Question:  Do you have puffy eyes?  Dark circles, itchy watery eyes, redness, wrinkles, sagging?  Well keep reading my dear.

lori tauraso, loriannmd, blankslate, urablankslate, dmv, frederick, md, blogger, mike tauraso, the tasting room, restaurant, travel, makeup artist, They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; well this statement rings pretty ture.  It comes from a more medical standpoint however – because the eyes are literally the window to what is going on inside the body at all times.  If you are blessed with youth and spectacular health you are, I’m sure, bright eyed, bushy tailed  and the skin aournd your eyes are toned and even colored with a twinkle in those peepers.  However, for most of us the above is no longer the case.

Everything affects your eye area!  All of your internal organs are reflected in them……  Do you have any of these issues/sysmptoms?

Liver problems = yellow eyes

Lymph drainage system = puffy, dark circles

General mild illness = dull/lack luster

On medicine esp anitbiotics or being overly medicated = discoloured, puiffy, dull, hehydrated

Smoker = dehydrated and grey

Lack of sleep or too much = puffy, dark circles grey “tired eyes”

Poor diet, too much salt caffeine and alcohol – puffy, dak circles and dehydrated

Sun damage/ageing = wrinkles and dehydrated.  

So bascially if you are unhealthy interanlly, any topical cream would have to be magic to fix the above issues.  If you have any of these issues and they have come on suddenly and don’t go away I would also think of getting a full lab work up from your doctor if it has been awhile just to make sure nothing serious is going on.  That being said……when looking for cosmetic solution NO cream is a permanent ‘fix’.

As far as products go I like use gel moisturizer all over even the orbital area and a separate eye cream for a number of reasons but mainly because I am extremely prone to puffy eyelids and really dark circles.  Both of these issues are genetic, both nothing I can do anything about (excluding surgery for the lids) which maybe in a few years will be on the table.  Now I do know some things make it much worse and heavier formulations found in most moisturizers are a big one. I like thin serums and dedicated products for eyes for that reason.

  • Do NOT use mineral oil around your eye area – don’t use it anywhere – but especially the eye area – you’ll be puffy like never before – it basically suffocates the skin
  • Don’t be tempted to use more than the advised amount – its unnecessary, could cause irritation and waste your money
  • If you have eczema or psoriasis in the eye area – which is very common – you can use thicker creams on the lids as you’ll need them – depending on the severity of your condition they should probably be prescribed by your doctor – although you may find a nice organic balm somewhere – no beauty house should claim to treat those problems
  • Do use only the lightest of serums on the eyelids for the same reason as the mineral oil – puffiness
  • Keep it simple – too much fragrance in a product can really irritate the eye area – your eye cream does not need to smell – of anything
  • Most allergies to eye products and eyeshadows/mineral makeup are caused by an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. It is used to give the shimmer/light reflective ‘glow’ and is one of the biggest allergens I have witnessed in the industry. If you’ve previously never been able to use a particular eye cream or eyeshadow and had it blamed on ‘your eyes’ by a brand – check their ingrediant list. You’ll probably see it on there. If you can’t use mineral makeup because it itches – you need to use a brand that openly says ‘no bismuth oxychloride’ when they are talking to you.

Also diet changes can be your great remedy or medicine.  Stop smoking if you do, cut back on coffee/tea/sodas (sugar is such a skin killer-aging magnet).  Sleep with your head elevated.  Be gentle with your eye skin area its thin and delicate no tugging.  Wear sunglasses big dark glasses a’la Jackie O’.  If possible, tint your car windows as dark as legally possible.  This will help prevent glare, age spots and squinting as much.  Sometimes you can get a note from your doctor.  Next drink lots of water.  If you can invest in clarasonic OPAL.lori tauraso, loriannmd, mike tauraso, frederick, dmv, blogger, wordpress, makeup artist, anti aging, healthy living, spa, travel writer, real reviews, reviews, downtown frederick, ultra, nyc, nyfw, dcfw, nordstrom marriott, I have been using it for years around my eyes and mouth.  Helps with removing fluid and will get your skin ready for product.  As you may know I recently started using the NUFACE with eye / lip prong tool as well.  So far so good.  The opal is where I would start and the price point a lot better as well.  However on recent searches it is sold out?????? Some saying discontinued I wonder if they are coming out with newer version?  I have had mine for over 10 years. So if you see one in the stores GRAB IT!  If you cant these two little things can help and the price is next to nothing.  loriannmd, lymph system, drainage massage, facial, eyes, makeup, blank slate, urablankslate, anti aging, again market , amazon, diy, home, dmv, frederick, visit frederick , nordstrom, beauty, asain beauty, beauty hack

What are they?  The top is a glass globe I purchased on Amazon and keep in the freezer (in plastic bin- so they wont break learned the hard waythey come in a pair but….) and massage across my face, eyes, neck much like my frozen spoons that I have used for years just ask my kids.   The bottom item is a typical Asain soup spoon.  You can grab at any international market.  It works in the same principal.  You can chill it or not apply your serum and use the back side to massage in.  These items are also great for lymph massage to give yourself or friend and really defines the jaw line.  Many youtube videos on how to do this type of facail massge which will decrease some puffiness and show off that stunning face of yours.  Doing these things few will help I promise.

Here’s looking at you kid!

Comment below if you want me to show you how I use these things to de-puff your peepers!  Give yourself a lymp massage as well.

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