Italy In The Fall

Ciao Bella,

We are back home – YEAH – from a long 2 week trip to Northern Italy.  The jet lag has set in but on the way to “normal” soon.  This exceptional trip was years in the making for Mike and I.  I’m exhausted, invigorated, inspired, 10 pounds heavier, richer in love and life together.   Corny, but it is true.  We remembered what it was like to be kind and polite to one another to dress for dinner to take our time eating, drinking and breathing in the food, people, and experience.  Learning that we still are best friends and there is no one I’d rather travel the world with.

I will break the trip into a few posts and go from there – working on some videos/photo edits so these first ones are pretty raw.  Mike and I did some really great off the beat and path things.  We had the best food and fantastic tours (see Maria Giovanna) for the best help in your Italy trip   very personalized and she has been to almost every place in Italy you can imagine being native Italian herself is the perfect “tour/trip planning guide”.  Also, check out my Instagram you will see a some great candid shots and a major surprise at the end of the trip in Milan.  Lets just say my Mike really outdid himself “how you say……..Dolce & Gabbana? ”

We flew Lufthansa Business class for the first time – you actually get to lay back on the plane – your own little pod of sorts.  We were so excited for this!  I will be writing full review on our Lufthansa expereince seperately – pretty pricey – is it worth the money?????? Check back to see.  

First to catch up ……. I PACKED WAAAAAAYYYYYYY TO MUCH!  (note to self: need to work on travel organization) I think I did ok considering we were in 6 hotels in 12 days and I had no idea what kind of attire I may need!  Landing in Venice and only having one night we lucked out and killed two birds with one stone.  I recommend doing this no matter whats on your trip.  When arriving at the airport we got a private water taxi/tour to our hotel which included the Grand Canal.  Maria booked us with Venice Quality Transfer – this was a full assisted transfer via Canal Grande to the Bauer Palladio .  Here we found our assistant with a sign saying TAURASO – Venice Quality Transfers.  He walked with us to the lagoon, embark with you in a private water taxi and take you to your hotel.   During the trip on arrival, he was happy to help you with any information that you may need. As you traveled down the Grand Canal he pointed out places of interest and some local facts.  Our guide spoke wonderful English so it was a breeze.  Note everyone says it’s just over there when giving directions…… its not – just saying so keep your phone charged and use google maps – lifesaver! This is the main waterway through the gorgeous island town.  It is very picturesque and more than what I could have imagined.  People will say to you its too “touristy” but I just adored it especially for my first glimpse of the famous romantic country of Italy.  “ITALIA”  as Mike likes to yell out to me!  

Mike trying on the gondola hats…….. dare I say he looks a wee bit like his dad?  Si!  Only to be fair we’d been traveling for almost a day not the best pic of him and lots of Vino had been had at this point!  But come on that hat!  LOL

See that smile on my face – yes we hit PRADA!  Got my first item!  Stunning boots and iconic black sunglasses – note the store in Venice was much nicer and friendly than in Milan.  Customer service issue everywhere I guess.  I won’t spend my hard earned money at some place where service is rude no matter what designer you are!  #venicepradarocks

The evenings are just so romantic – the architecture, the hidden alleys, maybe steal a kiss or two!  There are so many churches and ornate buildings  – sometimes its hard to wrap my head around the amount of detail and hard work it went into making these huge jewels of architecture.

Dinner was at a local gem hidden down a long canal alley – * note you can get lost in Venice very quickly……  our first pasta in Italy – did not disappoint. it did not look quite like the pictures on the website but was filling and great service just the same.  

We were only in Venice for 1 /1/2 days I really wanted at least another day.  Just getting the feel and its such a stunning city only got a small taste of it.  Would go back for sure.  We had to get our car at 2 pm.  I won’t bore you with the crazy frantic details just know took us 4 hours to get the car and the car rental places shut down by 12 noon on Saturdays……. what the heck?  Who knew?  It worked out and Mike and I had our first taste of travel stress handling it with lots of laughs.  Now hold onto your passport this trip is a whirlwind it is going to be 6 different hotels in 12 days – hope I can keep up.

CIAO – now off to Parma!





















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    • Lori says

      Thank you – it was a trip of a lifetime for sure – I am working on the rest of the posts had some computer issues – so stay tuned! Dolce and Gabbana trip for the grand finale! Ciao Ciao

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