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I don’t know about you but some days I look up and I’ve been on the computer for over an hour bopping from one thing to another.  I’ll be on the internet reading fantastic blogs, recipes, decor ideas, DIY, anti-aging product websites, youtube videos.  It’s like one click leads you to another and another I know that’s why my ADD self-adores Pinterest.  Raise your hand if you’re with me.  Its like I have fallen down the internet rabbit hole with hours of mindless surfing.  During these blackout sessions, I stumble upon some really good content and wanted to share things I found to be helpful, interesting, fun and worth a try not in any order.  Feel free to share with me where you end up online.  Happy surfing!

Aimee of SONG OF STYLE – Major Girl Crush Binge-Watching



I am also pushing myself on the health part of my life – trying to cut back on sugar #sugaraddictionisreal – eat a more plant-based diet – lots of naturally flavored waters and green tea – sauna almost daily and taking my supplements.  I have been tracking and noticed my mood was better and more upbeat when I take my supplements – esp my B Complex.  I searched with my friend “Google” (thank you google – xoxo) and it led me to this site EXTRA HAPPINESS about supplements and the benefits of some.  Particularly the B vitamins to boost your mood so it all sounded good to me and worth a try!

I am also crazy for this book and blog and pretty much all Becky Rapinchuk does these days.  Not only are you cleaning your home without harsh chemicals, saving money, having fun cleaning (yes really…..sometimes) but the house smells fantastic! BOOK ORGANICALLY CLEAN HOME & HER BLOG CLEANMAMA.NET it’s the best I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

We are off to do some errands today, hit a juice bar in VA and try True Foods Kitchen – I’m sure you’ll see pics on my Instagram & Instastories so check in. A big thank you to all who commented and liked the photo the other day for the Estee Lauder Renutriv eye creme giveaway on Instagram!  I’ll be doing something like that once a month or so – so be sure to follow along on the blog and all the other jazz FB, Twitter etc.


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