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Happy Saturday Everyone,

I hope you had a good week.  Myself it has been lots of up’s and downs.  We have been so crazy busy both in some good and some bad ways that stress has just been really difficult to keep at bay.  So I really try and watch my diet during these times.  I want to keep on track and use my food as medicine not just to fill me up or fill a void.  I used to reach for big sugary carbs, cocktails, heavy cream based foods, fried foods, pasta, sodas.  Those all said comfort to me and a quick fix.  I’d feel good for a few minutes than usually feel guilty, bloated and terrible in the morning.  This week’s stress came from all sides both personal and business.  Life happens right.  I was careful to not run for the sugar instead I have eaten mostly plant based, increased my water and kept caffeine at a minimum no alcohol either.

I have been adding one or two beauty foods a day and really noticing how my energy, mood and digestion has stayed level if not gotten better.

Today I wanted to shared how I have added PARSLEY to the roundup, why and some of the benefits it gives.  If you’re lucky enough you have some in your summer garden.  We don’t but Wegmans is nearby!  I love their produce don’t you?  One thing I have been paying attention to are anti-inflammatory foods.  (INFLAMMATORY FOODS AGE YOU FOLKS) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY=ANTI-AGING!  

Parsley in an anti-inflammatory detoxifying herb that freshens breath (thanks to the chlorophyll and antibacterial properties), reduces water retention, supports liver and kidney health, and aids in blood sugar and hormone balance.  Hello lover boy – now your talking – that’s a super food to me!

Parsley, like many other fresh herbs, promotes healthy digestion by warding off bad bacteria in the gut.  (see leaky gut, clean program etc...) It stimulates the production of anti-aging glutathione in the body, protecting the mitochondria and oxygenating the blood.  Nutritionally, parsley is great source of iron, high in vitamin K1 which strengthens healthy blood vessels.  I like to add a hand full, stems and all, to my green smoothies, soups and juices for fresh, bright flavor with mega beauty perks!  So, say “I DO” to parsley and thank me later!

Make sure to comment – I am doing a giveaway!
I have a beautiful journal to give.  Similar to mine where I am starting to keep track of my food, drinks, exercise and mood.  Follow and comment on the blog for your chance to enter and win!  (US residents only for now)
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Smooches until later,

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    • Lori says

      Hi Favor,
      Gosh there are lots of choices :
      Blueberry’s, green tea, ginger (one of my fav’s) dark chocolate (yeah baby) turmeric, beets, black beans, pineapple, raw honey, spinach just to name a few – ck out Dr. Junger’s book CLEAN PROGRAM (not sponsored just really opened my eyes)

  1. Charise says

    I can completely relate to how wacky things have been, lately, and I have blamed Mercury in retrograde for a lot of the roller coaster ride. While I eat a lot of raw foods, the fried foods along with my radishes and cucumbers comforted me throughout the month of August.

    Yesterday I purchased a bunch of parsley. I love the aroma, and agree its breath-freshening property is not easily replicated. Until I read your piece, I wasn’t aware of the iron factor, and my latest blood work reveals I need a lot of iron-boosting foods. So here’s to more parsley!

    • Lori says

      Interesting Charise – plus the full moon here now as well. Glad your on top of your blood work – getting my new work up next week and first “strees test” in 2! I really do believe we can cure or solve a lot of our issues with food – but I never disreguard medicine either. Have a lovely day – thanks for stopping by and your comment!

  2. Roberta says

    Hi Lori, You’re singing my tune. I’ve always loved parsley (flat not curly) and years ago I found a great recipe for a mess of different mushrooms with lots of parsley and (I think) white wine. Can’t find it but I think I’ll wing it anyway. You inspired me.

    • Lori says

      Oh that sounds interesting & yummy – share when you find it! Thanks for the read/comment Roberta – Have a great day!

    • Lori says


  3. Kat says

    Parsley is a nutrient dense power food. Did you know that it keeps very well in the freezer? I have a good-size “cigar” of rolled up parsley leaves in my freezer. I just snip some off the ends for adding to soups, stews, salads, etc.

  4. Starla says

    What a gorgeous journal. This would be so helpful to me. I lost my precious Nana last year in May and since then my world has literally been upside down. Depression, sadness, no motivation- you name it. I feel my mind is getting better now and this would do so well to get me back on track!

    • Lori says

      Hi Thanks for entering –
      I’m sorrry your entry was too late for this contest but more importantly I’m sorry for your loss – I hope things are turning around for you…… – i’ll keep you in my thoughts

  5. Kimmy says

    Oh this is super! I hope I’m not getting my entry in too late. I sure would love this. I am all about eating healthy and clean.

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