This weather is driving me nuts – the long cold freezing winter here in Maryland aka “the DMV”.  I mean it was brutal – that wind alone cut right through me.  Then we had a few nice days but bam high 80’s humid and then rain for 2 weeks straight!  Now it’s grey skies again, flash floods, hail etc (poor Ellicott City, MD again) and its got me down.  I have been battling the “blues” all winter and this is surely not helping me get over it.  I look forward to Spring like most people with the euphoria that usually comes along.  Being outside more, feeling more healthy and alive but so far it has not kicked in.  I’ve even been talking with Mike about buying a spot in Fla just to get away to in the winter.  I even have that dreaded weight gain making me sadder and my hormones are all wacky!  What is a girl to do?  (YES I SAID GIRL YES I AM 48 AND IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU – YOU WONT BE SNARKY ABOUT THAT! – LOL).

I don’t have my energy and it seems to grow; like one day turns into a week, then a month and I have not hit my health goals or home/work project goals either and really don’t feel much like doing anything.  I mean I forced myself to do the #30daychallenge and I did it.  (you saw the Instagram shoes as my treat right?  ) Yet after I did not keep it up.  My period aka “MY VISITOR” had been coming sooner and I cant time it like I have for 30 some years and mostly I keep thinking it this will pass and I will get my rhythm back again across the board.  Ya know to start the juices flowing again …….but I have not.

I don’t know ……….Can you relate?  I looked up Season affective disorder SAD from several places.  Do I have that too?  Do I need a light box?  Below is the mayo clinics list of symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of SAD may include:

  • Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day ( I’m just weepy and lethargic not super depressed – I call it the blues)
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed *****(barely get my bike out)
  • Having low energy *******
  • Having problems with sleeping
  • Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight *****
  • Feeling sluggish or agitated *****
  • Having difficulty concentrating*******
  • Feeling hopeless, worthless or guilty

So I feel that it is mixed with several different things:

The long winter season, my age, hormones so I decided to be proactive.  I got a full workup of my blood using this as a guide – I have not bought anything yet but the link is  HERE 

This is a sample of what I asked for getting information from many sources but loving the Suzanne Summers books I referred to her Life Extension website as well as a few HGH sites in Florida and CA that ship your shots/or supplements to the house with Dr. supervision of course.  (THIS IS NOT SPONSORED – WISH IT WAS….)

I am in talks with my doctor and Capital Women’s Care RIGHT HERE here in Frederick, MD mention my name and ask for Sarah!  This is where I got full checkup was so overdue pap, cultures, exam and received a 3D mammogram.  Fantastic technology so far things are looking good.  I am healthy, considered fit, my heart in great shape ( went to heart Dr. too) just feeling down, puffy and those Damn 10lbs!  

I have a feeling this is going to be a long road and process and I’m gonna take you along with me.  I’m here to chat, swap stories, talk results, all of it.  I will share what my blood test says and what course of action I am going to take!

Let’s live the best life we can.  Here are just some of my books I’ve been reading and I will tell you what people – DIET not a diet is going to be high on my list too.


After a business trip etc. I will do a CLEAN PROGRAM elimination diet and set my gut health on track too. Click for the full program and you see I have 2 of the books – love ya, Dr. Junger!  Clean Program

I am off to some design meetings (New Black Hog Middletown, MD our 4th one!  So proud of Mike) to the store, take photos and update The Tasting Room site than some kind of cardio ( I think just a walk with me and Abe is all I can muster)  But check back often and I will be doing instastories and I am still working on a youtube channel update.

Peace Out Guys!   Enjoy the week!

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