This is post one in a series of posts my everyday skincare and the lengths I will go for a goodface!  I think it will be basics, face masks, scrubs, and than makeup.  I often get asked what do I do and or what I use on my skin.  I love skincare and taking care of the skin on my face is border line obsessive.  The best compliment I have gotten other than from dermatologists and Asain women (whom I think have some of the most glorious skin in the world) at my Korean spa or even young people was from my husband Mike.  Recently when he said “WOW now I understand why you do all this stuff, the time, the products, the energy you put into it because your skin really does look beautiful”.   Awe nice – he appreciates my efforts!  So I guess all the hard work is paying off.  I will preface this with some facts about me.

  • I will be 48 in a few months
  • I used to be a lifegurad and used baby oil and even tin foil under my chin to tan my face!  WTF
  • I didnt like veggies until mid 30’s or eating healthy never was of any importance my juicing consisted of Fanta Orange soda!
  • I didnt pay attention to skin on my neck and chest until few years ago (would so go back to change that if I could my hands too for that matter)
  • I use sunscreen everyday rain or shine
  • I adore glycolic acids or peels – hate popping pimples
  • I had to be on acutane for two series after my daughter was born for cistic acne some 21 years ago (controversial drug – but worked for me!)
  • I love and believe in the health and beauty benefits of sauna and steam.  I have true sauna in the house working on that steam shower next!
  • I try and eat “clean” when I can and crazy for Dr. Junger of the http://www.cleanprogram.com
  • I just got my first in a series of “coolsculpting” treatment in the tummy area that has been a real concern of mine no maatter what I did was not budgging and that was new to me – aging and skin elsticity loss etc… no cheap but really seeing results (been almost one month since first treatment) full blog post on my expeience at the end of 3 months – before and after photos too (ahhhhhh maybe)

I started working in cosmetics at 16 years old Woodward & Lothrop @Wheaton Plazza Mall.  I have been hooked on makeup since birth practically.  Being neice of Lennea Tinker a former Redskinette and model perfect 70’s / 80’s “it girl” and cousin to Linda Potter/Swago who was Miss Maryland and in the top two for Miss USA.  Cant find photo of Linda but here is Lennea in her cheerleading outfit and with my mom – both are gone now.  My mom for more than 10 years and Aunt Lennea this past January….. fond memories for sure!  I miss my mom all the time *tell you people how you feel – tell them you love them – do little things for friends and family, stop and take the time with others…….we are not promised tomorrow.  blank slate, urablankslate, loriannmd , lori tauraso, frederick md, dmv, blogger, carole ann geagley, lenta tinker, family, makeup skincare, through back Thursday Lennea Tinker, redskins, cheerleader, 1970's , urablankslte, blank slate, lori tauraso, loriannmd, family, makeup, hair,
I played with makeup always but quickly learned that if you dont have a good base aka BLANK SLATE meaning healthy skin the makeup wont look right.  I wont bore you with too many trial and errors cuz there were tons! But sunscreen came into my everyday life when I was about 27 or so.  I would keep my face outta the sun and even got teased because the skin on face and neck were several shades different.  Fly forward to turning 40 when better late than never full face neck and decolletage sunscreen applied EVERYDAY!  So USE SUNSCREEN PEOPLE NOW!

After working for Clinique I in my late 30’s I began using their 3 step morning and night and havent stopped since.  It’s my base – my holy grail.  Than anything else will work and look better.  I get it everywhere – its fantastic, afordable skincre/cosmetic line.  They really do all the testing that they say and I began using the 3step and never looked back – I grab one everytime I see a GWP or esp. the holiday boxed sets you usually get travel minis in there too!    Clinique, lori tauraso, blank slate, urablankslte, frederick md, dmv, blogger, shopping, anti aging, skincare, peels,

Morning and night I use the 3 Step – It comes in 1, 2, 3 & 4 from dry to oily skin.  The 3 works for me becauses I like major exfoliation! If I have makeup on I use the foaming rinse off cleanser first and/or take off the day makeup remover balm!  Now this isnt to say that other products dont come in the mix.  A faborite scrub either is using baking soda w/ the cleanser – it works like a dream and I go right under my eyes and all over lips and neck.  I did receive Dr. Brandt’s microdermabraison and LOVE this.  Such fine milled scrubbing granules and the smell….. not mint but something like it!  Adore.  I recently began using @frederick dermatology’s retional eye cream, verdict still out on that one.  Eyecream is something Iam always on the hunt for.  I may be getting the IPL treatment soona and they can go right under you eye area to hoepfully help with dry aging skin around there.  Skin Ceutical retexturing activator is a really good clear gel like product taht I smooth on last all over face next to exfoliate at night. (I use under eyes too even though not apporved for that- so do with warning).  Then when my skin is dry or under heavy foundation I always reach for my M Steves Rose Hip Oil  perfect face oil and I love the whole philosophy of Mally’s products.  I mean just look at her skin -um yes I’ll have what she’s having!  Check out her site and how she came to create this beautiful line of products.mally steves, rose hip oil, loriannmd, lori tauraso, frederick md, dmv, blogger, urablanksalte, blank slate, antiaging, beauty, skincare, clean program

I like to try new serums, products etc…  and recetnly received the Nuface Trinity micro current tool!  In a nutshell it is supposed to be exercise for your face.  It has gotten pretty good reviews and I understand the process of microcurrents and radio frequency working uder the skin to lift from below.  I will try it for the recommended 60 days and let you know.  It doesnt hurt one (except maybe your wallet hence waiting for good sale) and I want to use something other than the gel they provided as the vehicle to glide it on so we will see.  I’m thinking my DDMG (dramatically different moitsure getl) should do the trick.   mynuface, nuface, microcurrent, anti aging, urablankslate, blank slate, frederick md, shopping, nyc, fashion week, nyfw, facelift, frederick dermatology, cool sculpt , miami edition hotel, marriott, spa, review, travel writer, blogger,

You will see on my instagram and past posts I use coffee grinds, baking soda, any all peels out there.  I get botox about 3 times a year just a touch here and there.  Not too much but if you prevent the wrinkles from forming your ahead of the game.  I try and sleep on my back yeat alway roll to my side.  Drink lots of water, green juicesm herbal teas, cut way back on diary exercise moderatley everyday ( meaning just move your body for 30 min a day) amp up when your can.  Take some vitimins, laugh as much as possible.  Basically I just do what makes me feel good, take care of myself and be as good to others as I can.  That’s really what make someone beautiful right.  The rest is smoke and mirrors.

Later I’ll show you my current makup favorites.  Hugs enjoy hump day and check out FB, Insta Twitter for everyday updates.


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