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I have always loved learning about manners and trying to abide by them in my life ( not always able to do achieve it but that is the goal.  There was always an air about a lady who carried herself with style, grace, and always good manners.

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I think in this day and age it seems to be a lost art.  Not as important anymore to people or overlooked and for me that could not be further from the truth.  The impact can be profound and make or break a situation for you and your brand/business.

I believe in Thank You cards or notes ( not just a text).  I mean receiving a lovely written note ( does not have to belong) means so much and that person stands out to me for sure.

I believe in holding the door for ladies and especially the elderly

Saying please and thank you

Bringing a gift when you go to someone’s home – a bottle of wine….. flowers (already in a vase so the hostess/ host does not have to fuss with them).

Not cussing in public or really at all especially for women – I know that may sound old fashioned just my opinion – it takes away from your message if you have to cuss and be crass to make your point.

Taking the time to learn another culture when in that environment.  It is a respectful way to treat people and cultures and you will be surprised at the pleasure you bring someone with even the smallest gestures of learning “thank you” in the native language.

Silencing your phone when dining or in public shared spaces.  I have always wanted to put a phone booth inside our restaurants for customers to make their call cool right? lori tauraso, modern manners, emily post, etiquette, the plazza, cell phone manners,

Not being on your phone while going through a check outline. People are there working (unless self CK out) be kind make eye contact – and besides NO ONE wants to hear your conversation.

Not checking your phone while in a conversation with someone – how rude – they are speaking and clearly not important to you because you don’t even pay attention.  If need be step outside to take your call or excuse yourself from the table at the very least.

Teaching your children proper table manners and etiquette as a whole – whole subject on this.  I suggest this book… I also used to take my children to upscale hotels & restaurants.  Talk with the manager and say I am trying to teach manners to treat my oldest who was maybe 5 at the time like the man of the table – explain how and why we do things.  It was a lot of fun we usually just got dessert and tea but they got the idea and highly recommend it.lori tauraso, modern manners, emily post, etiquette, the plazza, tiffany table manners, manners, etiquette, home schooling ideas, home ec, dc magazine, urablankslate, lori tauraso, blank slate blog, tauraso food group, dry run ranch, black hog bbq, visit frederick, eau resort palm beach, visit maryland, sass magazine frederick, huffington post, washingtonian magazine, travel and leisure,

This could be considered “home ec” class during this time of COVID and homeschooling I would think.  Please think about it – incorporate all your fine china get dressed up and sit around the table and pretend its a “fancy party”.  However, Mike and I have found that more and more establishments do not adhere to manners either they don’t know have not been taught or just don’t care.  Like seating the women first, laying menu at her place setting after she is sat than the man.  Pulling our HER chair.  Taking the order for the women oldest to youngest its insane.  (hate it)!

When all this COVID stuff settles down I am enrolling in the Beaumont Etiquette School It is a modern etiquette school/course that is made for our times and is easy.

lori tauraso, modern manners, emily post, etiquette, the plazza, beaumont etiquette course,

I found her on YouTube several years back and she had a course at The Plaza NYC.  I know I can hold my own but there are certain nuances that I would love to know so as not to make a faux pas especially when entertain and traveling.  There is a big difference here then in Europe and I want to be “that girl” in the know.  Elegant and classy in all situations (well almost – LOL).  It is not cheap but something I feel will last a lifetime and build more confidence in social situations for myself and you if you decide to do something like this too.  Whether you like it or not your manners, speech, and appearance makes a difference and people notice.  This could also mean the difference fo getting a job or being passed up.  Just saying.

I also collect etiquette books one of my first was Letitia Baldrige’s book you see below that I have had since 1993!  It has been so helpful to me through the years and now that there is YouTube you can watch videos online and take courses but I love these books. lori tauraso, modern manners, emily post, etiquette, the plazza,

So are manners and etiquette important to you?  Do you feel it is a dying art?  Do you guide your children/grandchildren on proper manners esp. in public spaces?  Comment below I’m really interested in your feedback.

Have a wonderful Sunday – I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think your heart is in the right place, but this old-school model of etiquette is rooted in sexism and the presumption that women aren’t equal to men. The phrase “man of the table” perhaps sounds charming, but it is based on the assumption that a man should have more authority than any woman he is with.

    • Lori says

      Thank you for your reply and reading my article – I don’t agree and think most can talk the manners and separate to some of the more modern approaches – I however do enjoy the man ordering for me, holding the door, etc. I may be just an old fashioned girl and it works for me. I do think a lot these days could use some more basic manners and respecting your elders more too. Thank you again have a great weekend.

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