did a quick touch up and Mike surprised me with this semi precious stone cocktail ring!  I adore it – the price was great 10% off as Ritz/Marriott reward memeber and just perfect – I never thought I’d want a cocktail ring too big for my tiny hands but BAM – here she is.  It is made by La Costa designer Soraya Thornton and she blends natural rustic element with a bit of glamour – I got the rustic white quartz crystal I’m gonna look on line I need the matching earrings too.  I didnt want to get greedy with Mike but ya know I’d love the set!  LA Costa Jewelry
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We only stayed one night – not enough time so I will be back for sure and left next morning but stopped in the upscale WATERSIDE SHOPS – NAPLES shopping center this was on my list of sightseeing and we did some major window shopping.  I will tell you this…….. The high end stores there HAVE THE ITEMS THERE IN THE STORE TO BUY NOW….. unlike here in the DC area so many boutiques dont carry any current items.  I did some great dreaming wishlist making in Gucci, Ferragamo and finally Louis Vuitton – Whaaaaaat.  I wanted a new bag and tried a few on and really fell for a certain one – had it in stock and I was like great I’ll take the info and keep it in mind…… Than Mike said my favorite words “you really like it?  wrap it up its yours”  WHOA HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  – so unexpected and thrilled they have some of the best quality and craftmanship bags around.  This baby will be my second LV!  I hope my next will be purchased in Paris!  Louis Vuitton, waterside shops, shopping , naples florida, pallas ming full noms, hand bag, luxury, lori tauraso, dmv, frederick, blogger, travel blogger, shopping spree, husband , surprise, happy girl, loriannmd, instagram, instaluxuray, louis vuitton

Well now trying to come off cloud nine we head to Delray Beach to spend the day with my stepson Luke, drop off the car then I am home early the next day and he and MIke are fishing one day in Key Largo – best fishing I’ve been too.  Yes, I fish too – love it actually but I’ll go next time and now i’m scurrying with JetBlue reservation to buy a seat for my new baby!  Lol  (ok maybe just upgrade to extra leg room)

**UPDATE – Still working of the upstairs office / guest room / photo studio so stay tuned I put a deadline on myself.  July 15th!  I work much better that way and FYI I’m on day 2 of not having candy dessets etc., than gear up for another “clean program”.  Check back and let me know of a great hotel I should visit this summer, Miami is on my list the SLS Brickell a preferrd hotel number one but send me Spa  ideas too.  Ck my insta feed for the stunning bathrooms and rooms, pink black white and tons of mirrors gonna do a full review.

Ciao for now – off to get 4 miles of my biking in for the day on the new TREK bikes we got – they are cream puffs!


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